Belkin | TuneCast | – Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod. Home Sign Up! Explore Community Submit All Art Craft Food Games Green Home. I’m using a Belkin Tunecast II, with the longer antenna mod, and the quality of the audio is terrible. The coverage is not too bad, but its full of. the Belkin tunecast 2 FM transmitter can be modified to extend the transmit range. It can put out over milliwatts of RF power and be heard.

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Performing this mod might damage the device and void the FCC certification.

Belkin Tunecast II mod. If one used magnent wire, for instance, one could simply coil up the magnent wire within the unit and not have this dangling antenna, plus get all the benefits of having better transmission. Having found this out, it makes the Tunecast useable. So if you want to do it, it’s at your own risk! Connecting a variable DC power supply with a meter shows it’s only 41mA at any voltage. You can solve this by getting one of those cheap AC converters that outputs 3 volts DC.

Could someone confirm this to me? Only has 4 channels but that is fine for my area. What you are describing, I think, is a “folded” dipole, with the wires in a sort of “outline” of a T, which is used on some specific transmitters.

Other then that, it’s a pretty nice mod. Now to remove the TuneCast auto-power down Basically the TuneCast automatically power down when there’s no audio signal for about a minute, this is great since the number of transmission channel is limited, not so great when you are flipping through your 60GB of music selection looking for right song and then a blast of static comes on!


Once open I found the board layout to be different, the attenuator components are not there, the range to start with was useless so Funecast cut off the blue antenna wire and soldered a 69cm tuencast wire on to the same point, range a little better but not much, tumecast I tried a telescopic antenna instead of the wire, range still no better. That cleared it all up for me.

Audio Right Channel, ‘Ring’ Black: These are listed on RF Parts http: Same thing happened to me. Great question about coax size, anyone know the answer?

Much better result than my first experiment, however, I cannot tell if it’s better than the original tunecast2. I need the signal to max out and diminish at about ft. I soldiered a belkkn inch piece of wire to the left side. I’m one house away from the corner and you can see the display from around that block too but not hear the music. I’ll be doing some further tweaking to see if I can improve the range. I tried out Delicious again Pt.

This wouldn’t work while it’s powered from a hard drive connector after doing a shutdown.

Belkin Tunecast 2 mod

SEE PIC-2 After 1 finding a vacant frequency in my area and 2 computing the antenna length for that Frequency I understand that the length attached to the Belkin is added to the length used for the DiPole to compute total length for the selected frequency.

I tunecst the latter of the 2 and it worked well. Best of all extending the range of the Belkin tunecast 2 for better reception is possible by adding an easy to build external RF amplifier. Now After trying this is decided to get the solder iron out and after try to attach the new Ant to the spot basically tunecadt same as above but on the left leg of the resistor. The result is this: Well, in belkun usb power is 5v, but it is not stable. I was testing the distance last evening, Same distance with the new mods.


In my Belkin Tunecast 3 FM transmitter disassembly article I noted that “The radio signal is attenuated before being passed to the antenna”.

Belkin Tunecast 2 Mod – General Hacking – Binary Revolution Forums

As promised, with this feature allows you to ‘swamp-out’ a typical commercial FM station within 2 to 3 meters of the transmitter and enjoy the peace and quiet. Well, the music I have trouble with is quite loud in places and I adjust out the distortion then, but even so, the quiet parts I’m talking of orchestral music are still below the TC3’s threshold, resulting in the beeping which I can’t seem to override and then cut out, a pain in the backside!!!

Been reading up on FM transmitters and the Tunecast 2 seemed easy to modify the range so I went and purchased one.

I put the first 3 characters in the first field and the rest in the 2nd field and got this result. The filter on the output has a good flat band pass and good harmonic rejection.

Belkin Tunecast II mod

So to enhance the transmitting power, it’s best to connect an external antenna to IC pin that is connected to C38? Hello again to all. I’m also getting enough “hiss” to be annoying no matter what station I choose.

If not, post more and I will try to help.