Place your order for Gladiator Body Workout and start combining bodyweight and dumbbell exercises for Of A Modern Day Gladiator! Coach Eddie Lomax. Gladiator Body WorkoutAs you can see, BOTH bodyweight exercise and dumbbell exercise are excellent choices for reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique. Here are 10 really quick and intense bodyweight training methods beginners an interview with the creator of Gladiator Body Workout, Coach Eddie Lomax.

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So, the first thing you need to know is… What is fitness? Perform that exercise for the time allotted.

Modern Day Gladiator Workouts

Unless you go off of an enroll in a group of actors that do Gladiator training for lomxx living, there is an extremely little possibility that you will actually have your hands on a trident and dagger. The goal of his company is to provide natural and effective ways for people to use their physical and mental abilities for any task they wish to complete, and to excel in sports as well.

Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercise Bodyweight training can be done anywhere and at anytime, without glaciator gym memberships or expensive equipment. You switch workouts regularly, but stay on the path of improvement! The material on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace professional, medical recommendations or common sense. Have a deck of cards lying around? The Dice Method This final method involves throwing a dice and assigning certain variables.


Thanks for the savings! Choose bodyweight eddiie, and perform repetitions of each in the style.

Coach Eddie Lomax – Gladiator Body Workout [17 eBooks – PDF … | Bodyweight Exercise Information

Workout Without Weights by Eddie Lomax. Related Ads Indeed, coconut oil has been utilized to develop ketone levels in individuals with Alzheimer’s ailme. For example, with 4 exercise circuits, you are resting a particular muscle groups over 3 exercises, then returning back to that first exercise.

You can do bodyweight intervals as well. This is where the rubber meets the road… Combining your Resistance Training and Energy System Training in this way means 2 things:. This final method involves throwing a dice and assigning certain variables.

I think you can understand why I got so enthusiastic when putting these bodyweight exercise and calisthenics programs together. Fitness is the acceptable and deliberate compromise of competence and ability to perform in all the areas of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness to produce optimum performance results under the greatest amount of circumstances.

Having a toned, slim, edie physique is every man’s dream, yet only very few are able to achieve it.

Now, I know these extreme situations are not something most of us thankfully have to face. The power of the dumbbell workout is underestimated.

PHA is a specific kind of supersets that involve performing one upper body exercise and one lower body exercise.

And frankly, they can keep you busy for a lifetime! Just imagine a Gladiator ….

About Coach Eddie Lomax

Get Gladiator Body Bladiator Now! The following would be the six applications incorporated in the program: In fact, there worrkout a system out there currently available. I did not set out to create the “Perfect” workout program for every person, goal and need.


There are more than 27 workouts included, and an infinite amount if you count the Build Your Own Workouts you can create! You can follow this step-by-step progressive plan from the comfort of your own home.

You can find this powerful interview on my blog ShahTraining. Click here to order. ALL types of exercise and physical training programs have something to offer. Adaptation to unfamiliar challenges is what keeps your body progressing My workout will then be 4 exercises with 50 repetitions of each exercise. The “Holy Grail” of workouts does not exist Using his years of experience and knowledge in the field, he put together a program that trained the entire body simultaneously.

Medical and Health Equipment. More about this product Instead of performing straight sets and reps, have a goal repetition, and stick to that same exercise until you are able to complete all the repetitions.

If you and I were to meet, or I was training you in person, these are the truths I would drill into your head.