The book of Arda Viraf. by Haug, Martin, ; Publisher Bombay: Government Central Book Depot ; London: Trner. Collection gaelic. The Book of Arda Viraf has 5 ratings and 2 reviews. Eadweard said: This was very Book of Arda Viraf is a Zoroastrian religious text o. It was early made available in Western languages by M. Haug and E. W. West ( The Book of Arda Viraf, Bombay and London, [repr. Amsterdam, ];.

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It is worn to protect the wearer from evil acts.

ARDĀ WĪRĀZ – Encyclopaedia Iranica

There is every reason to believe, from the apparent age of the paper, and the relative positions and dates of the colophons, that these latter have not been copied from an older MS. I also saw the soul of a woman 2 who ever dug into a hill with her own breasts; 3 and ever held, on her head, a viraaf like a cap.

Afterwards, Srosh the pious and Adar the angel took hold of my hand, 2 and brought me forth from that dark, terrible, fearful place, 3 and carried me to the eternal light, and the assembly of Ohrmazd and the archangels. He is a very old and correct codex in Dr.

Book of Arda Viraf – Wikipedia

Den- man ruban-i valman darvand gahrd munash, pavan stih, hikhar va nasal val maya va atash va tanu-i nafshman va zakich-i virav yedrund; 6 va hamvar khaduk-bar va riman yehevund; 7 afash pavan pishak la khalelunast.

Passages in [] such as chapter and section headings supplied by JHP.

Kow as ancient Persian is closely allied to Zand, and I’alilavi is a lineal descendant of ancient Persian, with a limited admixture of some Semitic language resembling Chaldce, it is reasonable to suppose that.

Denman taiiti maman vanas kard, 7nan ru- hdno ungun giran padafras yedruncdy 5 Yemalelimed Srosli-yasharubova Ataro yedato, 6 aigh: Den- man ruban-i valman darvand gabra mun shalro pavan rntydnjikih aiibash dasht yekavimunad ; 8 va zak-i ardx kardano va farmudano, Id hard va Id farmud? My best thanks are due to ardx for his most valuable services.

Then I saw the Evil spirit, bpok deadly, the world-destroyer, whose religion is evil, 2 who ever ridiculed and mocked the wicked in hell, and said 3 thus: Then Arda Viraf, as he saw that Gushtasp was angry, appeased them ; and he went before Gushtasp, joined his hands on his breast, paid his re- spects, and said thus: Pezkimam; afasli la afsliiind; 7 afasli khiird, va Spendarmad damik drozano kard.


The herbads and mobads, as well as the students, are subordinate to the destur, between whom and the mobad, a marked distinction is made, whenever they arfe mentioned in Pahlavi books. Den- man jinak kadam? Then during seven nights and days they performed the Yazishn cere- mony on the spot.

Denman ruban-i kadam marduman honianand? Then I saw the soul of a woman, 2 through whose viraaf a grievous [prickly? With a due consideration for these factsand for the obscurity in which the identification of this letter still lies, the following general rule has been adopted for its transliteration ; while care has been taken not to admit this optional final virzf the textsexcept where it occurs in bopk old MSS.

That edition of the Bahariyyat, datedcovers folios or the folio codex. With regard to the age of the work there are no indications. Hi8 chird dmad hac? But his trivial blunders are thrown altogether into the shade by those of the writer of K21which is a copy of K20 made about a century ago, in the handwriting of Destur Darab, as Rask believed, but this is doubtful, as the writer often makes nonsense of his text by misreading the ori- viii Introductory Essays.

If you enter several tags, separate with arca. In the third dawn, that soul of the pious departed into the sweet scent of trees; 16 and he considered that scent which passed by his nose among the living; 17 and the air of that fragrance comes from the more southern side, from the direction of God.

It contains about 8, words. This is evidenced by the fact that there exist several Persian versions of the work ada prose as well as in verse, and Gujarati translations to make it accessible to all classes of the Zoroastrian community see p. Mdzdayasna guddrad horn ku: In our days of progress virag, not only a professor ‘of another creed and religion, but even a Parsi Destur is permitted ‘to say so’.

I came back again to the Chinwad bridge.

He wrote or edited more than one hundred books, mostly multi-volume history works. Alnjii ; -Mi J Paz. The Kushti is made of 72 fine, white and woolen threads, which represent the 72 chapters of the Yasna, the primary liturgical collection of texts of the Avesta. Mehr is the Zoroastrian angelic divinity yazata of Covenant, Light, and Oath. The same abbreviations are used as in the notes to the Pahlavi text.


His further replies are: Of the Huzvaresh verbs formed with bokk prefix i ye, only two retain the sound ye uncorrupted in the Pahl. For the sounds of the Huzvaresh words, wdiich the Pazand nearly always translates, the traditional guide is the Pah- lavi-Pazand Glossary, and Destur Peshotan, firaf the preface to his use- ful Pahlavi Grammar i, argues that this Glossary, being more than years old, must have been compiled at a time when the pronun- ciation of the Huzvaresh words was well known; he cannot, theiefore, recommend any deviation from the pronunciation so recordel, and he attributes its variations from other Semitic languages to corruption when the foreign words were first adopted by the I’ersians Gram.

The var niranff, mentioned in these two passages, oof to hook been an ordeal, for testing the truth of a person’s statements, by pouring melted metal on 19 Arda-Virdf I. Here the angel of the fire reproached him for having put green wood on the fire, which is forbidden in the Zoroastrian religion, Introductory Essays. I also saw the soul of a woman 2 who ever licked a hot oven with her tongue, 3 and ever burnt her virad hand under the oven.

The Book of Arda Viraf: A Dantesque Vision of Heaven and Hell

Ada their good and evil works are equal, they must always remain in the same condition, until the day of resurrection; for their good works are strong enough to prevent them from going to hell, and the evil ones too strong to permit their passage to heaven ch. The originality of the visions of Arda Viraf may be ardda as being beyond doubt. Vritrahan is an abbreviation of Vritraghan, which was the personification of Indra meaning “foe-killer”.

Now this soul must suffer so severe a punishment. Unbehevers eat their own excrement