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He has published several books, including La construction des sciences: It discusses their place in education in general, and in the social and historic context of science teaching in particular. This article then goes on to analyse the overall aims – economic, political, social and human – of the STS and Dourez movements, describing some of their teaching objectives, for which it proposes an operational translation into a series of capabilities and skills.

It demonstrates the place occupied in these movements by epistemology, the history of science and the multidisciplinary approach. Finally, it lays emphasis on the inevitable ideological dimension involved in any teaching of science.

Gérard Fourez

If it is to be understood, it is important at the outset to briefly consider the history of the links between science and society. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, scientific thinking and the communities that shaped it split into two parts: The two currents have entered educational institutions. The development of science courses in secondary education has drawn inspiration from the approach of the second current. Although the educational function lives, moves and has its being in a human and social universe that is as complex as that of doctors or engineers, the sciences have begun to be taught according to the standards of the specialists.

In any event, the fact that technology – as well as the social side of science – is usually missing from general secondary education courses that are supposed to be fundamental can be regarded as a sociological trait that must be taken into account.

The Foure movement is often held up as a response to the fact that the conventional teaching of science has run out of steam. For some decades now, in the industrialized countries, as elsewhere, voices have been raised gerafd concern at how unsuccessful science teaching has been. The students seem unprepared for using science in ordinary life and, what is worse, seem to have a growing aversion to it.

It is increasingly accepted that the conventional teaching of science is now in crisis, if not facing total failure. Geraed crisis is manifest as a lack of interest in scientific careers, a development that could endanger the scientific and economic development of the industrialized countries.

They consequently want science to assist their growth. The first current follows the tradition whereby science brings understanding which can lead humanity towards a better future. For example, this movement rejects science teaching that has become too theoretical and remote from daily life.

Science classes should, for example, train young people to have more respect for nature and to be able to interact with it. This current places considerable importance on the links between scientific results and ethical or political attitudes.

It is embraced by many teachers who have concerns for ecology or public health; indeed it sometimes produces an amalgam of scientific results and ethical standards that surprises the ethics specialists. Moreover, this awareness is probably not very distant from the concerns of the s, that optimistic period when man went to the moon and when people gdrard generally persuaded that science and technology would shortly eliminate deprivation. The second current is rooted more in an analysis of society with social and economic components.

It makes deliberate use of the literacy metaphor.

This current is that of scientific and technical literacy. From this point of view, science is not regarded as an end in itself, but rather as an intermediate step that has become necessary to life in society. Modern science is no longer seen as producing absolute, universal and unchanging truths, but rather as a particular way of tackling understanding which has become established in the West, has proved there to be highly effective and has imposed itself – or has been imposed – on the rest of the world.

This current, although it attaches great importance to science and technology, primarily envisages action in society. Its appearance is perhaps due in part to the problems of managing major technologies, their accidents, pollution and the continuation of deprivation, all of which have led many people to discard the technocratic optimism which predominated twenty years ago. The aims of this movement most frequently correspond to a number of economic and political, social, and humanist approaches.

The first line of approach involves economic and political objectives. The social line of approach follows the idea that, without a scientific and technological culture, democratic systems are more and more vulnerable to technocracy. For example, how is it possible to formulate a democratic policy with regard to AIDS or drugs – which necessitates public discussion – if the public cannot understand what it is all about?

It then becomes a question of distributing powers throughout society or, at any rate, reaching a situation where the public does not feel too impotent with regard to science and technology and what they involve. The third line of approach is more personalized and cultural. Its aim is to enable every human being to join in our scientific and technical culture, to communicate with other people in it about the world in which we live, to maintain a degree of independence within it as well as experiencing some pleasure at being there.

This involves a number of dimensions. To begin with there is the historical dimension, in order to understand how science and technology emerged in human history and formed part of it. All this suggests a link with the ethical debate, in so far as science offers us a representation of the possibilities of our action.

All this forms part of gerars culture, since science and technology are part of the representation of our history. The general aims of the STS movement having been identified, it is now possible to set out its more precise aims, which can be translated into educational objectives.

Thus one might mention various factors that should enable people to negotiate situations: Objectives such as these can be made manifest by a few standard examples capable of turning them into action: Some scientific and technological knowledge favours the autonomy of individuals. Ferard capable of grasping concrete situations, they can negotiate reasonable and rational decisions when confronted with a series of problematical situations. In this way, for example, an individual may break free from functioning on the basis of set formulae, which implies the requirement of a behaviour pattern or attitude, making him dependent and causing him to lose some of his potential for autonomy.

It is also possible to evaluate the importance of knowledge in terms of the way in which it enables us to communicate with others about our life situations.

This is probably the strength of theorization. Building up and defining a theory is tantamount in fact to giving oneself words, concepts and sharable representational structures that permit us to tell others what we are doing.

Sacraments and passages : celebrating the tensions of modern life / Gerard Fourez – Details – Trove

Finally, possessing an understanding of the world invariably implies know-how and the ability to act. It is the way in which knowledge generates individual and social capabilities which gives meaning to theorization. As pointed out several decades ago, science is intrinsically linked to a form of power, which does not necessarily mean the domination of other people. One might therefore consider.

Once the importance of pursuing the objectives has been accepted, they must then be rendered operational. Different ways of doing this have been adopted, mainly in the English-speaking countries.

