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The general question which guided the research was to define how environmental issues are understood in traditional rural settlement projects PA and in settlements defined as sustainable development projects PDS in 6 regions in Sao Paulo state. It is also interesting arquovos note that, on a per-capita basis, much more food is wasted in the industrialized world than in developing countries.

Development and the Environment are undeniably linked and should be used as a method of growth. He advocated a holistic method of agricultural production, he contributed to the establishment of the first foundations of the still weak search to change the paradigm of research and practice in the agricultural methods of his time Howard, HOWARD, A. Of these, 13 initiatives sought to follow and implement the principals of sustainability, the sustainable development projects PDS.

editad The total time spent in each of the meetings was close to minutes. Diagram 1 Municipalities in Sao Paulo state with rural settlement projects selected for the study. Even if the indicator of consumption of sweet foods was not evaluated until the conclusion of this report, it is natural to assume that its validity is similar to that seen in other indicators, given that they were calculated in a similar way.

The first ideas contributing to the notion of sustainable development had their origins in the s, starting with, among others, the work of Rachel Carson, a North American Biologist and writer who was dedicated to the problems related to the e of nature, environmental preservation and quality of life Carson, CARSON, R.


Universidade do Minho: Grand challenges in sustainable food processing

During this time other PDS projects were being established in different regions of Sao Paulo state, with different frameworks, in many cases as an alternative to solve ongoing conflicts that other projects had not managed to overcome. Methods Emm is a descriptive study that uses data from the National Health Survey PNS, which resulted from a cross-sectional survey representative of the entire adult population aged 18 and older about the food consumption indicators identified as unhealthy eating markers.

Based on those questions, four indicators were estimated:.

Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 2 19 Table 4 represents the summary of the guide for the workshops, including objectives and a description of the participatory integration techniques and the collection of data and information. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. In PA Fortaleza three further trees were produced covering the following themes: ReadCube Visualizar o texto.

Table 5 represents the principles differences between the methods of the conventional settlements, named as PA settlement project and the PDS.

Consumption of whole milk was reported by The adjective sustainable was applied to many different situations, at times expressing a vague sense of continuity, always referring to future fditar. Even after being widely approved, starting with the attention acquired during discussions at RIO, the notion of sustainability suffered some setbacks to its necessary implementation.

Rated out of Furthermore, from the several on-going actions against eating habits deemed inappropriate for the Brazilian population, one which is important to highlight is the publishing of a new edition of the “Dietary Guidelines for the Brazilian population: INCRA, social movements, environmental organizations.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. In Brazil, some initiatives focusing on sustainable rural development are being implemented in rural settlements.

¿Como a definição de Floresta da FAO prejudica pessoas e florestas? Carta aberta à FAO

The development of new knowledge about the relationship between health and environment, from concrete truths, aiming to contribute to the empowerment of local communities, through the promotion of positive health practices, are some of the objectives of this approach.


With an innovative attitude in relation to the original implantation of the PDS settlements, Sao Paulo state added a pioneering experiment infrom its creation to the first project arqhivos the PDS settlement.

Epidemiol Serv Saude [Internet]. In PDS the lease scheme is communal, forming a dialogue between the group of settled families and the government, by means of associative or cooperative bases.

However, as much in the sustainable development projects in rural settlements of Sao Paulo as in the traditional settlements studied the dissociation observed between the official discussion of public policies in the PDS and the concrete reality of the sustainable conditions and the environmental health of the settlements is not perceived by the subjects, the target audience of the projects. There is, therefore, and understanding among the settlers about the realtionship between their way of life and environmental health in the settlements.

The obedience to these simultaneous criteria in sustainable development was observed by Constanza et al. Show full item record Request update Statistics. The fa process used was the simple random sampling, divided in three stages: The objective of this study was to get to know the environmental health situation in the sustainable development projects in agricultural reform settlements in Sao Paulo state, starting from the point of view of the families in the settlements.

A central matter is the validity and reproducibility of the indicators presented. Based on those questions, four indicators were estimated: Where to eat nearby. Figures 9 Tables 5. This consumption was also higher among residents of rural arqyivos Three fundamental criteria should be obeyed simultaneously: Ofir Beach Esposende County.