In a book that moves like one of the roller coasters it describes, a teenage boy must face a series of tests that represent his deepest fears in order to save his. Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman – Sixteen-year-old Blake has always been the responsible one in his dysfunctional family — the one who drives safely, gets good. Full Tilt is a young adult novel by Neal Shusterman, published in September by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. Described as a “psychological .

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The time I started the book and it was in an amusement park and this is a suspense-thriller of sort, I thought this will be something like Final Destination, “To be completely helpless in the face of life– powerless to do a single thing– that’s what I’d always feared more than anything. Once inside, he learns the park’s sinister secret: What happens when you are suddenly pulled away from the real world, and plunged into a carnival where your soul can be claimed?

I really couldn’t care less about this book, I’m sorry to whusterman this since it has so many good reviews but apparently it’s just me. He holds the guilt of believing he could have done something to save the others. Yes, in the creepiest way possible. I didn’t have any expectations but it was a pointless read.

FULL TILT by Neal Shusterman | Kirkus Reviews

It made me want fuull keep reading! Most haunting of all is the “survivor guilt” he’s been dealing with, ever since he survived a bus crash in which everyone else was killed. It throws characters into a desperate situation, where they’ll do anything to get out.

What age would you recommend this book for? Don’t get me wrong, this book still has quite the creepy edge to it. But amazingly these two books have originals concepts.


Besides the action packed plot, and flul concept, I also really enjoyed the relationship development between Blake and Quinn. Blake must endure the seven rides in order to save his brother, and ultimately he must come to terms with a traumatic accident he’s been struggling with for years. A lot of things shouldn’t have been emphasized on but the author expounded on those.

Nonetheless, excited to finally read it. At times the action was either too toned down and rattled off too quickly or dense and difficult to follow, but the book read quickly and I enjoyed it.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Nothing was scary or creepy or whatever. By agreeing to sign up for this shustermxn list, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Overall, the brotherly relationship was used extremely well and helped me feel apart of the story even more.

We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. And don’t expect a love story, because this book definitely isn’t one. Like I said it was in Middle School when I read it so I really can’t remember all of it but I do remember it was an awesome book. But it turns out his little brother isn’t afraid shustermn is dying to go.

Well they are at six flags and Blake is scared of big type rides. They’re not naturally bad, but one’s perception plays a huge role in the overall enjoyment. Must redeem within 90 days. Oct 03, Evan Lord rated shusgerman really liked it. I’m sure that younger readers would’ve been terrified with the premise alone, more so with the plot. Of Everlost, School Library Journal wrote: Everything I did, everything I thoughtwas suspended safely by strings, too high up for anyone to damage.

Seems like everyone in his life is off-track including his ‘living-for-the-thrill’ brother and his boyfriend hopping mother. See full terms and conditions and shustermna month’s choices. There’s no doubt that I would give the complete three-star rating to Full Tilt. The reading level is young adult level, as it does not use very hard language, but some messages and symbolism might not resonate with very young readers.


If you think you’ve got a hold on what’s happening, then think again, because you never know for sure what’s really up when it’s a Neal Shusterman book you’re reading. As far as that first quote above taken from page 97 goes, it’s a perfect description of the way that we often see ourselves in actual mirrors as well as the “mirrors” of the people around us, and of what it means to tell a story that really affects people.

The narrator of this story is Blake, and while whole book was from his POV, i liked everything about it. I read this book during a reading slump Well, except for that these are no normal rides Blake will always think then react before he does something, unlike other three in the story.

Full Tilt | Book by Neal Shusterman | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Because that’s the one that confronts Blake with a terrifying secret from his past — a secret he’s been running from for years. I didn’t love it as much as I hoped, but it had an interesting premise.

Blake and two friends rush to the rave to save Quinn from whatever magical force has befallen him. Full Tilt By Xhusterman Shusterman. When those imperfections are pasted across your face like that, exaggerated shustwrman magnified, it’s hard to find all those good thoughts you have about yourself.