A suicide bag, also known as an exit bag or hood, is a euthanasia device consisting of a large plastic bag with a drawcord used to commit suicide through inert gas asphyxiation. It is usually used in conjunction with a flow of an inert gas like helium or Self-administered and assisted suicides by asphyxiation using a plastic bag. Asphyxial suicide by placing a plastic bag over the head, especially in combination with inhalation of gases, is a rarely described method of committing suicide. Suicide by helium inhalation inside a plastic bag has recently been publicized by right-to-die proponents in “how to” print and videotape.

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Suicide bags have been used with gases other than inert gases, with varying outcomes. Ogden Death studies By using this site, you heluum to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Self-administered and wit suicides by asphyxiation using a plastic bag with helium were first recorded in the s. History List of suicides Suicide in antiquity List of suicides in the 21st century. Uses authors parameter Webarchive template wayback links.

However, we have not seen detailed descriptions bah such observations that permit another person to evaluate the variables that might have produced an isolated petechia in a rare victim. Suicides using bags or masks and gases are well documented in the literature.

Forensic Sci Since the s, guides have spread on the internet, in print and on video and the frequency of suicides by this method has increased.

A study poses the dilemma for medical ethicists and the general public who “may also want to carefully weigh the unintended adverse consequences of widely disseminated suicide methods likely to appeal aspyyxial some depressed persons irrespective of their physical health status or age against the putative benefits associated with making these methods more widely known and available”.

He does not dispute that the method is “swift, highly lethal and painless”, as claimed by Ogden and other right-to-die proponents. This article reports a suicide performed according to this new and highly lethal technique, which is also a potentially undetectable cause of death. Lower concentrations may cause confusion and weakness. Supplement to Final Exit: Skip to search form Skip to main content.


Asphyxial suicide with helium and a plastic bag.

Helium Cessation of life. Once deprived of oxygen they will begin to die off within five minutes. Inthe FBI raided a small mail-order business in California, which shut down afterwards. InThe Vancouver Sun cited Russel Ogden, Canadian criminologist and right-to-die advocate, [15] who said that the combination of a plastlc bag and helium was “a method of choice” within the right-to-die movement assphyxial people who are terminally ill and that its promotion does not appear to cause an increase in the number of suicides.

Retrieved 24 July Selling suicide bags is prohibited in some places.

He concludes by expressing the hope that with improved and more appropriate care during the dying phase of life, there will be less perceived need for these methods of self-deliverance. References Publications referenced by this paper.

The effect of contamination of the inert gas by air or other source of oxygen is to reduce the effects of oxygen loss and the person exposed may feel weak, tired and confused, but without a strong urge to breathe or the associated respiratory distress. Woman selling ‘suicide kits’ reignites right-to-die debate”. The danger lies in that they are undetectable by human asphyxiall, and the first warning of their presence in asphyxiant concentrations may be loss of consciousness.

Retrieved 3 March Journal of Affective Disorders. This suicide method is also typically used by younger or middle-aged adults, rather than by older adults.

Asphyxial suicide with helium and a plastic bag.

Inhalation of oxygen deficient or oxygen free gas not only fails to replenish oxygen used in normal metabolism, but causes the blood passing through the capillaries of the gas exchange regions of the lungs to lose residual oxygen in relation to the concentration difference between the oxygen in the alveolar air and in the blood in the alveolar capillaries. Death by self-inflicted asphyxia with helium — First case reports from Norway and review of the literature Joachim Frost Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot, in his book Dignified Dyingcalls the suicide bag with inert gas method “rapid, painless and safe”.


Assessment of bah Crisis hotline list Intervention Prevention Suicide watch. Citations Publications citing this paper. Srp Arh Celok Lek. The authors wrote, [42]. There are also documented cases of suicide attempts using the suicide bag that failed. The method was mainly developed in North Suidide. Suicides using a suicide bag and an inert gas produce no characteristic post-mortem macroscopic or microscopic findings.

A rise in carbon dioxide concentration caused by the inability to inhale fresh gas will cause a strong reflex to breathe, accompanied by increasing distress as the level rises, culminating in panic and desperate struggle for air. Views Read Edit View history. Clinical psychologist Phillip Kleespies said that Ogden’s work calls attention to some of the risks associated with covert assisted suicide using unregulated methods like suicids suicide bag with inert gas.

In warfare Banzai charge Kamikaze Suicide attack Suicide mission.

Suicide bag

suicidf Hamilton and Hardy’s Industrial Toxicology 6, reprint ed. Werth Death studies Banzai charge Kamikaze Suicide attack Suicide mission. Retrieved 5 March A hypoxic, carbon dioxide free metabolically inert gas is provided for inhalation by confining the gas supply and the head in an impermeable bag which prevents contamination with oxygen from the surrounding air, minimising the amount of gas required. Rights of the Terminally Ill Act Australia.

plwstic Assisted suicide by oxygen deprivation with helium at a Swiss right-to-die organisation. Suffocation caused by plastic wrap covering the face combined with nitrous oxide inhalation. Part of a series on. National Institutes of Health.