USER MANUAL. C-MAG MAGAZINE. SYSTEM. M / FN MINIMI The C-MAG Magazine M/FN MINIMI is a. round ammunition magazine, manufac-. FN Minimi – Belgian-made version of basic machine gun. The Flip-up dust covercloses the magazine port when it is not in use, serving also as a belt guide. The FN MINIMI is a gas actuated long-stroke piston system LMG firing The gas valve is manually adjustable with two positions: normal and.

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A late M variant of the Minimi.

The black polymer pistol grip was initially copied directly from the FAL and FNC rifles, currently a modified grip with lateral grooves is used, installed at a smaller angle to the receiver. The cocking handle is more ergonomic and easier to operate with either the strong or weak hand. It contains no lead. The belt is moved in two stages during both the forward and rearward movement of the reciprocating bolt carrier, which provides for a smooth and continuous feeding cycle.

An improved variant known as the Mk 46 Mod 1 with an improved forward rail and lightweight titanium bipod has been adopted by the United States Navy. A railed forearm ensures modularity and mission-adaptability permitting the use manula flashlights, vertical grips, and infrared laser designators. The FN Minimi short for French: Retrieved on October 6, Toggle navigation Modern Firearms.

FN MINIMI 5.56x45mm Light Machine Gun

Note the lack of the heat shield above the barrel,and the tubular miinmi. The weapon is fed from the left-hand side by disintegrating-link ammunition belts, from either an unsupported loose belt, enclosed in a polymer ammunition box with a round capacity attached to the base of the receiver, or from reusable or round pouches, or from detachable round STANAG magazines, used in other NATO 5.


The Mk3 configuration is only available with the hydraulic buffer. The Minimi is a SAW mibimi fires from an open bolt. Archived from the original PDF on 1 October It is an air-cooled weapon that is capable of fully automatic fire only.

The nanual tray has retaining pawls to hold ammunition from the belt in place while loading.

Retrieved 16 May Rotating bolt, open bolt principle Feed mechanism: Standard equipment supplied with the Minimi consists of three ammunition boxes, a cleaning kit stored inside the forearm, lubricant bottle, sling and blank-firing barrel. The latest SPW and Mk.

FN Minimi – Gunsopedia

The upgrades were based on operational experience and user feedback over the past 10—15 years. In service in several countries. This page has been accessed 4, times. The weapon is currently manufactured at the FN facility in Herstal and at their U.

The stock is 5-position adjustable that is also adjustable for cheek rest height with a folding shoulder rest and hydraulic buffer. It can be belt fed or fired from a magazine. Issue 20 — When a belt is placed in the feed tray it covers the magazine minjmi.

The Minimi has miinimi adopted by over 45 countries.

Matte black or FDE color. The belt is moved in two stages during both the forward and rearward movement of the reciprocating bolt carrier, which provides for a smooth and continuous feeding cycle.


The design of the buttstock contributes to easy, comfortable and accurate firing. Army as M Archived from the original on 12 October The Minimi has a manually adjustable gas valve with two positions, normal minimk adverse. The standard light machine gun version has a mm Both the minmi and Para models come with a rear sight, adjustable for windage and elevation. Views Read Edit View history.

Each M model includes one spare barrel. Both the Standard and Para variants are equipped with a folding bipod mounted to the gas tube and stowed under the handguard.

Buttstock and buffer assembly. Jane’s Information Group; 35 edition January 27, Both the standard and Para variants are equipped with a fixed, folding bipod mounted to the gas tube and stowed under the handguard. A trained soldier can perform a barrel change and ready the weapon for aimed fire in 6—7 seconds.

The weapons are being acquired now, with NZ delivery due to start from April this year, and introduction to service and issuing to units planned to occur in last quarter of An adapter can also be used that allows the use of standard NATO night and day sights. The open sights are standard, with the availability of vide variety of optical and night sights for SPW and Mk. The vehicle-mounted Minimi is fitted with an electrically-powered trigger that enables it to be fired remotely from within an armored fighting vehicle.