You can help D&D Wiki by better balancing the mechanics of this page. When the As a Chronomancer you gain the following class features. Hit Points. A lot of spells are already in the Player’s Handbook or Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, others are mostly from the D&D homebrew wiki, but. Post with votes and views. Tagged with dnd5e, dndhomebrew; Shared by Dicelord. Chronomancer for Dnd 5e.

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Alternatively, dd can delete your old post before posting an update. Class [5e] Chroonmancer entire class self. Over the past week I have been working on a homebrew class and would like to share its draft at this very moment. Basically from this I’m looking to get feedback to tweak a chronnomancer of the spells and chronomanccer.

Some features may look familiar, as they are based off current ones for monks, wizards, sorcerers and clerics as well as the Middle Finger of Vecna homebrew chronomancer wizard path.


Yes, that is a Guild Wars 2 image on the first page. It is a placeholder until I can get permission to use another image. But anyway – basically I need to find out what’s overpowered, what’s not overpowered, what needs tweaking, if you notice any significant spelling errors, etc. Feel free to provide any constructive feedback.

If you think its garbage, tell me. If you want to playtest it, go ahead chfonomancer let me know how it runs. I want as much feedback as possible because I want people to enjoy the class. I will also be play testing this class out soon when my group gets together Christmas is a busy time of the year!

I will also post my thoughts of the initial playtest I do also. The Druid has 8 dead levels, The Bard technically has chronomanxer dead levels, but 9th, 13th, 15th, and 17th are actually just very minor improvements to already existing class features, i. Bardic Inspiration and Song of Rest, The Cleric has 5 dead levels but levels 11th and 14th are minor improvements to an existing class feature, The Sorcerer has 6 dead levels but 10th and 17th are just gaining access to 1 new metamagic option each, the Warlock has 4 dead levels but levels 11, 13, 15, and 17 are only the features that give the Warlock access to 6th level and higher spells like every fullcaster class needs to do, and The Wizard has 8 dead levels.

So I hope the features you gave this Chronomancer at what are meant to be dead levels are either very minor improvements to already existing class features, or features that grant it access to something all fullcasters must get access to. Unusually high hit die size for a fullcaster.

The Chronomancer Class for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) – D&D Beyond

Observably, all classes begin 1st level with proficiency in 1 Strong and 1 Weak. The Strong saves are: Chronojancer Weak saves are: Str, Int, and Cha. This class has two strong saves, Wis and Con.

I recommend swapping one of them. That’s an unusual cantrip progression. What’s your idea behind it? What’s your idea behind granting the improved version at 4th level?

There isn’t a precedence for this. Then why so soon do you gain proficiency in all languages? That sounds like a much higher level feature, like minimum 11th.

Chronomancer Variant (5e Class)

There are 16 languages, Standard and Exotic. From your race, you are likely to gain 1 or 2 languages. From your background, maybe 1 or 2 more. Then from Ageless Linguistics, 2 more languages. At 4th, 2 more. By 4th level, the average number of languages you’d know would be 7.

So then at 7th level, you suddenly learn 9 more languages? The Monk gets a similar ability, Tongue of the Sun and Moon, but at 13th level, and the Monk doesn’t actually know any additional languages. The monk understands what anybody saysbut can’t read or write those languages. Additionally, whenever you provide an improved version of a feature at a level, you need to include that improved version on the class table at the relevant level.


That’s so you don’t forget that there are more than 1 feature at that level. You can delete from the document, “which you can calculate in the Spellcasting Ability section previously.

Chronomancer for Dnd 5e. – Album on Imgur

You just gave away a superpowered version of the Fighter’s Action Surge. A fighter can gain one action once per short rest. At 2nd level, a Chronomancer can let herself or another person do multiple Action Surges cchronomancer the same turn according to the result of a 1d4 3 times a day. That’s the same number of times a Fighter can be chronomancrr to Action Surge in a day.

The Fighter doesn’t increase the number of action surges it can do until 17th level.

The Chronomancer increases the number of times they can Multi-Action Surge every other level. So does the delay chronomanced actions interrupt the attack against you? And what about movement chromomancer Can you interact with a Decelerated target? Could you intentionally delay your ally Fighter’s actions, physically move him next to an enemy, then have the Fighter unleash up to 5 rounds worth of attacks in one round? Why would the delay end at the end of combat?

How does combat ending suddenly affect the magic in delaying damage? You gave away the Monk’s 15th level feature away at 2nd level!? The Fighter’s Second Wind ability 4 levels after the Fighter gets it?

The Sorcerer’s Quickened Spell metamagic a limited number of times per day? By 13th level, you’d have 11 Fate Dice.

Rewind is essentially a version of the Wizard’s Arcane Recovery. Except Accelerate is like an 8th or 9th level spell and Decelerate is like a 7th or d&dd level spell. Delay damage is maybe like a 4th level spell. I’m going to stop here for now. The clearest problems lie with the foundational features of the class, thus requiring an entire revamping of the basic structure of the class.

And it turned out that none of the features that are at levels where there would normally be dead levels are improvements for existing features, except for Ageless Linguistics at 7th level. Lastly, Bolt of Time is a better version of Firebolt, because of its damage type. Fire is more commonly resisted than force. Exactly what D&&d was looking for. Let me start from the top.

Dead levels – I’m still fleshing this out. I think, as you’re probably aware, there chronomanecr too many beneficial and strong feats for this class and Chromomancer need to create more dead levels to decrease the immense powercreep gained at level 2. Hitpoints – I originally had it as a d8 caster but I wanted to make them something different r&d I want them to be able to be versatile in different types of combat melee, range and spellcasting.

Hence the d10 hit dice. Thanks for letting me know!