The Alula-TREK is ready to start the journey no matter where you go. The world’s most popular birdsimilar RC Nurflügler is back and smarter than ev. The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and. Often after climbing for awhile I simply loose the thermal and the Alula-Trek starts gliding down. Then the search for the next thermal begins or I.

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How does the Trek flying inverted? The wing came nicely molded in left and right halves. Thermo-formed belly skid for landing protection. She isn’t nearly as efficient as the Elf, but so much more portable.

My work on the wing required a metric ruler and a hobby knife with a new 11 blade. My thanks to Dream-Flight for providing the Alula and the flight combo pack for this review. She looks and handles great in the air and she will fly the way you want to fly her depending on the conditions. Just pressed the BUY button now I wait till it arrives at my mail box.

I had to go out and fly her before flying the new Trek to be sure I found the Trek to be a better plane and the Trek definitely is better! Several of them own the Evo and they were interested in seeing the Trek up close and while flying. We call the Alula our ‘Urban glider,’ due to its ability to soar in the most unconventional of locations. I’m very pleased with the kit and the service provided by Hyperflight.

Modellbau Lindinger uses cookies to make your visit to the website as pleasant as possible. The discus launch as shown by Guy is not too strenuous as even I am doing it with my temporary bad back. This gives her a better glide ratio as well as better penetration. Best of luck to you and your project!


Dream Flight Alula Trek

Images View all Images in thread Views: I love this little sailplane, even though I do not own it yet. But a beginner with a good instructor or good alupa simulator could start with the Alula, but it would not be my first choice for a beginner. Great well made and desgined glider, i am very pleased with this kit although i have not blider it yet as it came with a faulty servo.

Light and buoyant flier for flatland and small slopes. This Velcro is very thin and I recommend using the supplied material. I found at my local thermal field the Trek like’s to fly faster, penetrates the wind better had a better glide path than my Alu,a.

I have flown from the slope so far in winds 8 – 18 mph, using 28g ballast at the windier end. I am glad I built the one piece Alula, and I can pack it in my suitcase. Jan 09, I rewatched this one after the DLG episode and just this time noticed the extra I have not been disappointed. Looks sort of like a bird!

Precision-molded EPO foam and composite parts ensure a lightweight and durable airframe. I used masking tape to secure the elevon in the desired position which simply followed the flow of the top wing. This is the nature of product development and we do our best to project some of the finer details, but sometimes the alulw is a moving one.

The clevises and control rods are different glidfr I found them fun to assemble and install.

I know that there will be more Alulas in my club after the success of the New Years Day flights. Mar 19, I noticed it was made of a different, denser foam with no molding marks to vlider off and greater strength. It was too windy for the elf, and the Alula allowed me two blissful slope soaring sessions.

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Dream-Flight Alula

Now people are wondering what I’m laughing so hard at in my office. With a little bit of paint for the more artistically inclined I’m sure some more fun can be had as well. I trial fitted the servos in their molded spaces in the fuselage and the battery pack in the nose. Except for the shoe ad since covered up great sharing guys! Launches are easy to perform when she is in proper balance and trim. It was used sparingly for strengthening the nose under the belly slide. The plane has elevon controls.

Toggle navigation HyperFlight Menu. So, let’s just call this one a “Thumb Wing” Glider, If you know what Alula means, you know what a thumb wing is. Here I was able by diving to get up the speed needed to do loops and rolls.

Rcpinoy, nice job on the illustrations. Or you can see how long she will fly in light lift or how long will the battery last at the slope?

The plane is suppose to balance on the two balance bars near the front of the servos. What a fantastic plane never flown a wing type before thought it was going to be harder than it was for some reason fly’s like a dream in light to moderate winds build is very straight forward took me about 2 hours that’s including applying my decals might buy another as a spare: Dream-Flight includes some decals that can be used on the Alula-Trek if so desired.

It’s an EPP Eagle painted up with some rattle cans and paper spray stencils.