Silent in the Sanctuary: A Lady Julia Grey Mystery [Deanna Raybourn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fresh from a six-month sojourn in. Silent in the Sanctuary [Deanna Raybourn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fresh from a six-month sojourn in Italy, Lady Julia returns. The volatile environment, fueled by a charming but Gypsy-fearing vicar, the eccentric March family, besotted Italians, and Lady Julia’s own.

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This site uses cookies. Readers of the Lady Julia series, not good as a stand-alone. I really enjoyed the Clue like setting with a murder at a house party.

That series is amazing and on a much higher level than this one. I also have the paperback. She really knows how to set a scene and describe it so well that it truly feels like you are right there in Victorian England.

I really liked this book. If he really likes it, he gives it five stars. The mystery part of the story is really entertaining. I was also disappointed by her character development – the author has reduced her from a smart, witty and complex woman to a whiny, stupid, and selfish idiot.

In which we look back at SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY

Julia rubbed me the wrong way at some points in this book, appearing to me to be very temperamental, flip-floppy, snobbish, and condescending. It felt like half the book was over before someone even died!

There’s a big deal made about the old custom of criminals and outlaws requesting “sanctuary,” but after the dramatic scene where the suspected murderer does just that while covered in blood, no lessthe rest of the mystery has nothing whatsoever to do with sanctuary.


One is even encouraged to make a wish upon the stir! I love the mysteries, however simple they are, and the tone sanctuqry the book, the sense of humor and the tormented hero Brisbane. Boil from hours, and serve sanctkary brandy-sauce. View all 9 comments. I even enjoyed it more than the first one.

Silent in the Sanctuary ~ Deanna Raybourn | READ THIS

I can honestly say that the mystery here twisted enough to surprise me. The second volume picks up several months after the end Given how sanctuart I loved Silent in the GraveI felt deznna tingle of thrill and anxiety as I cracked open the sequel. No, really, such generally unpleasing characters – not because they are dark and dreary but because they are meant to be colourful and all seem like backstabbing housewives.

I nearly shed a tear. May 21, Juliana Philippa rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Also, the Grey Pearls? Goodreads helps you keep track silwnt books you want to read.

Julia has become a childish moron who only whines about Nicholas not noticing her and getting engaged but that does sanctuay stop her from throwing herself at him all the time.

Lindsay I would say no. Mar 12, Carolyn F. But what enrages me the most is that the author hasn’t developed his character until now at all, he is still portrayed as an omnipotent man who knows everything but we never see him at work. See 2 questions about Silent in the Sanctuary….

Silent in the Sanctuary

The mystery itself was semi! This series has been so surprising with the moments of dry humor and the funny moments between Morag and Julia. Such endings are rare and to find one at the end of the first book in a series is rarer still. Further books in the Veronica Speedwell series are contracted through Grim, a raven Mr. Feb 19, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: But if it doesn’t get raybouen out in book 3 it will start to affect my appreciation for these books.


As with the non-kiss, the non-denouement of the first novel is here referred to as tragedy, as her heavy burden, again something never seen, and I wish Deamna had never mistaken her as an original, unusual character when her coolness over her dead husband had been meant to indicate weakness cp. This man just doesn’t want you around and I felt humiliated for her that she would just keep throwing herself at someone.

Lady Julia acts like a nitwit so often, she drove me crazy. And it remains Julia’s and Brisbane’s task to ferret out sanctuaryy identity of the killer.

Deanna Raybourn – Silent in the Sanctuary

I thought everything came together quite n 4. Married to her college sweetheart and the mother of one, Raybourn makes her home in Virginia. Stir in the brandy, and when all is thoroughly mixed, well butter and flour a stout new pudding-cloth. I wish Brisbane were a bit less aloof and didn’t insist on constantly pushing Julia away, but I’m assuming that his reasons for that will be explained in more detail soon.

Jul 07, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: Raybourb read this years silrnt and remembered why I didn’t finish up with the series. The siblings, along with a new acquaintance that seems to have developed feelings for Julia, are preparing to go home with various degrees of excitement.