Learn How To Dress Like a Gentleman from Bernhard Roetzel, the world famous German author whose Gentleman book has sold more than 1. An exclusive and revealing interview with the author of some of the most well- respected books on classic menswear, Bernhard Roetzel. Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German in , by the publishing.

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Bernhard Roetzel

For a Nordic man, reviewing a book by Bernhard Roetzel is an intimidating task. It can be argued that with his book, Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashionit was Mr. Roetzel who opened the menswear movement of a current Finnish generation.

Naturally, there were other factors, as well, as the menswear trend is a global phenomenon. I can say this with certainty as it happened to me.

The tone of the book was almost philosophical, gently guiding its reader to the feeling of high quality menswear. The newest book by Bernhard Roetzel is called Gentleman Lookbook. Bernard of giving written instructions, Mr. Roetzel uses an international group of well dressed individuals to show the reader how others approach classic style.

The book is divided in three main stylistic chapters: I found these names to be a bit vague yet appropriate — gentlman all, life is pretty much divided to work, free time and occasional festivities. Text is only present to describe the origins of the garments and in the introductions of chapters.


It forces the reader to really concentrate on what he is seeing, instead of giving pre-chewn solutions or listing proven combinations. This gives, I berhard, a deeper understanding about the approach to each occasion on an emotional level, rather than being a blunt technical description of which clothes are appropriate for each different occasion.

Bernhard Roetzel’s Gentleman Lookbook : A review – Parisian Gentleman

I must congratulate Mr. Roetzel for his decision to show the styles of real life gentlemen. This decision makes the book indefinitely more relatable as the individuals are from bfrnhard variety of ages, stylistic backgrounds and professions.

It is equally interesting to concentrate on opposing style philosophies to gain understanding and even inspiration. While the well known, classic combinations are displayed, the overall variation within the themes is rather wide.

For me, this is a great thing — having lectured about the etiquette and occasion- appropriate wear, I think that these examples illuminate the vast variety of possibilities beautifully. The styles that Mr.

German (un)elegance: Bernhard Roetzel helps debunk a few myths

Roetzel chosen to present are often subtle and understated. While the excellent I Am Dandy and We Are Dandy prominently introduce us to gentlemen that should not be copied — as the failure is certain — Gentleman Lookbook encourages us to copy and succeed.


While the content of the book is solid and very well thought about, there is a small quibble that I find a bit unfortunate. The paper, while certainly being pleasant to leaf through and fingerprint proof in its roughness, might be slightly too coarse for high quality photos, both in factors of print quality and due to its tendency to scatter light. For such an image heavy book, the benefits of proper high quality printing paper would have been unquestionable.

All in all, the Gentleman Lookbook is a valuable addition to any bookshelf. Roetzel offers getnleman professional curated collection of beautiful looks that is sure to be interesting, whether one is a sartorially seasoned veteran or a stylistic debutant.

Instead of theory, these styles are from the real life.