Here we propose a series of objectives 19 related to basic capabilities in conjunction with scientific and technical practice. Making good use of specialists: Making proper use of black boxes, i. The objective is to learn to recognize when it is worthwhile opening or not opening a black box, i. Nobody can be regarded as scientifically and technologically literate if they are unable rationally to decide whether to open black boxes or to leave them closed.

The proper use of simple models islands of rationality. The simplicity of a model is not always a weakness, it can even be a strength. Also, the teaching of technologies cannot be restricted to the transmission of simple formulae: Inventing interdisciplinary models or islands of rationality: Thus the insulation of a house will necessitate a representation of the problem involving many precise kinds of knowledge, from physics to law, not forgetting biology, economics, aesthetics, or the experience of users, which is precise even though not socially standardized.

This objective, in order to become operational, perhaps more than others will require acquisition of a theory of the rigour of interdisciplinary work. The proper use of metaphors comparisons: Access to standardized scientific and technological languages and models: In fact, in order to communicate in our society, it is not enough to be able to invent representations of situations. One must also know how to use the models that have become standardized and accepted and which are known as scientific results.

This is why, in order to be scientifically and technically literate, everyone needs to acquire a whole series of concepts, models and theories in the form that they have received from the history of science and the historically constituted scientific disciplines. These would include, for example, mass, weight, evolution, the cell, chemical reactions, electric charge, etc. They occasionally neglect to take account of the fact that these models, knowledge of which is necessary if one is to get ahead in our society, are seen as dogmatic because they are imposed on students as irrelevant abstractions, taken out of their context of invention and use.

But while standardization is too often a source of stagnation, it is also good practice 28 and must be learned. The proper use of translations: STL requires the capability to move a question from one perspective to another, from one theoretical framework to another, from the paradigm of one discipline to another.

Scientific and technological literacy requires one to know how to get a foothold in the network of translations involved in using science and technology. The ability to negotiate, not only with people, but also with objects and standards: In order to negotiate in this way with people, objects or techniques, it is important to know how to represent what is possible, to create a certain theorization of the situation, an island of rationality.

The ability to link knowledge and decisions: People may be regarded as employing STL when they are able to make specific use of their understanding of scientific or technological approaches and results.

Here science has a practical role to play as a representation of the possibilities of human actions. The ability to distinguish between technical, ethical and political discussions: These discussions in no way concern the issues of our existence which, on the contrary, will be involved in the ethical discussions that question the aims of our action and the values involved.

A political discussion marks the search for compromise between groups that do not necessarily share the same aims or values. It is important to know what part scientific knowledge can play in the different types of discussion. In so far as it seeks to highlight the link between science and the social and personal universe, STS education is not easily compatible with just any type of epistemology, notably with those that place little importance on the subject constructing the knowledge.

On the contrary, it goes along very well with constructivist and especially socio-constructivist epistemologies 29 which emphasize that science is a human product, structured by humans for humans and according to their plans. These representations are appropriate in varying degrees to the contexts and projects into which they are introduced.

In this kind of context, the history of science plays a special role. In addition, the historical perspective draws attention to the fact that a notion does not belong to the nature of things but is a human invention intended to permit communication and action in a precise context.

Finally, as soon as an attempt is made to insert scientific practice into the social fabric and its technological components, single-discipline approaches become inadequate. However, although the principle of interdisciplinarity is routinely accepted, its implementation is not trouble-free. Some research and training is probably necessary to ensure that science teaching gives the disciplines and the knowledge standardized by their paradigms the importance they deserve, while rigorously exercising interdisciplinarity.

On the one hand, the paradigms, in the Kuhnian sense, govern the production of disciplinary and standardized knowledge; on the other hand, the projects and their background constitute the main criteria in the construction of project science and interdisciplinary approaches.

In seeking to link science and society, the STS movement became aware of the ideological expressions conveyed by the teaching of science: A fairly conventional viewpoint holds that science teaching is only scientific, with no ideological content.

However, science courses do involve non-neutral images of the world.


Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is a genetic muscle disorder in which the muscles of the face, shoulder blades and upper arms are among the. Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is associated with the progressive weakening of the muscles starting in the face, shoulders, and upper arms. Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD) is one of the most common types of muscular dystrophy. It has distinct regional involvement and.

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Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy is a muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue that gets worse over time.

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy affects the upper body. It is not the same as Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Becker muscular dystrophywhich affect the lower body.

Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD)

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder due to a chromosome mutation. It appears in both men and women. It may develop in a child if either parent carries the gene for the disorder.

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy is one of the most common forms of muscle dystrophy affecting 1 in 15, to 1 in 20, adults in the United States. It affects men and women equally. Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy mainly affects the face, shoulder, and upper arm muscles.

However, it can also affect muscles around the pelvis, hips, and lower leg. Symptoms can appear after birth infantile formbut often they do not appear until age 10 to However, it is not uncommon for symptoms to appear much later in life. In some cases, symptoms never develop. Symptoms are most often mild and very slowly become worse.

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy – Wikipedia

Muscle weakness of the face is common, and may include:. Shoulder muscle weakness causes deformities such as pronounced shoulder facioescapulloumeral scapular winging and sloping shoulders. The person has difficulty raising the arms because of shoulder and arm muscle weakness. Weakness of the lower legs is possible as the disorder gets worse. This interferes with ability to play sports because of decreased strength and poor balance.

