Version abbreviationEVRK 2 red. Valid from, Valid until, Download classification PDF XLS XML. Version abbreviationEVRK red. The classification used is: NACE 2 red. Classification of Economic Activities of the European Community. EVRK 2 red. Ekonominės veiklos rūšių klasifikatorius. EVRK, in press: Ekonominės veiklos rūšių klasifikatorius (EVRK), 2 redakcija. Retrieved from: /klasifik /EVRK/

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Shares of such company shall be distributed and traded in stock exchange publicly, according to public circulation of securities legislation. Limited liability companies are liable for their obligations solely within the company assets.

KB assets are segregated from the assets of its members. For a business related to higher economical risk, it is better to establish a limited liability legal entity- a public limited liability company AB or a private limited liability company UABi. SE may be formed in one of four possible ways: Starting from the moment of registration the company is considered incorporated and acquires the rights of a legal entity.

Small Partnership Small partnership is a limited liability private legal entity.

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In private limited liability companies audit shall be carried out, if evgk they satisfy at least two of the following: In private limited liability companies audit shall be carried out, if if they satisfy at least two of the following:.

AB authorized capital shall not be less than 40 thousand EUR. EEIG members can also be natural persons engaged in industrial, commercial, craft or agricultural activity or who provide professional or other services in EU. KB is a limited liability legal person.


Mažeikių turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras | LEGAL FORMS OF ENTERPRISES

Law on Limited Liability Companies sets that, at incorporation of a AB, the initial contributions for the signed shares payable only in cash to the savings account of the founded company. In cases when the goal of the company is not to make a profit, a non-profit organization may be established. As for the number of members of the EEIG must consist of at least: Company is a limited liability legal entity.

The company is leading its activities based on its Articles of Association, which is its major legal document. EEIG members have unlimited joint and several liability for its debts and other obligations. The authorized capital is divided into shares. Any natural and legal persons from the Republic of Lithuania and abroad may become members of a KB. Shares of such company shall not be distributed and traded publicly. Meanwhile, the limit of their liability extends only to the face value of their shareholding.

In the incorporation of an SE, companies of at least two EU member states must participate. Before registration of such a legal type of a company, one must evaluate all pros and cons.

Sole proprietorship and general partnerships are considered as unlimited liability companies, however, all other forms types of enterprises are limited liability companies. Unlimited liability companies are liable for their obligations over the company assets, i.

A shareholder of such company risks only by his share in the company, if the business fails. Joint venture agreement must be certified by a notary.

The incorporation agreements with other documents must be submitted to the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, which manages the Register of Legal Persons. When egrk to set up a business in Lithuania, first decide what legal form of enterprise is the most suitable to achieve the goals of your company.

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KB founders must consist of at least 5 natural and or legal entities. Each KB founder must become a member. Incorporation, reorganization and liquidation, management and performance, rights and duties of its shareholders, are regulated by Law on Limited Liability Companies of the Republic of Lithuania.

Small partnership may conduct any legal activity. From the date of registration of legal entities EEIG can register their name, to have all the rights and obligations, to conclude agreements and to perform other legal actions. Any member of the group may transfer his part to another Group member or a third party, eevrk or partially, but only with a unanimous agreement of the other Group members.

Although the SE requires considerable initial capital, however, this legal form allows to search your company for with the most favorable environment, because the fees are paid according to the laws of the state where its registered office is.

A partnership may include from 2 to 20 partners. KB shall consist of minimum 5 members and has a name.

Therefore, EEIG is not allowed: Therefore, EEIG is not allowed:. According to the management form approved in its Articles of Association, the SE can be controlled in accordance with a two-tier or one-tier management system.