Squid is the most popular proxy server for UNIX/Linux systems. Webmin is a web-based system configuration tool for Unix-like systems, configure operating. This how-to explains how to install the current version of Squid Proxy on a CentOS 7 VM with Webmin, Apache, and SARG with update support. Configuring Squid. The easiest way to configure squid is via the Webmin™ interface. To configure squid to allow access from all hosts on port , follow these.

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It is open source and is freely available for download from www. This is most useful for keeping usernames and passwords in sync without needing to grant access to every single UNIX user. All browsers that can use a proxy have a field for listing hosts to connect to directly, into which you can enter the hostname of your Webmin server.

The table below lists those that you can create for Squid 2.

See the Connecting to other proxies section later for a more complex explanation of what ICP is and when it is used. Click on the Access Control icon to edit the access control lists and access rules for your proxy. Many versions of Squid have been released over the years, each of which has supported different configuration directives or assigned different meanings to the same directives.

Squid Proxy Server – Webmin Documentation

Figure A Click the image to enlarge. Or your can delete it if it is not in use by some proxy or ICP restriction with the Delete button. By default Squid denies access to all users from any source. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen.

Webmin Module for Squid Guard

Initializing the Cache Directory You may have noticed, on the front page of the Webmin Squid module, there is a warning that the configured cache directory has not been initialized. Just defining an ACL in the Squid configuration does not actually do anything – it must be applied in some way to have any effect.


Take a look in the access. After a proxy restriction has been created you can edit it by clicking on the link in the Action column for its row in the table. Before you can block or allow requests from some address, to some server or for some page you will need to create an appropriate ACL. You should now have a proxy set up to block all access to Facebook I’m not advocating this practice, just using it as an example.

In cases like this the ACL is automatically assumed not to match. Back at the module index, click Apply Changes to restart Squid with the newly created restrictions.

Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in. Each login and password received by Squid is passed to an external authentication program which either approves or denies it.

Squid Basic Configuration – Webmin Documentation

Webmkn has an wrbmin number of ACL types, although not all are available in all versions of the server. First, enter a name, like localnet, in the Name field. For this reason clients systems are often configured or forced to use a caching proxy to access the web.

A proxy is also used for caching commonly requested pages so that if more than one client wants to view the same page it only has to be downloaded once. This tutorial assumes you have already installed Squid, and have configured Webmin to know where to find all of the appropriate Squid files.

This means that you will need to change the restrictions list before anyone can use your proxy. You can add to and edit entries in the ICP restrictions table in exactly the same way as you would for proxy restrictions.

All browsers and programs that can make use of a proxy also support proxy authentication. Squid will compare every request to all defined restrictions in order, stopping when it finds one that matches. If xonfiguracion system has more than one hard drive, it makes sense to spread the cache across multiple disks to improve performance.


If you really are running a cluster of proxies, it may make sense to block ICP requests from sources other wrbmin your own network. Click the Squid Proxy Server, and you’re ready to start setting it up. Congiguracion, based on the ACLs that each request matches you can choose to block it, prevent caching, force it into a delay pool, or hand it off to another proxy server.

It is unwise to configure or allow Squid to use up all free disk configurafion, as many filesystems suffer reduced performance when nearly full.

Squid Proxy Server

Starting Squid and Testing To start Squid, click on the Start Squid link in the upper right corner of the main module page. Squi tutorial covers the first changes you’ll need to make to get your caching proxy up webbmin running quickly. Squid has numerous settings that limit the size of cached objects, the size of client requests and the types of pages to cache.

If the proxy has already been configured to allow access from anywhere by changing the Deny all restriction to Allow allyou should change it back again to block clients from outside your network.

Proxy Settings preferences category, while in Internet Explorer, they are located under Internet Options: However, the basic concepts have always been the same. How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century.

If for some reason you delete all the proxy restrictions, Squid will allow all requests from all clients, which is probably not a good idea.