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TRANSITION FROM DEVELOPMENT TO PRODUCTION. (Includes Change 1 Dated 13 Feb 89). SEPTEMBER Assistant Secretary of Defense Acquisition. This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD. Development to Production,” January 19, It. DOR M. Directive provides. , “Transition from. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Change 1 to DoD All activities produce something whether manufacturing a machined pan or an accounting report. Gather ideas-round-robin, one idea at a time, written on flip chart and posted.

However, at this level, there would be 5, incorrect surgical operations per week and 2 short or long landings at most major airports each day-not an encouraging prospect for anyone who flies or requires surgery. Follow these steps to define your mission: Identify and remove time wasters such as: All employees will need to review progress with respect to improvement efforts and modify or rejuvenate existing approaches for the next progression of methods.

Additional Information 77 Presents a list of suggested readings. For additional information, call: Everyone must also make his suppliers aware of those, and other requirements.

Competent, dedicated employees make the greatest contributions to quality and productivity. You will know you lack discipline when: Thus, in procurement, conformance to Government or industry specifications will result in quality products only when those specifications properly identify user requirements.

Data used to understand and continuously improve processes. A basic need in all improvement efforts is the ability to measure the value of the improvement in units which are pertinent and meaningful to the specific task.


The use of a tool s depends on the circumstance. Examples of cost factors are: A technique similar to brainstorming. Identify controllable and uncontrollable noise factors that influence the product’s functional characteristics.

Cost, schedule, and performance problems in acquisition manifest themselves as failure to make a smooth transition from development to production and initial deployment.

Group activities are an effective way to tap the human resource to achieve quality improvement. However, variations in parameters do contribute to higher costs of quality and lower reliability. A set of actions to eliminate unnecessary or conflicting requirements which compound cost and time without adding capability to DoD acquisitions.

Many times, management does not consider these functions because the traditional view focuses on manufacturing processes.

Various names have been given to the team approach like simultane- ous engineering and concurrent design. Be aware that customers and suppliers can be anything from another organization to a co-worker. Separate special causes from common causes. Management must demonstrate by their actions that quality is extremely important and support employee involvement in quality improvement efforts. The course is open to military officers in grades through and civilians in grades GS through GS A model of the top-to-bottom support structure and a model for getting started are provided on the following pages.

It is a systematic approach to product design that considers all elements of the product life cycle.

Integrated Product and Process Development Bibliography

The diagram is drawn to sort and relate the interactions among the factors affecting a process. Climate for continuous improvement. The Japanese place a high priority on continuous incremental improvements called Kaizen that, over time, leapfrog the competitors who are depending on the “Hail Mary touch- down pass. Management support for continuous improvement 2. DoD wants to eliminate inhibitions to modernization and progress of productivity.

Concurrent Engineering defines the product, its manufacturing process, and other required life-cycle processes such as maintenance. There is no menu of measurements applicable to all users. This requires that management accept the idea that employees can and want to contribute.


This one-day course provides managers with the information they need to make decisions about where to begin the Do journey. Don’t institute a new behavior that can’t be maintained and improved forever!

The key is to select measures that can be used by work units to manage and evaluate their products and services so that continuous process improvement can be undertaken. It is dd policy to reject material and supplies not conforming 42245.7-m all respects to contract requirements.

Identify the role of process members. Taguchi, Shin and Byre, Diane M. It also provides quantifiable data for analysis, provides a reference baseline, and promotes participation and decision-making by people doing the job.

DoD 4245.7-M

Group activities are also an effective way to manage the interface between func- tional disciplines. Short-term issues do not overpower the long-run issues 8. Essential TQM elements include: IMIP will increase industrial competitiveness, reduce lead times, and increase effectiveness of research and development, procurement, and logistics. QFD provides the framework for the cross-functional teams to work within. Delbecq, Van de Von andGustafson.

They are representative eod the tools that are used to improve any process and are presented in this section to provide an awareness of what vod are, why they are used and how to use them.

Technology, being one of our greatest assets, must be widely used to improve continuously the quality of Defense systems, equipment, and services.