The Dwarf, novel by Pär Lagerkvist, published in Swedish in as Dvärgen. Set during the Italian Renaissance and cast in the form of a journal, it is a study of . The Dwarf is a strange little book written by a Swedish Nobel Prize winner blame Lagerkvist for being a little disillusioned with the humanity. Pär Lagerkvist, playwright, poet, essayist, and novelist, received the Nobel Prize in Literature in The Dwarf, long considered a masterpiece of modern.

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Litteraturens historia i Sverige.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Makes me want to read more of this author.

The Dwarf – Pär Lagerkvist

To prove it they have even welded me to it! So by deceit he kills the enemy. But, The Dwarf is darker. The court artist is a thinly veiled portrait of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. Led by a charismatic and strong prince, the courtiers live a life filled with festivities, art, science, fashion and sexual adventures. Lagerkfist said all that, I must admit some of the paragraphs were quite amusing and I wish I could quote them.

Trivia About The Dwarf. The dwarf Piccoline is one of the most miserably hateful characters I have encountered.

Of course, he hates women and children.

The Dwarf | novel by Lagerkvist |

Such things do not exist for me. On his own, he poisons his Princess’ lover, betrays her young daughter and the boy she loves, and brings about the death of the Princess as she strives for pardon.


There was a problem adding your email address. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thank You for Your Contribution! He mocks humanity for its self-delusional habits and for its yearning for knowledge. Futility is the foundation upon which it rests.

This is chronicled by the Dwarf, who is amoral and joyless He is disgusted by Don Ricardo’s joie de vivre and has a “Hitlerian” set of values regarding food and sex. Here I am in my hole, living my obscure mole lwgerkvist, while he goes about in his fine handsome halls.

Set during the Italian Renaissance and cast in the form of a journal, it is a study of the psychology of evil. But I recommend the works of this Nobel laureate. I have no other being inside me. This novel can be seen as an allegory of the World Wars. Retrieved from ” https: There are flashes of humor and some form of neutral sentiment that is difficult to describe.

Set at a splendid, powerful court in Renaissance Italy, it shows human culture and civilisation in its most exquisite form. The mercenary soldier-captain Boccarossa is also an example of a common human weaknesses, doing evil for money. View all 6 comments. The dwarf stands for the dark secret of any human being in general. Thank you for your feedback. August 13, October 2, Kinna.

Yeah, I think that you will enjoy it Stu. It read incredibly fast. I drink my own poisoned blood. He is feared by everyone and held to be responsible for all the events in the city. The dwarf, confiding to his journal that he is applauding each step deeper into the abyss and celebrating the power he has over the lives of the people he betrays, is finally detected lagerkviat brought to a dungeon, where he ends up chained to a wall – biding his time, waiting for his services to be needed again.


I ended up really lagerkvst it and I can definitely see why it’s considered a classic. They think it is I who scare them, but it is the dwarf within them, the ape-faced manlike being who sticks up its head from the depths of their souls. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Fascism might have been chained to a dungeon wall inLagerkvist seems to reflect, but it is not dead, and it has not lost its venomous tongue and its lgaerkvist to annihilate whoever celebrates freedom of thought and liberal pleasure in life and art.

He vwarf no joy in food and finds the idea of sex absolutely repulsive. Slowly but steadily, life in the city dissolves into chaos. September 22, at 5: Meanwhile many had flood to the capital city seeking refuge. The base desire is the desire to kill the other, especially the dqarf belonging to your race.