Jan 20, A different kind of book is Shereshevsky’s ‘Endgame Strategy’, one will not learn the basics from this book at all; it has more to do with transitions from the . Shereshevsky – Endgame Strategy, pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Endgame Strategy has 39 ratings and 3 reviews. Robert said: To provide to soviet masters a good reference book about all the endgames, GM Yuri Averbakh .

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Often people have said that I am not very good at endgames. It gets so many rave reviews but his style of writing really puts me off. A Wild Game That Worked! Paperbackpages.

Chess Tales: Definitive list of ‘must-have’ chess books

For a guide to strategic endgame concepts and practical play then Shereshevsky is your man. It is not a book of endgame theory, but rather is a manual of how to play complex endings, or even – you could say -queenless middlegames. Mark all topics as READ. Arvid Broddefalk rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Return to Book Page. Eric Miettinen rated it it was amazing Jul 28, I will be acquiring it as soon as I can.

Tractatus84 rated it really liked it Feb 08, Chess Tales ‘Must-Have’ Books I’m conscious the list is endgake a pure tactics book find the winning combination ; any suggestions from Chess Tales readers welcome.

Shereshevsky is an International Master from Belarus. Here it is, the definitive list of the ‘must-have’ chess books. Junta rated it really liked it Aug 17, And if you are under 21 in the Endfame.

Asim rated it it was amazing Aug 24, In any case, in I decided I could benefit from this book, and started looking at it more seriously. This task was way way harder than I first imagined, and has also made me realise I have some ‘catch-up’ reading to do.


I think this book is best for players and up, but really I don’t see the harm in reading books above your level, either. The book was first published in Russian intranslated to English by Ken Neat and first published in English in Thirty rounds of chess between fifteen fabulous players including 3 World Champions, inspiring analysis, arguably the dawning of the new ‘modern age’ in chess.

This would hopefully allow him to get to the heart of other positions more quickly. There are many contenders: Dvoretsky’s ” Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual “harder work, but the next step after you’ve mastered Averbakh’s book. Lindsay Went rated it liked it Oct sherexhevsky, Sagar Acharya rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Many players will have already seen those stgategy. Using classic examples from grandmaster practice, together with modern illustrations and instructive games by lesser-known players, Shereshevsky lucidly explains the basic principles of the endgame: Both of the chosen works were recommended to me, and receive exceptional reviews.

What is the most important thing you did to improve in chess? By using archetypal examples of various kinds of endings, the author is trying to let the reader understand better the general battle lines.

I first started reading it and playing over some of the examples in the fall ofI believe. Aug 29, 6. There are examples of opposite-colored bishops, rook and pawn endings, positions with each side having a minor piece and lots of pawns, heavy piece endings, and positions which are basically queenless endgzme, with all other pieces on the board and an intact pawn structure.

Having always been a fan of endgame play, I was always on the look out for books devoted to the subject. I’ve heard nothing but praise for that book.


Log In or Join. Also ” Karpov – Korchnoi ” by Keene covers a fascinating match; wndgame The Soviet School of Chess ” by Kotov and Yudovich is incredible propaganda; Nimzovich’s ” Karpov – Korchnoi ” is wonderful from a historical point of view.

Dec 27, Mate in 13 for White MathsMaths0 16 min ago. That said, I’ve already got Silman’s book and it leaves me cold. No trivia or quizzes yet. The strategt of this book is to improve a player’s “class” in the endgame – to fine-tune his judgment of positions, to introduce him to common methods, and to teach strategy.

I do think there is some truth to that, even if their assessment might be based on some blitz games, and not tournament games where I have more shereshevssky to figure things out.

But not too much, or you won’t learn it well. This was the most difficult category, as I’ve read few of the great middlegame books. Daniel rated it liked it Sep 08, I think I’ve had it since I was a teenager but I never spent much time on it until later.

In some of the examples there are other possibilities for the opposing side that Shereshevsky doesn’t address, and this can be frustrating.

Endgame Strategy By Mikhail Shereshevsky

Thanks for the suggestions. Aug 24, 4. Want to Read saving….