First edition of the Becher’s first major photobook with black-and-white photogravure plates. Anonyme Skulpturen: A Typology of Technical Constructions. TITLE: Anonyme Skulpturen – Anonymous Sculptures. A typography of technical constructions. BY: Bernhard and Hilla Becher PUBLISHED: , Art-Press. Text in German, French, and English. After meeting as students in Düsseldorf, Bernd and Hilla Becher began systematically photographing the buildings of the .

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Photo Histories and its authors accept no liability for loss or damage arising from errors or omissions on the Photo Histories web site. Look on the walls of any gallery showing photography as art today and you will see their legacy.

Printed Matter, Inc.

Sunil Gupta – Christopher Street I n the monograph Anonymous Sculptures the conceptual artists Bernhard and Hildgard Becher grouped clinically shot large format black and white images of uniform but non-identical structures in a way that exposed the differences and the similarities of these structures in a compelling way. Anonyme Skulpturen — Anonymous Sculptures.


Browse more Photo Books. For those who are more interested in the Bechers as artists than as industrial archaeologists, this is the one to have on one’s shelf. Photo Histories is not responsible for third party content such as adverts and websites linked to from photohistories. For the viewer it is a game of comparison and awareness that encourages them to return to their own environment with fresh insight.

All their books are polemical, but this represents their primary artistic credo. For enquiries regarding advertising and content please contact editor at photohistories.

A typography of technical constructions. Bernhard und Hilla Becher – Anonyme Skulpturen: Anonyme Skulpturenthough it hardly neglects the informational importance of their practice, seems much more about making an aesthetic statement and establishing the artists’ position in late twentieth-century art.

The Photographers’ History of Photography. Hardcover, cloth bound with dustjacket, black and white photographs of lime-kins, cooling towers, blast furnaces, winding-towers, water-towers, gas-holders and silos.

PHOTO HISTORIES > Anonyme Skulpturen – Anonymous Sculptures

All copyrights remain with the photographers and publishers. Images may not be copied or downloaded without prior permission This is a non commercial site.


Here we have the lime-kilns, cooling towers, blast-furnaces, winding-towers, water-towers, gas-holders and silos of industrialised Western Europe categorised into prototypes of the pot, the oven, the chimney, the winch, the pump, and the laboratory. Don’t miss my updates and news on photobooks – register for free – or follow my updates on the virtual bookshelf on facebook.

Eine Typologie technischer Bauten. Books to shop at anzenbergergallery-bookshop. Often they waited for days for the required flat non-expressive light so that each structure could be aanonyme in the same highly-standardised manner, a manner that alludes to earlier traditions in German photography.