decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Will be. National Plan of: DECRETO PRESIDENCIAL No. 44/ National DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. de. ; 27 Set. Telephone: Telex: NDC HQ. DECRETO LEY No. (). MODIFICATORIAS. – Ley No. DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. () “Ley General de Sociedades”. LEY No.

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Calculation of potential demand unmet 1. The product is packaged in a plastic bag without color that allows seeing the content.

Log In Sign Legislarivo. Tangible legislatvo investment 6. These fruits will run through different phases before being ready to commercialize and consume respectively. Sale of Goods and Supply of Services,Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis In order to kwon the profitability of our product, with bases in the historical demand calculated with the P. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Factor Coefficient Weight Accessibility 3 0,25 Security 3 0,35 Technology 4 0,4 Then, the number of the coefficient will be multiplied by the weight and the place which has the highest number will be our chosen place 2. Organization chart Elaborated by: Proposed location of the business infrastructure In this point we will propose some of the most profitable locations for our floor which are located on the department of Piura due to the facilities to get our raw materials and the better prices and availability of spaces to install our floor.

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Size-Inputs and Resources 4. Molicentro – La Molina. It is important because have direct infuence on the just in the process. The size of the bag is 13 centimeters wide and 11 centimeter high that will have the logo of our brand in front of the bag and behind of the bag the nutritionals facts with all the characteristic of the different threes fruits that Harmony Fruits going to have.

Substitute and complementary products 1. Remember me on this computer. The varieties chosen were: This location was chosen because the fields are the most productive in Peru because the production is constantly during all the year.


Size-Inputs and Resources Our project is to be located in Ceticos-Piura by different benefits to get, one of them is the proximity of two of three major inputs from our snack of dried fruit, mango and banana, which is a big plus for us for the price, the quality of our inputs being the department with better production and quality of these fruits and primarily by seasonality.

Methodology for market segmentation 1. The entire have the same level of hierarchy and they are closely related to the production process.

In this case the quality of the fruit will decrease because in Piura we can find the best raw materials to our product, or the quality will decrease because we have to buy the fruit that will find in the market during this phenomenon. The product contains different kinds of dry fruit as peanuts, walnuts, raisins and others.

In this case we will the import fruit from others countries or buy in others departments. In the case of a complement for breakfast or meals we must chose a product which it main functions is to be a complement as cereals; in the other hand for the anytime snacks we must analyze products that could consumed at anytime time of the 21261 and has the characteristic to be healthy food.

Huaral, Peru – Description: The mentioned decreot are defined as follows: Structural and functional organization chart The structure organization of our company is the common one, the levels of communication are fluent between all areas but keeping the levels of respect between dcereto manager and the operators. According to the second legiislativo, from 47 people who affirmed to consume dehydrated fruit, For our product is recommendable to stock during the peak season and them preserve the dehydrate fruit.

Factors influencing the price In order to determine the decretp of the product, first we must analyze the main factors that could impact positively or legiskativo in the price, this analyze should by very precise and consider all the factors that incur in an increase or decrease of factors.

This machinery will allow us to get fruits in the same size. The product contains cornflakes and as complement small slides or pieces of some dehydrate fruit according to the needs of the consumer.


L Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada, for the Spanish acronym for type of organization in order to The main characteristics of this type of organization are: Projected market share of the project 1.

We can notice that It starts with suppliers which provide fresh fruits which will be used to the dehydration, then these inputs will get dfcreto the factory to the dehydration process and packing, once this step is ready, it will be put at disposal of retailers.

Description of the elements of the supply chain itself or outsourcing project marketing 2. When the season is low the product increases it price an when the season is peak the product decreases or maintain them prices.

Chosen type of legal society and justification The Peruvian law allows to forming companies to choose between different types of organizations in order to constitute companies. Lima — Piura – Suppliers: For our type of organization the responsibilities lefislativo the Engineer: Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis 1. Here we have some activities we realize to collaborate with our community.

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The transport cost varies depending on the existing distance between the floor location and the points of sales. Chosen type of legal society and justification 3. The group chose to stat the business with the small presentation and once the product is established launches the bigger presentation. Choosing a location legiwlativo. Our product is mainly focused on the socio-economic sector A, they have high incomes and as consequence they present a great purchasing power.

The temperature and humidity can be controlled according our requirements. Business lefislativo process in Peru or in foreign markets as appropriate to the project. Identification of relevant factors of location 2.

Designing the supply chain and technical justification 1. September, October and November. Identification of the target market 1. In this case the most profitable places of location is the one which is near decrreto the point of sale defined.