Bibliographic Details. Title: Directorio de Proveedores. Publisher: Ibcon, S. A.. Publication Date: Binding: Paperback. Book Condition: New. Edition: 8th. : Directorio de Proveedores: 8th edition. pages. xx2 inches. In Stock. : Directorio de Empresas: 8th edition. pages. xx inches. In Stock.

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December [ Spanish ]. Directory of Mexican Corporations. Directorio de Grandes Compradores. Directorio de Recursos Humanos. For orders and other messages. Canciones completas de Cri-Cri. Coming to see our directories.

Personal attention Monday through Friday from 9 to Answering machine from 6 pm to 9 am and direvtorio US Central Time. We don’t publish advertising nor charge for insertions.

Your orders are welcome in our office, or by phone, e-mail, fax or mail. Immediate delivery, after payment, at our office. Delivery at your office by courier, one or two days after payment. Shipment is free of charge in Mexico. For shipment to most countries, the cost of DHL delivery is included in the price in dollars.

We accept cash, bank rirectorio, bank transference, company check, bank card only in Mexico City or American express Card. We send electronic invoices registered at the Mexican IRS. Besides your general data, to invoice we need the last four digits of your account or card charged.

Our printed and CD ROM directories are licensed for unlimited internal use of the buyer specified in the invoice, not for selling or giving the content to third parties, by any means. We neither ask personal data, nor search for it indirectly, when creating or updating the records.

We neither ask or search indirectly personal data from our clients, suppliers or visitors to our web site nor use cookies, web bugs nor any other device to observe their visits. Xirectorio see sample pages. Indexed by exports, company name key wordlocation, jbcon industry code. In print since Indexed by company, location town hallposition and industry.

Web site 2, of companies. Full name and acronyms, name and position of the president or chief executive, complete address, telephone numbers, fax if it still existse-mail 1,web pageoffice hours and if available a directory of partners specifying availability.

Index by name or acronyms of the association in alphabetical order simple or with reversions of the name and a list of associations by city except CDMX. It has been published since All the public sector: It brings names, posts, telephones, fax, web page 3,but not addresses, nor e-mails, that do come in the Directory of Officials.

This service is suspended directori a new edition comes out. With the same directoio, principal officers and entities of the 50 th edition of the Rirectorio Directory; only it comes in two volumes, one in alphabetical order of surnames and another in alphabetical order of dependencies, but with separate records for each official, with at least: There are officials who occupy two or more positions for presiding over a commission, covering an internship, etc.

This service is suspended when a new ed. The same 9, top officials and entities of the 35th print edition with an orderly program in tables by last name, didectorio title, position, dependency, telephone, e-mail, zip code, city delegation or municipality in the case of Mexico Citystate, country, sector and sex. Four auxiliary indexes ibcom locate the correct entry for any word you remember, or to dirdctorio a set of records that have in common the position, the dependency or the city, including a second selection within a selection already made; as well as bicon labels with space to add keylists, envelopes with space to add sender or advertisement and recipient in pre-printed letters not personalizedsending messages from the disk icon a set of records or to only one of those who have e-mail 8, in plain text or HTML.


There is a list of corrections that allows to block the printing or sending of e-mail of one or several registers, or to modify the e-mail only during the sending. The information is not exportable. License for a single user on an isolated computer with Ibcpn 7 or later operating system of 64 bits. Download the free demo from our website. It is published since You may also see the sample pages of Directorio de Funcionarios To see sample pages.

Addresses, telephones, fax, e-mail 3, and web page 1,names of those who attend, positions, schedules, prices. Describe the information available in associations, chambers, federations, unions; specialized or encyclopedic libraries; newspaper libraries, map libraries, photo libraries, film ibccon, video libraries, music libraries; own databases, CD ROM, online access to other sources, web pages; archives, collections of cuttings, minerals, biological specimens, museums; offices federal and state of the government that inform; directories, yearbooks, bibliographies, indexes; publishers who publish their own research; embassies and international organizations; official and institutional publications; informants and authorized spokespersons; institutes and universities.

Index of the subordinate centers directogio entities simple or by distinctive wordacronyms, publications and concepts about which there is information. Lists complementary to the index. Includes company name, address, telephone, fax, name and position of its chief executive, e-mail 11,large company size 1,medium 5, and small 5, ; as well as the rotation with its code and classification P roduceD istribuyeS ervice.

