Read Dr. Homa Katouzian’s spot-on introduction to Sadeq Hedayat’s The Blind Owl, Iran’s most revered novel and a legend of psycho-fiction. Hedayat’s Ivory Tower: Structural Analysis of The Blind Owl. A working In an effort to understand the works of Sadeq Hedayat better; in fact, to gain an. Indeed The Blind Owl barely needs introducing—it’s the most famous Persian novel in Iran and the West (U.S. and Europe), and Hedayat is.

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La civetta cieca – Italia. He was the Iranian nationalist who, fed up with the corruptions of church and state alike, was perpetually looking westward; he was also the foreigner in Europe, whose daily life was endless visa applications and intense economic hardship, whose eyes were cast to the comforts of his mother country where he was of the aristocracy. We had it all: This, I think, is the key to appreciating the nightmare-scape of The Blind Owl, once you piece its puzzles, catch on to its games, and read by its rules.

Back then I was already knee-deep in Woolf, Plath, Pwl, Hemingway, and, hell, Kurt Cobain had just ended his life—suicide had a behemothic allure to me. The most dismal side of me could think of no other author, no other work, to jinx myself with. Costelloby Henry D.

The Blind Owl

It is a temporary respite, of course, and doesn’t go nearly far enough: From the bottom of my heart I desired to surrender myself to the sleep of oblivion. I thought about announcing anemically at dinner that after fifteen years of wondering, I finally knew.

His confessions do not follow a linear progression of events and blond repeat and layer themselves thematically, thus lending to the open-ended nature of interpretation of the story. Periodically I would think about it and think about approaching it, but again, like something that had the power to kill or at least curse me, I stayed away.


Retrieved from ” https: It is not an easy read and yet, against all odds, it is the most renowned literary work of twentieth-century Iran, unreadable to hedauat masses, one would assume, with its opaque symbolism, corkscrewed coding, warped psychological landscape, and otherworldly thematics. Costello’s translation is a valiant and interesting effort, but it’s high time someone had another go at this if only to try a completely different approach.

If only oblivion were attainable, if it could last forever, if my eyes as they closed could gently transcend sleep and dissolve into non-being and I should lose consciousness of my existence for all time to come, if it were possible for my owwl to dissolve in one drop of ink, in one bar of music, in one ray of colored light, and then these waves and forms were to grow and grow to such infinite size that in the end they faded and disappeared — then I should have attained my desire.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For thousands of years people have been saying the same words, performing the same sexual act, vexing themselves with the same childish worries. I never told anyone I had read it.

The Blind Owl (Sadegh Hedayat) – book review

Perhaps I never had a star. Tulaylay under the title Bulag na Kuwago.

The narrator is ill, deranged, and taking opium, however, and this account is just as disturbing and only slightly less surreal. My father, with a particularly oily smile: Only years and years after my father forbade me to read it and eventually gave in, did I understand that all the fuss might have been a personal one as well.


Throughout our lives, the finger of death points at us. The Blind Owl was written during the oppressive latter years of Reza Shah ‘s rule — It was a perfect companion. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. We are left alone, very alone, to read unlike we have ever read before.

Alone, late at night in an unfamiliar place I felt in tune with it. It is, first of all, a novel that demands countless readings; it demands that you become a student of it. The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat. Bashiri’s translation was revised in and again in Die blinde Eule – Deutschland. How sick I am of well-constructed plots and brilliant writing! In Part I, our narrator is a painter whose vocation is to paint a single picture on pen cases.

The long form, it has always seemed to hedayah, has the power to really shelter you, keep you covered and protected for several years, and so in that era, for the first time in my life, I experienced no fear. I have no doubt that melancholy ingrained in his character led to his suicide, but I also believe that there is an exuberance in his writing that counteracts it.

Hedagat Sadegh Hedayat, who I learned more oal more about, became one of my most cherished literary icons.