Alejandro Jodorowsky — ‘La verdadera misión del arte es sanar, y sanar es descubrir la belleza de nuestra alma.’. 89 quotes from Alejandro Jodorowsky: ‘Do not become attached to anything that “La verdadera misión del arte es sanar, y sanar es descubrir la belleza de. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a playwright, filmmaker, composer, mime, Alejandro Jodorowsky. 29 . Manual de Psicomagia: Consejos para sanar tu vida Metagenealogía: El árbol genealógico como arte, terapia y búsqueda del Yo esencial.

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Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. Be the first ek learn about new releases! It’s possible to remember your self. To open your mind. To open joorowsky heart. To open your creativity. To live with less, but to live well. Those who dare to advance into darkness, expecting nothing, will at last find their shining goal.

On a page torn from a book, which an autumn wind blew around my feet, I read the words that showed me I was on the right path: Is it an adversary? Is it a friend? You must discover it for yourself. We live in a reality where prodigies abound but are seen only by those who have developed their perception of them.

Quote by Alejandro Jodorowsky: “La verdadera misión del arte es sanar, y sanar ”

Without this perception everything is banal, marvelous events are seen as chance, and one progresses through life without possessing the key that is gratitude. When something extraordinary happens it is seen as a natural phenomenon that we can exploit like parasites, without giving anything in return. But miracles require an exchange; I must make that which is given to me bear fruit for others. If one is not united with oneself, the wonder cannot be captured. Miracles are never performed or provoked: If someone who believes himself to be blind takes off his dark glasses, he will see the light.

That darkness is the prison of the rational. Later, I understood that diseases do not actually sicken us; they sicken what we believe ourselves to be. Health is achieved by overcoming prohibitions, quitting paths that are not right for us, ceasing to pursue imposed ideals, and becoming ourselves: There, in the quiet shadows, I read for hours from the books that the kind librarian allowed me to take from the shelves: One day while browsing among the shelves I ran across a yellowed volume: Les Tarots by Eteilla.

All my efforts to read it were in vain. The letters looked strange and the words were incomprehensible. I began to worry that I had forgotten how to read. When I communicated my anguish to the librarian, he began to laugh. I flipped through them, seeing many numbers, sums, the frequent occurrence of the word Thot, some geometric shapes. The animal had an expression of profound intelligence combined with an extreme gentleness.

Such a placid creature! I liked the image so much that I committed a transgression that I still have not repented: I tore out the page and brought it home to my room. In the strength of my innocence, I fell in love with the princess. To be an artist is to be a victim, because if you don’t do what you want to do you die. That is the reality. And, little by little, it is mutating Society is like the body of a chicken: And there are beings who embody the cells of the eyes and others who embody the cells of the feet, of the wings, or of the anus.


It was an anguish that drove me to travel the world studying religions, magic, esotericism, alchemy, and the Kabbalah. It drove me to frequent initiatory groups, to meditate in the style of numerous schools, to seek out teachers, and in short wherever I went to search without limits for something that might console me in light of my transient existence. If I did not conquer death how could I live, create, love, prosper?

I felt separated not only danar the world but also from life. Those who thought they knew me only knew the makeup on a corpse.

During those excruciating years, all the works I accomplished, as well as all my love affairs, were anesthetics alejaandro help me bear the anguish that gnawed at my soul. But in the depths of my being, in a hazy kind of way, I knew that this state alenandro permanent agony was a disease that I had to cure by becoming my own therapist. At its heart, this was not about finding a magic potion to keep me from dying, but above all about learning to die with happiness.

I mean, human misery and the industrial devastation of the planet. Si los relajas, al desaparecer tu solicitud de ser amado, tus angustias de abandono o tus rencores, te sientes desaparecer.

But I understood these things, albeit not in a rational manner. The Rebbe, being an internal image, put things into my mind that were not intellectual. He made me feel something that I swallowed, in the way that a newly hatched eaglet, its eyes still closed, swallows the worm that is placed in its beak.

Much later as an adult I began to find words to translate things that were, at that young age—how can I explain it? Remember last week when you were surprised to see a sunflower growing in the courtyard?

You concluded that the wind had blown a seed there.

A seed, though it looks insignificant, contains the future flower. This seed somehow knew what plant it was going to be, and this plant was not just in the future: And not only was the plant there, but also the love of light, the turning in search of the sun, the mysterious union with the pole star, and—why not? You are aejandro different. All that you are going to be, you are.

What you will know, you already know. What you will search for, you are already seeking: I may not be real, but the old man who you now see, although he has my inconsistent appearance, is real because he is you, which is to say, he is what you will be.


Eran menos dolorosos los primeros. So that the consultant can free herself from them, I advise: The consultant glues these labels to every part of the body— many of them to the face—and goes out in public that way for as many hours as possible. When the consultant afte home, she should remove the labels, roll them into a ball, take the ball to the city dump, and throw apejandro on top of the garbage pile, having beforehand caressed her body with hands soaked alejanvro pleasant perfume.

The Practice of Shamanic Psychotherapy. Perhaps some day I will know. And ceasing to be what I am now horrifies and terrifies me. Help me, please, you two! Below me, thousands of people are marching, demanding world peace.

They carry a cardboard dove a kilometer long with its wings and chest stained with blood. I begin to circle around them to ce their attention. The people, astonished, point up at me, seeing me levitate. Then I ask them to join hands and form a chain so that they can fly with me. I gently take one hand and lift. The others, still holding hands, also rise up.

I fly through the air, drawing beautiful figures with this human chain.

The cardboard dove follows us. Its bloodstains have vanished. I wake up with the feeling of peace and joy that comes from good dreams. He was sitting completely still on one of the metal benches put there by the city council with his hand outstretched, holding out a piece of cake. There were birds flitting around tearing off crumbs while others waited their turn, atre perched on his head, his shoulders, his legs.

There were hundreds of birds. I was surprised to see tourists passing by without paying much attention to what I considered a miracle. Unable to aanar my curiosity, I approached the old man.

As aarte as I got within a couple of meters of him, all the sparrows flew away to take refuge in the tree branches.

“La verdadera misión del arte es sanar, y sanar es descubrir la belleza de nuestra alma.”

The birds know me. They pass on the memory of my jodotowsky through their generations. I make the cake that I offer. I know what they like and what ingredients to use. The arm and hand must be still and the wrist tilted so that they can clearly see the food.

Alejandro Jodorowsky Quotes (Author of The Incal) (page 2 of 3)

And then, when they come, stop thinking and love them very much. Would you like to try? I took the piece of cake, reached my hand out, and stood still. No sparrow dared approach. The kind old man stood beside me and took my hand.