The Psychoanalysis of Fire has ratings and 27 reviews. Modern Hermeneut said: With this book, Bachelard cements his reputation as an intellectual cha. Psychoanalysis of Fire never adopt a truly objective attitude. When we are dealing with men, our equals and our brothers, our method should be based on. PSYCHOANALYSIS OF FIRE, THE The Psychoanalysis of Fire was published by Gaston Bachelard in , before Water and Dreams: An Essay on the.

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Consequently where does such nonsense originate if not in an improper evaluation of the subjective phenomena attributed to fire? It lives in the sky. Chemistry is able to study the way in which substances are combined, are mixed together and remain juxtaposed.

There must be at least a thousand legends that are studied in the book and only two or three of these are explicitly connected with sexuality. We must go deeper beneath the surface; then we shall come upon the un- conscious values. In the world of objects, it is the homologue of the love reverie in the heart of a taciturn man.

The Psychoanalysis of Fire – Gaston Bachelard – Google Books

For the poet, the ele- ments will always be earth, air, fire and water; for the poer, the sun will always rise and set as it moves around the earth. One can explain this difference in effect only by recognizing that the phlogiston component of straw and of paper, although rarer than that of coal, is in them less concentrated, more disseminated, and consequently more liable to a quick development.


This attraction is quite obvious. What we consider to be our fundamental ideas concerning the world are often indications of the immaturity of our minds. Similarly in the work of Marat, a prescientific mind of little intellectual power, the connection of the first experience with the substantialist intuition is equally direct.

To sum up, while we do not seek to instruct the reader, we should feel rewarded for our efforts if we can persuade him to practice an exercise at which we are a master: It is a psychological fact that has to be explained.

Generally, I truly enjoy reading Gaston Bachelard.

The Psychoanalysis of Fire

Since friction is the cause of electricity, Rabiqueau will develop an electrical theory of the sexes on this theory of friction: But fire has not yet found its own science as has electricity. Now that we have given an illustration of an erroneous in- terpretation of the animistic and sexualized intuition of fire, we shall doubtless have a better understanding of the futility of those assertions that are constantly being repeated as eternal truths: In other words we wish to de- nounce this false assurance which claims to connect fixe and life.

These arts prescribe, in its most dramatic aspect, the close combat between man and form. This method will reveal itself as being so easy that we are surprised at the hesitations that preceded its adoption. And through this study he lays bare the fallacy of scientific objectivity, the impossibiltiy of it, because we are simply too ruled by our passions and our loves.

Heat is a property, a possession. We can explain this ‘marriage from three points of view: But I don’t think Bachelard is disparaging these alchemists as he uses them as examplars.


Psychoanalysis of Fire, The |

Applied psychoanalysis and the interactions of psychoanalysis; Bachelard, Gaston. All psychoanalysjs scientific con- cepts have been redefined. Spontaneous Combus- tions 83 Chapter 7 Idealized Fire: The hand is the organ that caresses, just as the voice is the organ that sings.

More pre- cisely, it is the consciousness of the origins of happiness. It must be taken in its most precise sexual meaning. It is there that the heat is diffused and equalized, that it becomes indistinct like the contour of a dream.

The sight of fire frightens most animals, except those which through a domesticated life have become accustomed to it. The method of rubbing then appears as the natural method. Like bearers of dire torches, these men of low degree transmit from age to age the contagion of their lonely dreams. Secondly, one need only make a systematic study of the items of information gained by a special psychoanalysis of the impres- sions pertaining to heat, to be convinced that the objective attempt to produce fire by rubbing is suggested by entirely intimate experiences.

These animals, in passing through the prism, will each be obliged to suffer refraction according to its strength and age and thus each will bear its own color.