Deogratias means “thanks be to God,” and it’s the name of a boy coming of age in Rwanda in He is just figuring out what it means to be a. The winner of the Goscinny Prize for outstanding graphic novel script, this is the harrowing tale of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, as seen through the e. Buy *Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda* online, Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda Stassen First Second Paperback 96 pages. May rated 5 of 5 possible stars .

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That ideal audience would surely encompass those mature and more or less educated on the world’s most notorious human rights abuses. It follows Deogratias, a Hutu teenager who has been unstable ever since his two Tutsi friends died in the genocide. The two tribes in the country didn’t get along.

A Tale of Rwanda successfully depicts an individualized perspective of the genocide and would be a great addition to a lesson on the tald of this devastating event.

Deogratias, A Tale of Rwanda

The art is not super amazing, but it fits the story. He is just figuring out what it means to be a man, and wrestling with the feelings he harbors toward two sisters, Apollinaria and Benina.

The introduction offers a great deal of historical information that helps with the timeline and understanding of the following novel. Thank you for using the catalog. We meet other people in the story. Feb 16, Jeffrey rated it really liked it. This is what I wrote in Septemberwhen I had read a fraction of the graphic novels I have read now: View Full Version of PW.


Several pages of background on the genocide will help ease readers unfamiliar with the history into the story. Apollinaria – Venetia’s oldest daughter who works at the church.

Dec 15, Andrae Mcconnell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Return to Book Page. Who also at the end lets Deogratias confess to him and listen to all of Deogratias’ stories. It is revealed that she and Father Stanislass where once lovers. Nov 10, Lil Jen rated it really liked it. A masterful work with vibrant, confident art, this book will stay with and haunt its readers.

Advanced High School Students. Be the first to ask a question about Deogratias, A Tale of Rwanda.

View all 10 comments. He also becomes mentally unstable as the book continues.

Deogratias, a tale of Rwanda

Library Locations and Hours. This was the first graphic novel I’ve read and even with the horror story it was trying to tell I still felt like I was reading a comic and it just didn’t convey the full extent of the Rwandan horror.

Nov 28, Liralen rated it liked it Shelves: Gr 10 Up-In this harrowing fictionalized account of deogratiqs Rwandan genocide, readers meet Deogratias, a teenaged Hutu. During the late 20th century, tensions between the Hutus and the Tutsis peaked in the African country of Rwanda and the Hutus slaughtered many of the Tutsis after the plane crash of the Hutu president.


May 05, Tara rated it liked it. Mar 26, Emma Deneault rated it really liked it. Like other reviewers, I want to say that I know not nearly enough about the Rwandan genocide.

In the flashbacks, Deogratias wasn’t always a good person.

Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda — book review

Scenes of rape, harsh language, and some sexual content solidly designate this book for a mature audience. There is no catharsis, only the realization that even justice turns its champion into a monster. Refresh and try again. His life after the genocide seems very bad. View all 5 comments. Deogratias is at a bar and meets an old friend, a French sergeant.

Seriously, going to have to reread this one. That said, I could have used a bit more context within the story: Dec 14, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: I absolutely loved the drawings, with their thick black contours, the colors and the style.

Deogratias was an interesting and layered tale that I will be thinking about for awhile. Since the book also offers a synopsis of the genocide beginning with the explanation of the tensions caused by colonization in the country there is additional information available to the reader about the genocide but is only understandable with the help of a lesson on the genocide. He struggles between good and evil actions throughout the novel.