The weakness can be severe enough to interfere with walking. A small percentage of people use a wheelchair. A physical exam will show weakness of the face and shoulder muscles as well as scapular winging. Weakness of the back muscles can cause scoliosis, while weakness of the abdominal muscles can be the cause of a sagging belly. High blood pressure may be noted, but is usually mild. An eye exam may show changes in the blood vessels in the back of the eye.

There is no known cure for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. Treatments are given to control symptoms and improve quality of life. Inactivity such as bedrest can make the muscle disease worse. Genetic counseling is recommended for couples with a family disrtofia of this condition who wish to have children.

Proximal, distal, and generalized weakness. Bradley’s Neurology in Clinical Practice. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.

Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Men often have more symptoms than women. Muscle weakness of the face is common, and may include: Hearing loss and abnormal heart rhythms may occur, but are rare. Gacioescapuloumeral that may be done include: Physical therapy may help maintain muscle strength. Other possible treatments include: Occupational therapy to help improve activities of daily living.

Oral albuterol to increase muscle mass but not strength. Surgery to fix a winged scapula. Walking aids and foot support devices if facioescapulohmeral is ankle weakness. BiPAP to help breathing. Oxygen alone should be avoided in patients with a high CO2 hypercarbia. Counseling services psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker. Disability is often minor. Lifespan is most often not affected. Decreased mobility Decreased ability to care for self Deformities of the face and shoulders Hearing loss Vision loss rare Respiratory insufficiency Be sure to talk to your health care provider before having general anesthesia.

When to Contact a Medical Professional. Call your provider distrofua symptoms of this condition develop. Muscular Dystrophy Read more.

Health Topics A-Z Read more.


Secondo Dostoevskij «siamo tutti usciti dal cappotto di Gogol’». E non soltanto la successiva straordinaria stagione del romanzo russo: sotto i lembi del cappotto. Il cappotto (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Nikolaj Vasil’evic Gogol’, Clemente Rebora L’arte di Gogol’, quale ce la rivela il Cappotto, suggerisce che le rette. Edizioni integrali. Premessa di Filippo La Porta Gioielli del realismo grottesco di Gogol’, questi racconti sono tra i più significativi esiti della sua fantasia figurativa .

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Un povero impiegatuccio prende una grande decisione e ordina un cappotto nuovo. Ma la prima sera che lo indossa glielo rubano in una strada buia.

Il naso – Wikipedia

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ISO 9797-1 PDF

ISO/IEC (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file. I need to calculate a MAC using ISO Algorithm 3 (padding mode 2). and the context makes references to 3DES (as confirmed by the. STANDARD. ISO/IEC. Second edition. Information technology — Security techniques — Message Authentication. Codes (MACs) —. Part 1.

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Mechanisms using a block cipher [1] is an international standard that defines methods for calculating a message authentication code MAC over data. Rather than defining one specific algorithm, the standard defines a general model from which a variety of specific algorithms can be constructed.

ISO/IEC 9797-1

The model is based around a block cipher with a secret symmetric key. Because the standard describes a model rather than a specific algorithm, users of the standard must specify all of the particular options and parameter to be usedto ensure unambiguous MAC calculation. The input data must be padded to a multiple of the cipher block size, so that each subsequent cryptographic operation will have a complete block of data. Three padding methods are defined.

In each case n is the block length in bits:. If necessary, add bits with value 0 to the end of the data until the padded data is a multiple of n. If the original data was already a multiple of nno bits are added. Add a single bit with value 1 to the end of the data. Then if necessary add bits with value 0 to the end of the data until the padded data is a multiple of n. It is not necessary to transmit or store the padding bits, because the recipient can regenerate them, knowing the length of the unpadded data and the padding method used.

The padded data D is split into q blocks D 1D 2D qeach of length nsuitable for the block cipher. A cryptographic operation is performed on the first block D 1to create an intermediate block H 1. Two initial transformations are defined:.

H q are calculated by encrypting, with the key Kthe 97997-1 exclusive-or of the corresponding data block and the previous H block. A cryptographic operation is optionally performed on the last iteration output block H q to isp the block G. Three output transformations are defined:. The MAC is obtained by truncating the block G keeping the leftmost bits, discarding the rightmost bitsto the required length.

The general model nominally allows for any combination of options for each of the padding, initial transformation, output transformation, and truncation steps. However, the standard defines four particular combinations of initial and output transformation and where appropriate key derivation, and two further combinations based on duplicate parallel calculations.

Algorithm 3 is also known as Retail MAC. The first instance operates on the original input data. The second instance operates on two key variants generated from the original key 97977-1 multiplication in a Galois field. Isp 5 is also known as CMAC. This algorithm comprises two parallel instances of MAC algorithm 4. MAC algorithms 2 optionally4, 5 and 6 require deriving one or more keys from another key.

The standard does not mandate ido particular method of key derivation, although it does generally mandate that derived keys be different from each other. The standard gives some examples of key derivation methods, such as “complement alternate substrings of four bits of K commencing with the first four bits.

Annex B of the standard is a security analysis of the MAC algorithms.

It describes various cryptographic attacks on the algorithms — including key-recovery attackbrute force key recoveryand birthday attack — and analyses the resistance of each algorithm to those attacks. Its 9797-11 is to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness, inJohn Quincy Adams had declared Weights and measures may be ranked among the necessities of life to every individual of human society.

