Please send the lastest dumps & suggestion for CCNA to [email protected] com. daryll. August 13th, thank you 9tut for the lab sim. CCNA Mon Feb 10, am I used 9tut for the Lab Sims practice and examcollection for the questions. Beware though, not all the I rescind my congrats due to you using dump sites to cheat on your exam.:naughty . CCNA – ICND 1&2 FAQs & Tips · ROUTE Website · SWITCH Website · TSHOOT Website. Top. footer logo. Copyright © ICND1 & ICND2. Privacy Policy.

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CCNA – Troubleshooting

Deko New Member Posts: Mon Jan 27, Tue Mar 31, 9: More than none Re: What study materials did you use? Tue Jul 16, 3: Fri Jan 31, 7: Safe to say you were well prepared for the exam.

I used 9tut for the Lab Sims practice and examcollection for the questions. Tue Aug 21, 7: Tips of the day: G1lgam3sh Senior Member Posts: Mon Oct 08, 2: Link to all of your hopes and dreams: Ironman Senior Member Posts: Thu Aug 15, 1: Otanx Post Whore Posts: Wed Sep 01, 8: Anytime I see a perfect score I get suspicious.


CCNA Training » Share your (new) CCNA Experience

No you should not start studying for the CCNP. You need to start studying ethics. Then study for the CCNA again.

I used not to care if people cheated on these exams. I figured I will stand out on an interview because I knew what I was talking about.

CCNA Training » CCNA – Troubleshooting

Now I am interviewing people, cnca now I have to screen out candidates with a CCNA who can’t even walk me through configuring an IP address on a router. It wastes my time, and if I had the time to waste I wouldn’t be interviewing for someone new.

Unlike wirerat I will congratulate you.

Congratulations on losing the respect of everyone on this site. Wed Jun 18, Mon Jan 13, 8: Tue Sep 03, 3: Fri Nov 16, 1: Now you are just another reason why certifications are becoming disrespected.

Tue Jan 21, 1: Tue Jan 15, 3: Tue Mar 12, 8: I can even recall asking in a thread what they were. I definitely think you should read a book, make sure you learn the stuff.


This is for a career, and if you just cheat your way past exams, you not only will hurt your reputation, but the company you work for. I am not going to condemn you because either: A You are an idiot and you do not know what 9tut is B you are an idiot because you knew, and still posted.

Either way, your an idiot.

Please do not cheat, earn your exam. I earned my grades, I labbed 9tu the possible subjects, and put the time in. You must not have known what you were doing, else you would not celebrate the fact that you aced a test when you knew the answers.

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