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Die Mondfinsternis am Links und Literatur zur Mondfinsternis am Die erste Finsternis, am War eine Totale Mondfinsternis bislang zumeist als “Roter Mond” bezeichnet worden, so setzte sich nun der Ausdruck “Blutmond” durch. Seine abstruse These wurde von dem rechtsradikalen Prediger John Hagee popularisiert.

HD Lunar Eclipse Watch a total lunar eclipse April Total lunar eclipse on April Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on night of April How to watch a total eclipse of the moon.

Totale Mondfinsternis – Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse April Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th, Total Eclipse of the Moon on the night of April 14 – 15, Lunar and Planetary Institute: April 15 Lunar Eclipse from a Different Perspective: What Would an Astronaut See from the Moon?


Total Lunar Eclipse, April 15, Total Lunar Eclipse of April A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses. Apr Blutrotef Lunar Eclipse.

Field guide to the total lunar eclipse of April 14 – 15, from Michael Zeiler on Vimeo. Coca-Cola Space Science Center.

Himmelsspektakel: Es erwartet uns die längste totale Mondfinsternis

The Virtual Telescope Project 2. Lunar Eclipse from Siding Spring Observatory. A different take on the Lunar Eclipse with the Northern Lights.

Screenshots aus dem Webcast des Mt. Lunar Eclipse – Red Moon. Images from the April 15 Twilight Lunar Eclipse.

How dark was the eclipse? Eclipse Composite April 15 Totale Mondfinsternis in Amerika, Australien und Neuseeland zu sehen.

Blutroter Mond

Red Carper Deutschland, The Guardian UK, Blood moon – Sky gazers mesmerized as red hue lights up night sky. Seeing red – Heavens to unveil a total lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning. Americas set for total lunar eclipse.

Roter Ostermond beim roten Mars. The simplest method to measure the geocentric lunar distance: Yan, Fei; Fosbury, Robert A. The Messenger Using the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect to observe the transmission spectrum of Earth’s atmosphere. The centre-to-limb variations of solar Fraunhofer lines imprinted upon lunar eclipse spectra – Implications for exoplanet transit observations. Mondfinsternis – MoFi – Mondfinsternisse – April – Watch a total lunar eclipse April 15 Joe Cali: Total lunar eclipse on April 15 EarthSky: Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on night of April EarthSky: How to watch a total eclipse of the moon Eclipse Geeks: Lunar Eclipse Tetrads Nico Schmidt: Realtime Eclipse Gallery Flickr: Lemmon Sky Center Fred Espenak: Peru Video Griffith Observatory: Replay des Livestreams Nicole Gugliucci: Shadow Edge Nick Lomb: Replay des Livestreams Damian Peach: Lunar Eclipse Scientific American: Replay des Livestreams Space.


The turquoise fringe Babak Tafreshi: Waterton Lake Eclipse Universe Today: Replay des Webcasts Universe Today: Americas set for total lunar eclipse Deutschlandfunk Deutschland,