From untilthe role of overseeing weights and measures was carried out by the Office of Standard Weights and Measures, president Theodore Is appointed Samuel W.

Stratton as the first director. In addition to weights and measures, the Bureau developed instruments iiso electrical units, in a meeting was called that would be the first National Conference on Weights and Measures. Quality standards were developed for products including some types of clothing, automobile brake systems and headlamps, antifreeze, during World War I, the Bureau worked on multiple problems related to war production, even operating its own facility to produce optical glass when European supplies were cut off.

The computer went into operation in May using a combination of vacuum tubes, about the same time the Standards Western Automatic Computer, was built at the Los Angeles office of the NBS and used for research there. About 1, NIST associates complement the staff, in addition, NIST partners with 1, manufacturing specialists and staff at nearly affiliated centers around the country.

NIST publishes the Handbook 44 that provides the Specifications, tolerances, the Congress of made use of the metric system in commerce a legally protected activity through the passage of Metric Act of Film speed — Film speed is the measure of a photographic films sensitivity to light, determined by sensitometry and measured on various numerical scales, the most recent being the ISO system.

A closely related ISO system is used to measure the sensitivity of digital imaging systems, highly sensitive films are correspondingly termed fast films. In both digital and film photography, the reduction of exposure corresponding to use of higher sensitivities generally leads to reduced image quality, in short, the higher the sensitivity, the grainier the image will be. Ultimately sensitivity is limited by the efficiency of the film or sensor.

The speed of the emulsion was then expressed in degrees Warnerke corresponding with the last number 97971 on the plate after development. The concept, however, was 99797-1 upon in by Henry Chapman Jones in the development of his plate tester. The Scheinergrade system was devised by the German astronomer Julius Scheiner in originally as a method of comparing the speeds of plates used for astronomical photography, Scheiners system rated the 97971- of a plate by the least exposure to produce a visible darkening upon development.

Scheiners system was abandoned in Germany, when the standardized DIN system was introduced in In various forms, it continued to be in use in other countries for some time. The DIN system was inspired by Scheiners system, but the sensitivities were represented as the base 10 logarithm of the sensitivity multiplied by 10, similar to decibels.

Envelope — An envelope is a common packaging item, usually made of thin flat material. It is designed to contain an object, such as a letter or 99797-1. Traditional envelopes are made from sheets of cut to one of three shapes, a rhombus, a short-arm cross, or a kite. These shapes allow for the creation of the structure by folding the sheet sides around a central rectangular area. In this manner, an enclosure is formed with an arrangement of four flaps on the reverse side.

Although in principle the flaps can be held in place by securing the topmost flap at a single point and they are most commonly used for enclosing and sending mail through a prepaid-postage postal system. Window envelopes have a cut in the front side that allows the paper within to be seen. They are generally arranged so that the address printed on the letter is visible. The window is covered with a transparent or translucent film to protect the letter inside, as was first designed by Americus F.

In some cases, shortages of materials or the need to economize resulted in envelopes that had no film covering the window, one 9797-11 process, invented in Europe aboutinvolved using hot oil to saturate the area of the envelope where the address would appear.

The treated area became sufficiently translucent for the address to be readable, as of there is no international standard for window envelopes, but some countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom, have national standards.

An aerogram is related to a lettersheet, both being designed to have writing on the inside to minimize the weight, if desired, a separate letter could be enclosed with postage remaining at one penny provided the combined weight did not exceed half an ounce.

This was a legacy of the system of calculating postage. Civil War those in the Confederate States Army occasionally used envelopes made from wallpaper, due to financial hardship. A return envelope is a pre-addressed, smaller envelope included as the contents of an envelope and can be used for courtesy reply mail, metered reply mail.

Some envelopes are designed to be reused as the return envelope, the direct mail industry makes extensive use of return envelopes as a response mechanism. Up untilall envelopes were handmade, each being individually cut to the appropriate shape out of a rectangular sheet. In Edwin Hill and Warren de la Rue obtained a patent for a machine that not only cut out the envelope shapes. 97971 take-off — The power take-off allows implements to draw energy from the engine. Semi-permanently mounted power take-offs can also be found on industrial and marine engines and these applications typically use a drive shaft and bolted joint to transmit power to a secondary implement or accessory.

In the case of an application, such shafts may be used to power fire pumps. In aircraft 9797- such an accessory drive may be used in conjunction with a constant speed drive, jet aircraft have isi types of PTO units, internal gearbox, external gearbox, radial driveshaft, and bleed air, which are used to power engine accessories.

In some cases, aircraft power take-off systems also provide for putting power into the engine during engine start. Flat belts generally lent themselves only to applications where the engine was stationary, such as steam engines, portable stationary engines. The concept of a drive with easily connected and disconnected couplings. Experimental power take-offs were tried as early asand various homemade versions 979-71 over the subsequent decades, international Harvester Company was first to market with a PTO on a production ixo, with its modelintroduced in Johnston, an IHC engineer, had been impressed by a homemade PTO that he saw in France about a decade before, improvised by a French farmer and mechanic surnamed Gougis.

He and his IHC colleagues incorporated the idea into theIHC was not alone in the market for long, as within a year PTOs were appearing on other production tractors, such as some Case models. Inside the transmission, the point along the gear train where the power is taken off determines whether the PTO can be run independently of vehicle travel.

ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

Later this was improved by so-called live PTO designs, which control of the PTO rotation independently of the tractor motion. This is an advantage when the load driven by the PTO requires the motion to slow or stop kso to allow the PTO driven equipment to catch up. It also allows operations where the tractor remains parked, such as silo-filling or unloading a manure spreader to a pile or lagoon rather than across a field, inCockshutt Farm Equipment Ltd of 9977-1, Ontario, Canada, introduced the Cockshutt Model 30 tractor with LPTO.

This increases safety of operators who need to get close to the PTO shaft, the PTO and its associated shafts and universal joints are a common cause of incidents and injury in farming and industry.

Brute-force attack — In cryptography, a brute-force attack consists of an attacker trying many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly. The attacker systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases until the one is found.

Alternatively, the attacker ixo attempt to guess the key which is created from the password using a key derivation function. This is known as a key search. A brute-force attack is an attack that can, in theory. Such an attack might be used when it is not possible to take advantage of weaknesses in an encryption system that would make the task easier.

Longer passwords, passphrases and keys have more possible values, making them more difficult to crack than shorter ones.

One of the measures of the strength of a system is how long it would theoretically take an attacker to mount a successful brute-force attack against it. Brute-force attacks are an application of search, the general problem-solving technique of enumerating all candidates.

ISO MAC Algorithm 3 and Doc – Cryptography Stack Exchange

This means short passwords can usually be discovered quite quickly, the resources required for a brute-force attack grow exponentially with increasing key size, not linearly. There is an argument that a bit symmetric key is computationally secure against brute-force attack.

Furthermore, this is simply the energy requirement for cycling through the key space, the time it takes to flip each bit is not considered. However, this argument assumes that the values are changed using conventional set. It has been shown that computational hardware can be designed not to jso this theoretical obstruction, one is modern graphics processing unit technology, the other is the field-programmable gate array technology.

GPUs benefit from their wide availability and price-performance benefit, FPGAs from their energy efficiency per cryptographic operation, both technologies try to transport the benefits of parallel processing to brute-force attacks. International standard — International standards are standards developed by international standards organizations.


contra un píloro ocluido, que llevaría a hipertrofia en el músculo pilórico Otra :// IIIProfessor Assistente do Departamento de Cirurgia e Urologia Pediátrica da uma hipertrofia progressiva da musculatura pilórica, causando estreitamento e.

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Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is a common condition in infants with 2 – 12 weeks of postnatal life. The cause of this disease remains obscure.

Clinical diagnosis is based on the history of projectile, nonbilious vomiting, gastric hyperperistalsis and a palpable pyloric “tumor”. The authors review the typical findings seen on upper gastrointestinal x-ray series and abdominal ultrasonography.

The diagnostic criteria for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis are presented and the applications of these two methods are established on the basis of the current literature.

Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis; Pylorus; Vomiting; Ultrasonography; Infants.

Sinal do diamante ou recesso de Twining. Todavia, suas desvantagens incluem: Sinal do mamilo mucoso.

Estenosis pilórica

Obtido em corte hipertrrofia e medido entre as margens externas opostas do piloro. Ohshiro K, Puri P. Pathogenesis of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: Pediatr Surg Int ; Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in the infant without a palpable olive: In vivo visualization of pyloric mucosal hypertrophy in infants with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: Cost-effective imaging approach to the nonbilious vomiting infant.

Pediatrics ; 6 Pt 1: Cost-effectiveness in diagnosing infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.

Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: clinical, radiographic and sonographic characterization

Hipertrkfia Pediatr Surg ; Reduction of radiation dose in pediatric patients using pulsed fluoroscopy. Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: Evolution in the recognition of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. The role of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of pyloric stenosis: Changing patterns in the diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.

Ultrasonographic diagnosis criteria using scoring for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. The posterior approach to pyloric sonography.

A rational approach to the diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: J Ultrasound Med ; Pyloric size in normal infants and in infants suspected of having hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.


half a year ago. Everything worked fine, including the printer (HP ). Suddenly I can’t print anymore. After I start the print spooler I see it jump back to” Spooler stops 1 min. after I have started it. This thread is locked. The Marvell version of the drivers crash when printing some PDF files. Of course the HP LaserJet Print Spooler dies repeatedly. HP LaserJet Print Spooler dies repeatedly. On July 7, , in How-to , The Marvell version of the drivers crash when printing some PDF files.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Printer not printing until spooler is restarted.

We have one particular printer, a Hp LaserJet n that refuses to print until the spooler is restarted on the server. The pupils and staff can connect to the printer and the queue fills up but nothing happens after that. I’ve re-created the printer, the port, re-installed the driver, all of which make no difference. We have 40 network printers and this is the only one with the laaerjet.

Printing PDF Files cause Print spooler to crash with HP Laserjet 1020

I don’t think moving the spooler will make a difference. Is there an updated driver?

Although it prints fine when I install it locally on my computer and don’t disable Bidirectional Support! A similar problem happens quite lot with the HP n; that one often crrashes the Spooler service completely, taking out all the printers on the server.

HP printer spooler continues to stop in Windows 7 – Microsoft Community

It’s down to the drivers for the rubbish print engine that HP bought in from Zenographics for their cheaper product lines. The irony of course is that HP’s own drivers are infamous for bloat and bugs, but these ones surpass even HP’s own efforts. I personally will not touch any HP printer these days.

I’ve just had so many serious problems with them over the years that I simply do not trust them to work right.

Originally Posted by AngryTechnician. We have this problem with a laserjet, did you manage to resolve it?

SOLVED: Lj or hangs the print spooler – Fixya

HI I have just had the same problem with a n. I installed it from the the new driver on the hp spooleg and it would not work and in fact crashed the spooler. The only way I could fix it was to install it from the original cd and now it works fine.

Have you tried another printerdriver, like the one for the HP LaserJet 4. I use that driver for many printers overhere Most laser- printers will work perfectly with this driver. Unfortunately anything with the Zenographics engine will not take generic drivers. They are host-based printers with no onboard print language interpreter.

Just as an aside, although lzserjet probably unrelated I found that a one RIS image I had lserjet various runtimes pre-installed would crash the spooler service because of a bad VB6 runtime Re-installing the runtime fixed it very quickly. Just a random thought for anyone laerjet a different but semi-related problem.

I have seen this and was able to fix 122 removing the tick from the bi directional printing!! Been a bit slow at replying, unticking bi-directional support fixed it! Just had experience of this Unticked the bi-directional support button, and it hasnt crashed so far. Printing to Windows Printer By ahunter in forum Mac. Send automated email when Printer server spooler service sto By tosca in forum Windows.

The time now is


Publications by authors named “Zbigniew Rybicki”. Are you Zbigniew Rybicki? Instytut Medyczny w Warszawie, Klinika Anestezjologii i Intensywnej Terapii. BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to review our three year experience with translumbar insertion of dialysis catheters. METHODS: In five adult patients. BACKGROUND: Although broncho-alveolar lavage (BAL) culture and protected specimen brush (PSB) are regarded as the most effective methods in the.

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Pediatria i Medycyna Rodzinna.

Acute kidney injury in children treated in intensive care unit — a prospective epidemiologic analysis. Aim of the study: Assess the prevalence of AKI in critically ill children in multidisciplinary hospital with nephrology unit.

Intensywna terapia dorosłych: kompendium – Zbigniew Rybicki – Google Books

All consecutive admissions to the PICU were included unless they met one of the exclusion criteria, i. Acute kidney injury occurred in The main reason of admission when AKI occurred was congenital heart defect after cardiac surgery Renal replacement therapy was implemented in In such a place close interdisciplinary treatment intensywnz full availability of renal replacement therapy is a must.

Risk factors of acute renal failure in critically ill children: Serum creatinine as stratified in the RIFLE score for acute kidney injury is associated with mortality and length of stay for children in the pediatric intensive care unit Crit Care Med. Effect of acute renal failure requiring renal replacement therapy on outcome in critically ill patients.

Barrantes F, Tian J. Acute kidney injury criteria predict outcomes of critically ill patients Crit.

Epidemiology of acute kidney injury in Hungarian intensive care units: Kidney diseases beyond nephrology – intensive care. Spectrum of acute renal failure in the intensive care unit: Epidemiology of acute kidney injury: Acute renal failure – definition, outcome measures, animal models, fluid therapy and information technology needs: RIFLE criteria for acute kidney injury are associated with hospital mortality in critically ill patients: Practice patterns in the management of acute renal failure in the critically ill patient: Acute renal failure in the Rybixki Overview of pediatric renal replacement therapy in acute kidney injury.

Pediatric ARF epidemiology at a tertiary care center from to JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page.


Ürünler > Uydu Dağıtım (SMATV) ve Interaktif IP TV Sistemleri > Merkezi Yayın Üniteleri (Headend) > HIRSCHMANN > CSE G2 Ana Kasa. Authentic. CSE Basi – Read more about module, unidad, modules, input, sortie and software. CSE G2 Basisgerät qxp – Hirschmann. Views. 4 years ago. Module, · Unidad, · Input, · Entrada, · Digital, · Output, · Salida .

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Distribution of digital signals in cable TV systems

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Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be have so far have expressed an interest in programming in Malbolge!. Info: it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. Malbolge is a public domain esoteric programming language invented by ben olmstead in , named after. Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost .

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Download Source Write Comment. And does this follow the specification or the actual implementation? As I understand it Malbolge’s interpreter reverses two of the instructions. My programming method uses many “NOP” intructions, that is why the pattern will occur corresponding to the specification of Malbolge. And for your sencond question, this follows the actual implementation of the interpreter. This program is something I thought to be impossible.

My sincere congratulations to the author, Hisashi Iizawa, who has proven me wrong and made me swallow my own words. My main objection was that the initialization subprogram could require more than the maximum memory size; this is obviously wrong as this program shows but is not that far from reality as discussed below. Those who are still skeptical with respect to whether this file has the whole lyrics harcoded or actually does loop as it claims, consider the following facts: Compare this to the other “fake” version, known to be constant text output: I think that a bottles-of-beer version would not be too difficult to write for the author to demonstrate this point without a shadow of doubt or a version which uses a different base; e.

ZZ bottles of beer through AA bottles of beer would output about bytes and be very similar in length, while proving without a doubt that it performs conditional jumps. Quite expectable for a complex Malbolge program.

That’s not the typical constant-text program either, which basically executes the instructions needed without looping. I wouldn’t be surprised if the core is an interpreter for a simple language and 99bob is written in that language. In my opinion, this version deserves a much higher score than it currently has. A piece of fine art. If anyone know of an english translation I would be grateful to be informed It looks like you hardcoded a bunch langusge print statements 99 bottles.

I’m giving you 1 star for not having a loop. Either you didn’t read other comments, or you have a proof that you inadvertedly forgot to give us Frank, take a look at the normalized version of the program. There’s only about 67 if I count correct output instructions — without looping that wouldn’t be enough to print even one verse of the song.

You should read the comments and perhaps investigate the actual program before making such claims. Also, I’m sure this took much longer to create than it took me to create the language in the first place.

I’m relieved that this is possible, and I don’t have to swallow my words I feel happy that it took 8 years to happen, which probably makes it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. I think Malbolge needs an update. Amazing, never ma,ebolge sombody could do this Why would you take the time to do that when you could have malebole this with java: Alex, you are a very witty and keen programmer who deserves respect for trumping Mr. Iizawa’s silly attempt at writing code in Malbolge.

Alex, You could do that in many other more sane ways but it wouldn’t be that funny that way: But Alex brings up a valid point, though perhaps not his original: Or how about this following massive code? I was browsing through the languages and thought to myself “I’m pretty sure no-one has done a malbolge version of this” but someone actually has!

Malbolge How long did it take you to program this and did you do it all by head or do you have some sort of own made malbolge code generator or something like that? They should progrmaming a Nobel Prize in computer science for you.

This is completely out of this world! In any case – if it is for real – Very impressive! I tried to run it but it didn’t work.

Malbolge programming

Scrolling malebole “code” makes my eyes out of my head. Alex Mirchev The code above is to an extend logical, but why would a language require you to define an Class for a simple loop? Because Java forces you to. Oh and it goes without saying, but Malbolge is terrifying and this source is terrifying. Great Code, absolutely stunning.

I have stared into the abyss and it stared back.

I am really impressed of the Malbolge version. This is quite possible the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on a computer since I first found out about Befunge and Malbolge a few years back Just looking at the source lamguage gives me a headache. Your code does not result in the correct song. Look up the real python version here. It’s mal-freaking-bogle we’re talking about. Java AND you used camel case for your class name.

Write an Asteroids clone in it and I’d be impressed Its a sort of stereographic image.

I’m amazed that someone performed the feat of writing a program in Malbolge that doesn’t just output constant text. Alex’s code doesn’t even work, unless you want the song to proggramming from to 2 inclusive and omit 1. A tribute to humanity.

Malbolge programming – Esolang

Sounds weird, but seriously, this is an amazing thing. Just goes to show what you can do after 99 98 HOW can human without drinking 99 bottles of bear write in this language???

If you stare at the source code, it looks like waves I have my own: I think that Japanese is little crazy I actually cried a little bit as the magnitude of your accomplishment permeated my brain I guess I’m a wimp.

I have a question for the author: Hisashi Iizawa, it appears that you have sold your soul to the devil in exchange for this ability. Are you brave enough to kill yourself before he forces you to create the computer virus that destroys all human civilization?

Malbolge – interpreter online

Why bother with complexity when you can have simplicity: Michael, person, RevAaron and others who post a several single -lines-length code, you just don’t understand the point of this site. Go to your language’s section and post your code there. Michael, not only did you miss the entire point of this exercise, but you just showed us the lamest piece pgogramming code I’ve ever seen! You should be ashamed of yourself for laying that turd in the comment section of a masterpiece!

What on earth this poor language?!

HOw cud u Programm a File like Progra,ming For me it wud bee impossible. On this ugg boots shop you can find all kind of ugg boots sale ,like Ugg ,ugg and ugg ,etc. Please provide a value for the fields NameComment and Security Malebole. This is a gravatar-friendly website. E-mail addresses will never be shown. Enter your e-mail address to use your gravatar. Please don’t post large portions of code here!

Use the form to submit new examples or updates instead!


WINMAG plus is a management system on a PC basis WINMAG plus monitors your security system. . Honeywell systems can be integrated – ESSER. Licence option for WINMAG/WINMAGplus basic software. Required . modem, using DS and DGA to ESSER IDT (HB and MB series) and fire detec-. Integrated products offer many synergies: they require fewer materials, less installation time and are easier to maintain. This is why they have become standard.

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For programming, the Part No. Want to learn more about this. Radio transponder wnimag programs the entire system. One single adapter forms the interface to the fire alarm control panels and to the direct connection to the ring bus.

The software also enables the connection to. Below you will find all of our User Software. Click a link to download the document.

I am looking for a manuals and software for fire control panel Esser IQ8 control M. Also, does somebody know about software tools.

Honeywell Security and Fire – META Training Management System | Refreshing eLearning

I heard that I need dongle betwen comp and fcp? They learn how to handle the software tools and how to start-up systems by themselves. Specialists for installations, start-ups and designs of Fire Alarm Systems.

Each event is logged to essr second by the IQ8Control M fire alarm compu- ter. A maximum of 10, events can be verified at any time and can be read out via an optional printer connection within the control panel or via the tools.

Within the essernet system up to 31 devices such as. Esser Winamg programming manual and software. I heard that I need. Power Supply Units essernet. Series ES Detect Conventional.

Convenient Windows programming software CD for programming the fire alarm panels belonging. Esser by Honeywell recently announced the launch of FlexES Control, a new generation fire control panel which offers a reliable fire solution via hot redundant processor Different hardware modules and software upgrades offered as various packages offers absolute flexibility of choice as per the need.

And thanks to an update mechanism, the application – when connected to the Internet – synchronizes the information for all devices in the system portfolio of test. The new fire control panel has been named as FlexES Control. The system offers customized fire solution as per the needs of the consumer. There are a variety of hardware modules and software upgrades that are being offered with this system to provide customers a flexibility of choice as per their needs.

Esser Iq8 Software – artsstandard. Esser Alarm Manual Download the Esser fire alarm installation, easer, programming and user manuals. Name of Listing Company: Address of Listing Company: Each event is logged to the second by the IQ8Control M fire alarm computer.

A maximum of 10, events can be verified at any time and can be read out via an optional printer connection within the control panel or via the tools programming software. Essernet Within the essernet system up to 31 devices such as. Fire alarm control panel. Switch on control only for specific Esser Fire alarm detectors. Fire department esaer panel operating system software used and the country version programmed in the customer data. The terminal assignment and wiring. With a revolutionary new system ESSER has now met all of these expectations and completely redefined the future of fire alarm technology.

FlexES gives you more freedom to plan, allows for independent cost structuring and offers eswer usage. The modular hardware and software concept makes it possible to individually. The IQ8Control C as an efficient fire alarm control panel for the property supervision of small to mid-sized objects facilitates maximum length of km.

With the FlexES fire control panel by ESSER, fire detection systems can winamg realized which are vantages result from the economic software licensing model, and on the other hand from the option of being able to assem- ble the fire control panel directly on site with the customer if necessary.

The installer can thus offer. Esser Software Fire Panel. The System equipment and control concepts. Information in this docoment is subject to chabes without prior notice.

I heard that I need dongle betwen comp and fcp when I want connect panel and pc? Convenient Windows programming software.

CD for programming the fire alarm panels. Find best Fire Alarm Company Software. View and compare different models and products of Esser by Honeywell Detectors. Use the detailed technical specifications and product datasheets of. Use object engineering software to locate the ObServer.

Ideal for fire alarm systems. ES addressable fire alarm control panels support up to 2, addressable points, fire alarm and emergency voice communications, and peer-to-peer networking operation. With its scalable design flexibility, ES panels are ideal for medium to large facilities and esset campus essr networks.

The programming software tools is required for the device configuration. Up to esserbus devices fire detectors respec- The IQ8Control panels can only be programmed with the tools software solution part no. Licence wimag Fire detection technology.

Esser by Honeywell 013626 license for WINMAG/WINMAGplus basic software

Find great deals and get free shipping. Honeywell Gent is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry. We are passionate about developing innovative products so that Gent becomes the brand of choice when protecting life and property. Through our broad winma programme, and our approved system integrators, we are.

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The IQ8Control panels can only be programmed with the tools software solution part no. WINMAG plus simultaneously manages and winmg graphically a number of security applications, using a common user interface including: Inform Selectively, Evacuate Safely.

Complete systems for voice alarm and fire detection technology For use everywhere: The esxer voice alarm systems from ESSER are also suitable for the notification, evacuation and addressing User-friendly, Windows-compatible software for project plan.

We are the first company to integrate the control of smoke protection components in our proven fire alarm system and now offer a combined system. This enables the costs and efforts to be reduced for planners, installers, operators and investors. URL email tel test. The fire alarm control panel can be programmed to activate door control systems by installing an door control.

IQ8Control fire alarm system. The corresponding detector zones for activating the door controls esxer.

Interfaces – Advancis Software | Always retain control

This requires operating system software. Batteries are not included. With 4 detector zones. User interfaces of graphical workstations — graphical representations of systems and technologies used in buildings, data analysis, reports and alarm forwarding; License server – information system for management and distribution of our software modules.

Georgian Communication provides customized fire protection solutions with modular hardware and a variety of software options. We visit sites and prepare Fire alarm systems.

Voice alarm and public address systems. Each operating front is also available with the. IFTER is a well known producer of software for security systems management such as: Esser M, Esser C. Ronald Anti Rodent System. For connection of the remote alarm, see. Commissioning consists of configuring the software in Delta DA Quad to communicate in a network with the. IQ8Quad detectors with alarm signal- ing device. Subject to change without notice.

PC Esder Software for. IntesisBox is a server device in case. In accordance with this, ESSER uses available potential in order to keep on growing in a dynamic competitive environment. As one of the market leader in fire detection technology essre offer you concentrated know-how.

This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by ahmed mahgoub. Honeywell Security and Fire, is a leading global manufacturer of electronic security and esseg safety technologies for commercial buildings, industrial sites and homes worldwide.

Preferred supplier of safety and secured electronic security products for residential, commercial and industrial properties in malaysia.

What I need is the firewin explorer software and its manual. Any Idea or advice on how to get will search revealed the following: The IQ8Wireless wireless gateway is particularly useful for the convenient and time-saving ex- pansion of an existing fire alarm system. Orientation of diaphragm within a microphone such that the axis of.

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