AVL and Altair Engineering are pleased to bring you a free collection of tutorials to become better acquainted with AVL CRUISE™ M. Training Videos,Tutorials. mathematical models developed by AVL CRUISE team and points out the characteristic of each vehicle component used in the models created in the following. @ Driving Cycle Simulation with CRUISE: . AVL CRUISE Powertrain model integrated into CarMaker environment via.

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The stakes are high, as mission failure often means potential loss of life. Engineering Solutions for Vehicle Systems Testing Solutions for Vehicle Systems Simulation Solutions for Vehicle Systems Vehicle development The development of modern vehicles with extremely complex powertrain concepts puts high requirements on new development and validation methods with the associated tools. Webinar Computing Effects of Electromagnetics and Charged Crhise for Aerospace with VSim This webinar covers VSim, a computational application for simulating electromagnetics in the presence of complex structures and dynamical charged particles.

AVL CRUISE™ M Tutorial Videos

The modules will be demonstrated by demo parts, that are usually manufactured by Laser Beam Melting. The software seamlessly supports control function and strategy development tasks, xCU calibration on HiL systems vruise component testing on test systems. AVL CRUISE M is typically used in design and assessment of powertrain concepts, system layout analysis, balancing energy flow and energy management system optimization.

Altair serves more than 5, customers across broad industry segments. Biomedical and Life Sciences.

48V Mild HEV Controller Development with AVL CRUISE™ – Content –

This technology consists of the assembly of two similar or dissimilar materials using a rotating tool to ensure a mixing of the two materials. This webinar will include a brief overview of our dynamic analysis software ProteusDS, the reasoning behind why we want to solve a static mooring profile quickly and a live demonstration of how to do this within the software.

Example applications presented include multipacting, traveling wave tubes and satellite charging. Engineers – Stop Doing Algebra by Hand! Advanced Simulation Technologies Powerful multi-dimensional simulation platforms developed on the basis of AVL’s engineering knowledge guide you to practical, application oriented solutions. Your email address if you wish to be contacted by AVL for follow-up optional: Mechanical and thermal pack integration into the vehicle feature with low cost design, performance, serviceability, energy efficiency and recyclability.

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MapleSim Datasheet Learn More. Quantification of metal flow lines will pave way to using these flow lines as parameters in optimization algorithms resulting in much quicker optimal process design.


Total Materia Premium Edition A collection of tips and tricks to help users get up and running with Total Materia quickly and easily. Lay-up Simulations to Choose the Best Fabric Pattern for an Aeronautic Radome This webinar is about simulating the draping of the radome with different fabric pattern and choose the best.

AVL is active in the following areas of business: AVL is providing a set of comprehensive simulation tools in a flexible and open environment enabling multi-disciplinary solutions as integral part of your powertrain development process.

View Webinar Recording Share: Testing Solutions Simulation Technologies. CAD Toolbox by Maplesoft: Engineering Solutions for Controls and Electronics Testing Solutions for Controls and Electronics Simulation Solutions for Controls and Electronics Powertrain Controls Controls are a key characteristic to differentiate the behavior of the powertrain in regards to vehicle performance, emissions, robustness of diagnostic and brand style Brand DNA.

This video does not contain sound. The large amounts of data that are now being generated can be managed using solutions like SimData Manager from PDTec. AVL CRUISE M is a multi-disciplinary system simulation solution designed for model-based development using high quality real-time models from different domains engine, flow, after-treatment, driveline, electrics, hydraulics, etc.

Unique synergies with AVL Instrumentation and Test Systems and AVL Advanced Simulation Wvl enable the development of highly creative, mature and application-specific solutions for our customers in order that they meet their futu We have over 15 years of experience under our belts in hybrid and e-vehicle development and have a profound knowledge of e-drive and actuators. Prototypes Racing Industrial Tuning Manufacturing AVL is the number one global partner for high precision manufacturing for leading OEMs, prototype manufactures and premium motorsport teams.

In particular, it will show you how you can effectively and quickly use this to specify what you need from an electric powertrain. It replaces advantageously lengthy model translation and iterative analysis. Then, several typical electrical engineering applications are discussed. Determining the local stiffness and the fatigue life of tutoria, details with those models is a challenging task; especially for closely spaced welds as well as for the connection of metal sheets to thick walled or solid components MapleSim Datasheet Description of benefits and features included in the latest version of MapleSim.

Engineering Solutions for Transmissions Testing Solutions for Transmissions Simulation Solutions for Transmissions AVL Transmission Solutions Due to the vast amount tuorial different transmission concepts on the market, it is necessary to consider the whole powertrain as one system. Together we will be able to cruide the future. Battery Solutions As an independent market leader in battery technology, AVL offers a full package of innovative tailored solutions to address the challenge of clean e-mobility.


Examples of how and when casting simulation can improve designs. Workflow Integration of Total Materia in the HyperWorks Environment This webinar presents a detailed look at how Total Materia can be used to decrease risk and increase efficiency as an integrated tool within the Altair environment.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Powertrain Controls Controls are a key characteristic to differentiate the behavior of the powertrain in regards to vehicle performance, emissions, robustness of diagnostic and brand style Brand DNA. Thereafter, a hands-on demonstration of the complete combustion analysis work-flow will be covered with special emphasis on internal combustion engine applications. Engineering Solutions for Engines Testing Solutions for Engines Simulation Solutions for Engines Engine Production AVL as reliable cooperation partner supporting customers to ensure the production quality during the production and manufacturing process of combustion engines.

To reach a zero-emission mobility the electrification of vehicle powertrains will be necessary.

Customers can invoke these third-party applications at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks licenses. Were you able to find what you were looking for? AVL List GmbH AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems crruise internal combustion engines as well as instrumentation and test systems.

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Co-simulation is an industry-proven robust way to implement Multiphysics analysis. Battery Engineering Solutions for Batteries Testing Solutions for Batteries Simulation Solutions for Batteries Battery Solutions As an independent market crulse in battery technology, AVL offers a full package of innovative tailored solutions to address the challenge of clean e-mobility.

This webinar focuses on a prototype integration between these three products. Flexible tool and device concepts, a fully air-conditioned manufacturing site and in After that the attendees will get a more detailed description of the work flow, emphasizing the ultra-simple pre-processing capabilities of the HyperMesh Engineering Solutions for Large Engines Testing Solutions for Large Engines Simulation Solutions for Large Engines Tugorial Engines AVL aims to be the industry’s preferred partner throughout the entire life cycle of large engine products — from yutorial all the way through to production and field operation.