Title, Grammatik der deutschen Sprache: Gramatika njemačkog jezika. Manaualia Universitatis studiorum Zagrebiensis: Udžbenici Sveučilišta u Zagrebu. Title, Pons kratka gramatika njemački jezik. Author, Heike Voit. Edition, 2. Publisher, Klett, ISBN, , Length, pages. Leo commerce, paperback. New. Serbian language, latinica, 25 cm, Gramatika Nemacki jezik, Jednostavno napisana sa ilustrovanim primerima i.

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This is a wiki. It has lots of pages that you can write on.

Click on links to explore, and click Home to come back. If you’d like an introductory tour of Socialtext, start here. The Announcements and Links page is the page that everyone on your team will see on their Dashboard.

Here you can post announcements, leave notes, and link to useful resources. Workspace Tour – Table of Contents Back: How do I find my way around?

Here are some more advanced workspace navigation techniques. If you like, you can go back to the basic page, called How do I find my way around? You can use tags to group pages that are related. Anyone can put a tag on a page by clicking the Add tag button in the sidebar. You can find pages with a given tag by clicking the tag if it appears in the sidebar, or by going to the dashboard, then clicking on the “All tags” link. Documents that people are working on.

They are interested in the groupforming metrics reports, and are interested in additional metrics about network growth. Ed – It would also be useful to configure these reports more rapidly in the field. We should also consider think about providing services helping customers to choose and implement the right metrics.

I’ll bring this up at the next business-plan meeting. Follow us to see how you can use workspace pages for meeting agendas Changing pages is easy.

Alternatively, click the Edit button and write some words at the bottom of the page. Go ahead, try it here! You won’t jezik anything. You’re now ready to use your workspace! Now, think about how you want to use it for you and your workgroup, and start creating and editing pages.

To start, you might want to create a personal page for yourself. Just visit the dashboard and click the New Page button. Or, you can start with any other page you’d like. How do I make links? Visit the dashboard tramatika click on the New Page Button. You will see a new page to edit. Change the name of the page by editing the title in the field on top. Put the text of gramaika page in the larger space below. Click the green Save button.


Gramatika nemackog jezika by Marija Marinovic – Paperback – – from Knjizara and

You can also create a new page by nnjemackog a link on an existing page. While editing, select the text to link and click on in the toolbar. You can also put the name of the page you wish to create in square brackets, like this: After saving, the link will appear with a dashed underline, which means the link refers to page that does not exist. Whenever you click on a dashed link, you can create the missing page. You know how to use a workspace. Can I change something?

You can always go back to an earlier version. And you can see who changed each version of the page, and when. Added the Jeziak 5 Requirements Added a draft of an Evaluation document. This is the people directory, a list of people working in this workspace. It is built by you, as a place to introduce yourself. Please add yourself below and then create your own homepage. Meet your fellow socialtext users. Meet other Socialtext customers and support representatives on the Socialtext Customer Exchange.

If you have a question, this is the place to go. What’s the funny punctuation? To add a link to a page in the workspace, first double-click to enter editing mode.

Alternatively, click the Edit button. Type the name of the page you want to link to, and turn it into a link simply by selecting it and clicking on in the toolbar.

If you make a link to a page that doesn’t exist yet, your link will appear with a dotted underline. When you click on the link, the page will be created. Table of Contents Back: What else is here? Acme Widgets is proud to present our new, advanced Z weed-trimmer and hair-styling widget.

Again, jeezika looking at a page in a Socialtext Workspace.

It provides a way to organize information and collaborate on the web. What else can be jjemackog a workspace? Perhaps another way people keep track of things, say a to-do list. A workspace can also hold documents that people are working on Let’s look at some more advanced getting around. Now that I know about some of the things I can use a Workspace for, how do I find my way around? Workspace Tour – Table of Contents. This quick tour will help you get acquainted with your Socialtext Workspace.


It’s easy to do. After you’ve read each page, just click on the blue underlined link at the bottom to go to the next page — sort of like turning the page in a book. Right now, the information you’re looking at is a few paragraphs of text, like you could read in a newspaper or a book.

This jezikq a list of the pages in the Jezikx Workspace Tour. Click the first one to start the tour, or you can jump into the middle by clicking on one of the other links.

What if I make a mistake? In the background, Socialtext formats pages with a few extra symbols, like brackets and asterisks, njemcakog the text.

For the most part, when editing you can ignore this. However, you may come across these symbols, for example, while browsing through the page revision gramatikq.

Gramatika Nemackog Jezika ZMAJ

Additionally, you can use the symbols while editing in Advanced mode. To learn how to use the symbols, when you’re editing a page in Advanced mode, click the “Edit tips” link at the top.

Help – Community Socialtext, the Enterprise Wiki v2. Mobile – Settings – Login – Register – Help. Updated by imelinsc on Apr 28 5: Updated by imelinsc on Apr 28 4: Teorije nacionalizma BD09 Europa.

Europske integracije BD10 Sociologija vojske i rata. Sociologija znanja i znanosti BD22 Sociologija sela. Sociologija grada BD23 Sociologija kulture. Sociologija sporta BD25 Sociologija medija. Sociologija komunikacija BD26 Sociologija migracija. Updated by imelinsc on Apr 28 2: Posted by System ProtoUser on Apr 28 1: Documents that people are working on Here’s an example of what a conversation page might look like Advanced Getting Around Glad you asked! You can do this on every page in the Workspace.

Here’s the 2-minute basic intro: Then type as you like. You can’t do any permanent damage. See “Revisions” to see revision history for a page and undo changes njemacckog needed See “Recent Changes” to see what people have been adding lately Create a new page by putting a page name in [square brackets] creates a new page in njemsckog wiki sitelike this: