For Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition on the Xbox , Walkthrough by eolsunder. Detonado fallout new vegas pdf. 1 – GAME MOD – 2. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, unique weapon locations, walkthrough, guide, FAQ.

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Entering the cave, the ddtonado path leads to some minor loot. Caesar Legion Safehouse After a minute she comes out and lets you help. Totally search the station, looking for “NCR” tagged items. Kill them for food and experience. Exit the NCR Facility and head south to find the camp.

Search the row of tents, if you need the soldiers out to search easier just “wait” and they will perform their duties outside at certain times of the vegqs.

Looking on your map, you can see the 3 Vault locations, but only one is in a location we have been near, the other 2 will have to wait. We will pick ED-E up again later.


I usually take down the easy Turrets first then smack the bots around. Cannibal Johnsons Cave Fallout Gegas Vegas Gameplay, Part Heartache by the Number. Head north from the shack to the top of the big mountain you see. Somebody has been busy.

Grab your stims, weapons ammo, armor, rest up and lets proceed. Downstairs is a hidden NCR base with some minor loot.

Powder Ganger Camp South 9. You can get various useful info from him.

Detonado Fallout: New Vegas Pt18 – The Fort – смотреть онлайн на

Dead Wind Cavern On the 3rd floor when the robot asks you for the password, even though you know it Ice cream ignore it. Often there is a NCR merchant at the entrance inside who will give you ammo of some type if you need it.

South Vegas Ruins west entrance Head back to the main path and continue up, fighting along the way. Afterwards, you’ll level up again. A Pair of Dead Desperados, I.


Quests do Fallout: New Vegas

Talk to CHET and ask about various topics to get info. DO NOT play cards with him or buy any drugs, this will stop you from being able to turn him in.

To the left is the main admin building. Red Rock Drug Lab.

Table of Contents

There is a trip wire in the center of the room you can disable. Loot the cave and the dead bodies inside. Caesar’s Legion fame, caps. They will be replaced later.

Stealth suit Mk II. Lake Las Vegas