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Find the most up-to-date version of DIN EN at Engineering BS EN Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids – Technical delivery conditions Part 2: Pipes of requirement class B. BS EN ICS NO COPYING WITHOUT BSI PERMISSION It supersedes BS EN which is withdrawn.

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Where appropriate, the purchaser should contact the manufacturer for more detailed information. BSI offers members an individual updating service called PLUS which ensures that subscribers automatically receive the latest editions of standards. The tube thickness in the dressed area shall not be less than the specified minimum wall thickness. After grinding the remaining wall thickness in the dressed area shall be checked for compliance with 8. This approach is common, for example, for transmission pipelines.

It includes more stringent quality and testing requirements than those in EN When you use our service you can be assured the latest editions and easy access. Please note that the selected standard is invalid. As indicated in Figure 4, one of the two test pieces taken from both end-of-coil locations shall be tested with the weld at the 12 o’clock position whilst the remaining two test pieces shall be tested at the 3 o’clock position.

Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids.

BS EN Steel pipes for Pipelines for Combustible Fluids – MBA智库文档

This does not preclude the free wn, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details such as symbols, and size, type or grade designations. The selection of the requirement class depends on many factors: In the wn of testing the weld joining two strip ends, the tested unit for every order number should not include more than 50 pipes. If an inspection certificate 3. This shall include sufficient information of the following kind: Where no further heat treatment or only a heat treatment of the weld area is carried out, the sizing ratio sr achieved by this cold working shall not exceed 0, They cannot be required for the starting material.


A version in any other language made by translation under the responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the CEN Management Centre has the same status as the official versions.

Where dressing is carried out, it shall be verified by any appropriate NDT method that the imperfections have been completely removed. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

NOTE Table 17 gives a survey on the tables and clauses containing requirements and specifications for testing.

The purchaser shall state, at the time of enquiry and order, which impact energy requirements, depending on the safety factor to be used, shall apply. NOTE 102088-2 Thermomechanical forming leading to the delivery condition M may include processes of increased cooling rates without or with tempering including self-tempering but excluding definitively direct quenching and quenching and tempering. For details of these and other benefits contact Membership Administration.

SAWH pipes shall be manufactured using strip with a width not less than 0,8 or more than 3,0 times the pipe outside diameter. Pipes of requirement class B.


Their classification in accordance with EN is indicated in Table 1. The examination shall be carried out under sufficient lighting conditions by trained personnel with satisfac- tory visual acuity to verify the conformity of the pipes een the requirements of 8. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

BS EN 10208-2:2009

This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. Such enhanced requirements are addressed in requirement class B and considered in EN Any manual NDT applied to local suspect areas dressed or not shall use the same test sensitivity, test parameters and acceptance 01208-2 reference notch depth as used during the test which originally deemed the pipe suspect.

For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. The pipes are used for transporting gas, oil, combustible fluids with specific pressure in the mining, chemical, and power engineering industry.

In such a case, an ultrasonic test conducted in either the plate mill or the pipe mill and in the latter case, at the discretion of the manufacturer, in either the flat form or the pipe form, in accordance with EN to acceptance level Sn shall be used. The ability of such equip- ment to detect misalignment shall be demonstrated.