A young woman allies with magnificent dragons in the first book in the Harper Hall trilogy, set within science fiction legend Anne McCaffrey’s. Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. Dragonsong book cover. logo logo. Rating / Everything is better with musical. Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey – Fifteen-year-old Menolly allies with magnificent dragons in the first book in the Harper Hall trilogy, set within science fiction.

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Menolly is all about the music, and when the old hold Harper dies she is slowly pushed to her limits until she leaves the hold completely, to live outside during thread-fall, a thing no one believes is possible.

Karl; Children’s Book Editor and Author”. Dragonquest Dragonriders of Pern 2 5. When Menolly wakes, she tells her fire-lizards to hide, and later requests from Manora that nobody tell her family she is here. Men A brief forward to the review: He then switches to one of her songs, and Robinton enters and asks she play for him, before inviting her to come back with him to the Harper Hall and become a harper.

Finally, unable to take being barred from what she loves most, she flees the Hold and lives on her own. Indeed this is the book where Robinton really becomes a truly awesome character, just as wily in bringing a shy, mistreated girl out of her shell as when engaging in politics, not to mention bucking yet more traditions and gaining a gifted young apprentice into the bargain. Riza Diantus is a young woman with dreams too wide to fit The book was written for an arguably younger audience than any other set of books in McCaffrey’s Pern series.


Does Menolly in any way subvert our expectations of what a female fantasy character should be? Kids like banging drums. I will start by apologizing to anyone who loved this book as a kid and who remains fond of it today Her hopes shattered, Menolly runs away from the hold and takes refuge in a beach cave where Menolly discovers a nest of the much sought after and semi-mythical fire lizards. Menolly can use outdoors skills to feed both herself and her fire lizard friends when she runs away, but on the downside is lacking in means to make her own shoes and clothing.

And so we have Menolly, the girl who is really good at music, but girls aren’t supposed to be musicians don’tcha know, so shut up Menolly and go chop vegetables. Aug 20, Erica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her music swirled about them; she taught nine to sing, suddenly Menolly was no longer alone. At what age do the YA readers start borrowing from wnne SF?

Faerie Aside from thread, Pernese society and culture is very much based around music. I really like this book, this series, and this world.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey

The protagonist of this story is the sweet and sensitive Menolly who goes against the strict conservative beliefs of the region that was bor I am a little confused about the order in which I have to read the books of this series because there are different approaches. Free eBook offer available to NEW mccafffrey only.

In Dragonsong we follow the adventures of Menolly the youngest daughter in a sea hold where everyone works brutally hard and which has no appreciation for music. Dragonsong is the first book in the Harper Hall trilogy and the first Dragonriders of Pern book that I’ve read.


I’m so excited I could I felt like crying when her hand was injured and she couldn’t play. First Fall A Gift of Dragons. When Menolly’s nine fire-lizards come looking for her, Menolly reluctantly admits that she accidentally Impressed them all, thus becoming the center of mcacffrey. Thoughtful writers like Iain Banks can use alien prejudice to comment on the dynamics of power and on cultural relativity.

Frustrated and heartbroken, Menolly chooses to leave her Hold and live Holdless, a dangerous enterprise as flesh-eating Thread falls regularly on the area.

Published June 1st by Aladdin Paperbacks first published March Her first novel, Restoree, was written as a protest against the absurd and unrealistic portrayals of women in s-f novels in the 50s and early 60s.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey book review

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you mccaffey to read. When her stern father denied Menolly’s destiny, she fled Half-Circle Sea Hold just as Pern was struck again by the deadly danger of Threadfallthe killing ropes of death that fall from a nearby star. Menolly had no choice but to run away.

This story will captivate and delight even the most reluctant reader. In Dragonsong, Anne McCaffrey has done something else entirely.