Psihologija ličnosti: teorije istraživanja / Lawrence A.. Bukvar teorije ličnosti: sažet prikaz osnovnih pitanja teorija ličnosti. prevod Vojin Stojić. K. Hol i G. Lindzi (): Teorije ličnosti (Frojd: ; Erikson: ; Jung: ; Adler: ; B. Popović (): Bukvar psihologije ličnosti (str. KRATAK PREGLED TEORIJA KRIMINALA (Sara Sremčević) Ničeov ‘Antihrist’ (F. Nietzsche, Der Antichrist), bukvar za svakoga ko želi Kriminalom se bave i nepsihopatske ličnosti, ali s obzirom na to da se ovaj rad.

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It organizes its students in the section “Creative childhood” conducted by UG Kreativa is the founder and vice-president, licmosti in the framework of which he selects students who are talented for certain disciplines: Kao nastavnica biologije postigla je da spoji dve svoje velike ljubavi-prema prirodi i prema radu sa decom. For pupils, there were Spelling Enigmatics contest in solving crosswords, rebuses and anagrams and quiz How well do I know spelling six games in total, where each game represented a spelling fieldin which the forces were assessed by four elementary schools in Bor.

To follow modern education technology, to follow innovations, but also to innovate, to explore the best methods of work and to constantly improve. The course combines the NTC system a program developed in the branch of MENSA for Serbia, which crosses medical knowledge with problems and knowledge from the educational and teaching practice with a holistic approach and thus develops functional knowledge in children, the speed of thinking, concluding and concentration.

He is the author and organizer livnosti the children’s assembly “Creative spell” in Banja Vrujci, which is a view of children’s creativity aimed at exchanging experiences of children from rural and urban areas, as well as the affirmation of children’s film, drama, art, and literary creativity. It encourages the individual development and creativity of each individual. This park is a kind of open-air school laboratory, that is, a 3D tutorial, expanded this year with a periodic system of elements, a graphic classroom, a pyramid inspired by Tales’ dilemma, optical illusions, atomic models, Newton’s pendulum, For eight years now, this professor is a science advocate in the Macvan district and coordinator of the project “Shut off sleeves” for her district.


Zoran is the author, implementor and the leader of more seminars and trainings. Her students participate in numerous literary and visual licnsoti, competitions and other competitions, and in the previous school year, her students received nearly awards.

She is very creative, positive, innovative, motivated for work, she cherishes collective spirit and cooperation, she is a team player, she likes exploring, she gladly accepts challenged, she is persistent and always smiling. Everything she had applied in teaching was connected with the programmes of professional teeorije so as to pass on examples of good practice.

Children participate in various competitions and competitions, creative workshops, sports activities, performances, and various research activities. Teorijw, there are no prizes in Republic competitions, and one of the award-winning sites is M and on the net.

Liccnosti a great lover of new technologies, by which he implements some of his classes, he is approaching the contemporary way of life and learning of his students. Danas je zaposlen na fakultetu FEFA i predaje nauku o podacima.

Spelling in pictures and words

bukbar She sticks to the adverb: She is one of the organizers of the Festival of Science at school. The project was implemented with the support of UNICEF, with teoije aim of improving the quality of recreational classes and promoting children’s educational tourism. He is the founder of the first educational complex for children Magical village, in which children in a natural environment learn and encourage their creativity and curiosity. The hours are interesting and always different, and the students are active.

He licnostti a member of the Physical Association of Omega, the Society of Physicists of Serbia and has the title of pedagogical advisor. Gordana Petrovic is a teacher of technical subjects at the Mechanical Technical School ” Coordinator of the program at the school level – electronic testing for students in the 4th grade.

Kada je ritam savladan, Mila dodaje melodijsku liniju i zajedno sastavljaju kompoziciju. He has been a member of the Serban Geography Society for a long time in whose editions he publishes publications and a member of the Red Cross of Serbia with whose branch in Kraljevo he has excellent cooperation. He is constantly improving at various seminars and conferences and exercising his knowledge in teaching. She likes challenges and she is a participant in numerous republic competitions and projects.


The whole class participates in the drama section and accepting its role in the play, the child prepares to accept the future life role of the society and the reality that surrounds it.

She is a great lover in her job.

Popović, Boško V.

The spelling in the school administration, where it was pointed out the most common spelling mistakes and doubts about the completion of the school administration and the Spelling in Contemporary Communication, where in addition to the basic features and type of modern communication, the inevitability of linking spelling and typing, as well as the proper compilation and sending of email messages, the most widespread forms of electronic communications.

With teams of children he won for teorkje times the awards in the competition Siemens: With a team of experts he has devised the workshops on financial literacy during the celebration of the World Week of Money, which was reckognized tekrije the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development as an example of good practice.

Day by day – School calendar of memories, Blog for safe internet”I am interested in interests”, “The film of a puppet movie”, “I save energy, I value more” and so on.

Changes happen in her work every day.

He is the leader of Physics Physics in the Nis district. As the idea author of international festivals, The Festival of Scenic Teacher Work, KREF a creative, educational filmthanks to this teacher, every year thousands of creative students and teachers come under scenic reflectors or appear on the screen and receive attention and acknowledgement for their licnoshi.

In the Basics of Economy at the state level, her students won one first place and three second places.