Hello, I’m tempted to buy a Farfisa Organ, Matador-R (from the picture I believe it’s a model). I’m sorry if I’m posting on the wrong sub as. The Farfisa Matador-R was the deluxe version of the Matador. In included all of the features of the organ, in addition to a super sweet drum. This image, which was originally posted to Flickr, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 17 June , by Clusternote.

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The mono section can be modified by two envelope controls and a wah-wah ; there is also a variable portamento. It even has built in speakers.

Farfisa – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. It was retired after the group’s split. The Mini-Compact is the smallest of the Compact Series. Distribution in the U. I don’t know much about them, other than what’s apparent from the photos.

Introduced around Schematic is dated February,the Bravo and it’s brethren, the Super Bravo and Bravo 61 must have been one of the last combo organs made. This feature lets you control the farfiea of the bend up to the note you are playing on the keyboard.


I want to hear it! It has nine timbres: The Schematic for it is dated Submit mataror new text post. Can you tell me what you think of it or if I should be aware of something to check when testing it?

On most other models the tone controls and a bass section volume were located on an indented panel on the rear of the keyboard. Byhe had started to use a Hammond Organ onstage and alternated between that and the Farfisa, depending on the song. Anyone care to enlighten me? The Syntorchestra was produced at a similar period in the mids to the more basic String Orchestrawhich included piano and string sections.

But looking back on it, the sounds of the Matador were rather cheap and thin. I believe it has Sustain, but I don’t know what else – I don’t have a close-up shot of the tabs. Hugh Banton from Van der Graaf Generator originally used the Farfisa Professional, applying his knowledge of electronics and contacts as a former BBC engineer to customise it with a variety of additional effects pedalsincluding distortion and phasing.

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Farfisa also produced two very large organs which incorporated the Syntorchestra at this time, the r and r “Maharani” organs.

Be sure the “Matador sound” is what you are after, not the “Farfisa sound” which is usually a Compact-based organ. Just a collection of other models that didn’t farfisz anywhere else well,the Matador farfiaa have been stuck in with the VIP’s, I guess.


You may use these HTML tags and attributes: November 2, at 3: Farfisa Combo Compact front. The Transicord came in two models, a “standard” and a “DeLuxe.

Musical instrument manufacturing companies of Italy Electronic organ manufacturing companies Companies based in le Marche Electronics companies of Italy Electronics companies established in establishments in Italy Italian brands.

Don’t go throwing it around.

Owners of Farfisa Matador ? : synthesizers

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. There was also a high-end amplifier called the 80 or S, which came with speaker cabinets, either the Twin, or the BR But more there is The Commander farfisaa part of the design of the VIP in updated form, while the lightweight and simple Bravo’s sound was a move to reflect the changing tastes of the time. Music division purchased by Bontempi. Unlike combo organs such as the Vox ContinentalFarfisa organs have integrated legs, which can be folded up and stored inside its base.

Note that the stand is just like the one for the Bravo. A friend gives me his farfisa matador AR.