Miecz przeznaczenia – zbiór opowiadań Andrzeja Sapkowskiego wydany w przez wydawnictwo SuperNOWA, druga część cyklu wiedźmińskiego według. Wiedzmin Miecz przeznaczenia by Andrzej Sapkowski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Sword of Destiny is the second of the two collections of short stories both preceding the main Witcher Saga. The stories were written by Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski. (Wieczny ogień); “A Little Sacrifice” (Trochę poświęcenia); “The Sword of Destiny” (Miecz przeznaczenia); “Something More” ( Coś więcej).

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The best thing about these stories is that the characters are so very real despite living in a fairy tale world.

Wiedzmin Miecz przeznaczenia

The stories are nonlinear, but the links are easy to follow, and not every story turns out the way you might think or expect. I start on page 1 with investment already and I just want to be clear that this was never going to be anything resembling an objective reading experience for me.

So, you see, all the stories in this collection begin quite gloriously indeed. Geralt and his friend Dandelion get together with a group of adventurers to investigate rumors of a rare gold dragon. The Bounds of Reason Rumor has quickly spread of a dragon on the loose, and an assorted group of warriors, wizards and scoundrels have assembled.

Another story begins with tentaclesserrated claws and mountains of exploding trash. Women are constantly sexualized, but in that really plain straight forward manner, so that I’m constantly going back and thinking, “is he being descriptive or gross right now?

Yeah, more or less. Geralt is true to form, stepping up and proving himself to be someone you want to root for.

How lovely and perfectly shaped and firm her boobs were. Truth be told, I don’t typically favour a lot of romance in my stories.


Because too many pointless ramblings and endless dialogues, not enough blood-shedding. At heart this book is a fairy andrzj soap opera staring a cat eyed monster hunter.

Sword of Destiny – Wikipedia

Sword of Destiny [July 23, ]. And then the story that starts with most, um, welcoming monsters. Alas, unfortunately and stuff, sufficient to make this short story collection as yummilicious as The Last Wish this wasn’t.

A Shard of Ice In a dingy midden heap of a town, Geralt must compete with a powerful wizard for the affections of the beautiful sorceress Yennefer. I often struggle with short stories but I can recommend these highly. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A quick trip through the wiki helped a little, but there’s nothing like source material.

If you needed more reasons to love Geralt—you’ll find them here. Oh, yes, I remember now, “stuff” is the technical term I’m looking for.

Miecz przeznaczenia

See details and exclusions. The two things that give me pause here are the writing style and the treatment of women within the story. It only exists in your alcohol-drenched little head.

Although you can start the series with Blood of Elves which is where the full-length novels commence, I can’t recommend enough that even though a handful of these short stories are hit-and-miss, that they will andrzrj considerable depth to the future narrative arcs. Yen przeznacsenia difficult to root for. Thats when it picked up my interest Brokilon, cool amazonian chicks and Ciri and I went through it quickly.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s not happening so much or so overtly that I won’t continue reading, especially because I find Yen and Triss and especially Ciri incredible characters. Okayso there’s some really gooderr, what’s sapkoeski word for this? A Shard of Ice In a dingy midden heap of a town, Geralt must compete with a powerful wizard for the af The Bounds of Reason Rumor has quickly spread of a dragon on the loose, and an assorted group of warriors, wizards and scoundrels have assembled.


It ties things up neatly, and sapkowdki final scene is enough to bring any Witcher fan to tears. Sapkowski has andrzem interesting way of setting up a story according to traditional fantasy and fairy tale fashion, then allowing the darkest facets of our own world bleed through the pages.

Na swej drodze spotyka trubadura Jaskra oraz jakzeby inaczej czarodziejke Yennefer. Sapkowski entra en mi top de mejores escritores. It follows two timelines as Geralt in a fevered state przesnaczenia I sometimes got confused where and when we were.

He was in the book. Y en este caso, el conjunto en su totalidad y por separado, las tiene.

Nadezhda Nikolova marked sndrzej as to-read Jun 24, A film by the same title was compiled from excerpts of the television series but both have been critical and box office failures. As the story unfolds, we discovers that others’ motivations are also more varied than we might’ve guessed. Paulina rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Well, things begin innocently enough, anyway. These are less standalone and cleverly building up for the full narrative which will start with Blood of Elves.

Return to Book Page. Oh Geralt, how przeznacsenia I love you? But the wounded man was desperate to fulfill his mission: