CDCB Datasheet – Monolithic electric tuning FM radio IC, CDCB datasheet, CDCB pdf, CDCB pinout, equivalent, data. The only English you will find is in the listing description, which isn’t for FM reception, with the only datasheet I could find being in Chinese. The IC type is YD I tracked down a datasheet and put it on my site. Looks like a good project. Use a fine-tipped iron and keep the tip clean.

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January 25, at 1: The other comment about using solder paste and running the tip along the pins is one i agree with also, even if some clean up is required afterwards.

The AM reception is being achieved with the CD Well, it took 2 months for my kit to arrive, the PCB was bowed, and some of the caps were illegible, but it worked on the first try. I have found the AM section to be very un-selective. Luckily for everyone, the board also has very good silkscreening to judge by the listing. Peeking inside dstasheet dztasheet is one of top things cdgp datasheet sparks the interest of many young people in electronics!

Frank McCaffery Dec 20 Assembled without too much trouble. You do not have the enhlish permissions to view the files attached to this post. It also gives you the best access when soldering SMT parts. Rather nicely, the PCB is a single sided paper-type board with silkscreening on both sides which is very descriptive, and solder mask on the rear.

May 19, at englisb The radio is out of tune! Superglue is not preferable because it cracks when the case is flexed, but should still work somewhat adequately. About one dagasheet two hours of time to complete the kit. November 10, at 6: I would be very grateful if someone could help me. I have also had issues in getting the stations in the right place on the dial. January 17, at 3: It might become my new shop radio. Click for datasyeet about me!


Repeat for finding a known station, cd9088cg instead adjust the left datasehet screw — the higher one. Ive little experience with fine soldering, so ill have to take my time. There is also a method whereby the tracks can be designed and used as antenna. First, slide the battery terminals into place — positive is the top terminal on the front case, negative is the lower terminal.

Try not to bend the leads too severely, as cracking the other protective coating can have detrimental effects on capacitor stability or performance. If you are into building radios, then this.

CDCB Datasheet PDF ( Pinout ) – Monolithic Power FM radio tuning circuit

Sound quality is good. I will definitely have to use my halogen desk lamp to help me see this as i work.

The final connection is the FM antenna connection. Lead the yellow wire to the ANT terminal and tack solder.

All cdgp datasheet joints should have a shiny finish! Insert the ferrite rod into the end to check the fit, then glue to the rod into the holder.

Insert your two AA batteries of choice, and you can start listening to radio right away. The educational value, however, is a little limited without explanations.

(PDF) CD9088CB Datasheet download

Medium sized flat-blade screwdriver to push the spring terminals into the casing. Looks like a good project. In doing PCB for high frequency circuit, please make sure that you place components datashfet close as possible to cdgp datasheet the lenght of the tracks as short as possible because two parallel tracks may form capacitance and as you dc9088cb cdgp datasheet capacitor is frequency dependent.


I made do with my Weller iron but it was a challenge. Then secure this with datqsheet other identical machine screw.

Plus, i do need to hone my skills on finer soldering. Do the soldering with the antenna on the benchdatashewt not to melt the casing, and ensure adequate heat. My board looks like this — ready for the population of resistors.


Sometimes, because of production reasons in both my kits the capacitors can become unmarked for ce9088cb reason. Preparation We start by first emptying all components into a datasgeet bowl so they can be sorted through. If you have used enough flux, there will be no bridges of solder between the pins – use a loupe or a powerful lens to confirm.

Secure the rear of the case to the front using three long tapping screws on the exposed holes, and a short tapping screw on the hole inside the battery compartment. Take the time to align the IC in the correct position and solder opposing pins.

CD9088CB Datasheet PDF – FORWARD

At this stage, I decided to mount the electrolytic capacitors, since there were only a few of them and their values are easy to read. Go to the help icon in the window of the software you are using and you will see how to work with the PCB software. September 12, at 3: We start by first emptying all components into a plastic bowl so they can be engish through.

The other two battery terminals form the positive and negative. It seems to have a lacquer finish to stop the pads from oxidising, but is not otherwise tinned nor plated.