In addition to a list with the code of descriptive turns and the number of records for each one. The same ditectorio, companies of the CDMX and Metropolitan Area of the 23 rd edition of the directory of companies orders by zip code, delegation or municipality, colony and, within each colony, by business activity.

Includes business name, address, telephone number, fax number, name and position of your chief executive, e-mail, diretorio and rotation with directorii code and classification.

Useful for locating customers and suppliers nearby. To do telemarketing, surveys, public relations campaigns by zones. To assign sellers by zones. To send by mail to delimited areas.

To make promotions by fax. To study franchises and branches. In addition a colonies index and the list of the code of descriptive turns. The same 12, companies by yellow pages classification, simplified to codes.

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In addition the icon of descriptive code of business activity. The same 12, companies of the CDMX and Metropolitan Area included in the printed directories Colonies, Entrepreneurs, Companies and Suppliers ; Only with an orderly program for on-screen queries in tables by surname, professional title, post, directorii, company name, telephones, fax, e-mail, delegation or municipality, colony, street, zip code, size classification The company small, medium, largeturnover and PDS produce, distribute or service.

In addition to four auxiliary indexes to locate the correct entry by any word you remember the person, company, colony or business turn. Allows selections with simultaneous criteria, even a second selection within an already made selection; With space to add sender or messageor create a delimited ASCII file with the necessary information to customize pre-printed non-personalized letters, export to a file with TXT format, send messages from the disk to a set of records or only one of those who have e-mail 11, in plain text or HTML.


There is a list of corrections that allows you to block the printing or sending of e-mail from one or more registers, or modify the e-mail only during sending. License for a single user on an isolated computer with 64 bit Windows 7 or later operating system. Ask for demo or pass to our office to see it operate.

: Directorio de Empresas (): Ibcon Mexico: Books

Directroio top 3, Mexican purchasing departments business and governmentincluding executives, titles, addresses, phones, faxes, e-mail 3,web site 3,rank of budget, hours for salesmen visits, products wanted, NAICS. Chief operating officer with full address, phones, faxes and e-mail if any ; the new North American Industry Classification System code superseding the SIC codeforeign associates, Mexican affiliates, ownership private, government, listings in the Mexican and American stock exchangesmembers of the board for corporations in the stock exchange and in many cases: Fully directofio by company name, key words in the name, ticker symbol, companies related to them, NAICS code, products exported, products imported, geographic location headquarters and foreign officesnames of CEOs and members of the board.

Listings by name, specialty and postal code. The 45 specialties include anesthesiologists, angiologists, dermatologists, phonatricians, ihcon, gynecologists, radiologists, etc. Key word index of quarters and specialties. All the lyrics of all Cri-Cri songs, with all the trappings of a classic edition.

Careful transcriptions, organized for easy reading and reference searches. Chronology, list of recordings, list of films. No records, it is a luxury book. Includes the name of the company and brand, address of the general offices and of its 1, industrial plants, telephones, office hours, business e-mail 6,web page 6,durectorio media identifier 8,Tax ID number, year of foundation, key and description SCIAN, number of employees, main executives with name and position as General Manager or General Manager, Manager or Director of Directtorio or Marketing, Administration or Finance, Production, Human Resources, Purchasing, Systemsetc.

Includes 16, top executives.

The same 6, companies included in Industridata by size but with reduced information and sorted by state, city, zip code and street. At least the name of the company and brand, address of offices, telephones, fax, office hours, corporate e-mail, website, Directoio, year of foundation, SCIAN code and description, as well as name and position of the main executives and the number of employees.

Adresses of General Offices and industrial plants, telephones, fax, office hours, corporate e-mail 2,website 2, and identifier in social networks 3, Index of hotels and chains, executives, state entity and population or tourist region.

It brings at least 3, executives, address, telephones, fax, corporate e-mailwebsiteschedule, Tax ID Number RFCyear of foundation. Construction 16 th ed.

Chemicals 12 th ed. Food Industry 15 th ed. To determine the size of markets, distribution channels, necessary sales outlets, sales forecasts, the required sales force, to plan the promotion and advertising, to do market research, etc.

For orders and other messages Some customers 45 years publishing directories. Igcon Demo disc Home.