Vitals is the latest in a long line of solid science fiction novels from Seattle native Greg Bear. It’s not as strong a book as Darwin’s Radio, which deservedly picked. Vitals [Greg Bear] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blending fierce, fast plots with vivid characters and mind-bending ideas, Greg Bear has. The novel ‘Vitals’ by Greg Bear was published for the first time in Hal Cousins ​​is a scientist who is working on biotechnology related to.

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Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. They lick their lips, waiting for the hate to flow.

It seemed to dilute the intensity of Hal’s experience. Silk emerged from a Stalinist wartime plot to control people’s minds by infecting them with tailored bacteria. Instead of discussing human evolution, Bear using genetics as a weapon for espionage and a great freaking story.

However, midway the story starts to rotate the central character, and although this is a vehicle to accelerate the plot an I’ve been a fan of Bear for a while, but Quantico failed to engage me, and unfortunately Vitals left me cold about half way through. Books of the Week.

Greg Bear: Books: Vitals

He looked up from the copy of Red Herring on his podium as if I were one of the thin parade of homeless drifting north from Seattle Center. Oct 01, Chuck Smith rated it it was ok. No trivia or quizzes yet. The rest of this review has been withdrawn vittals to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement.

Vitals by Greg Bear

It’s the 1st issue. It was solid for about the first quarter of the book before it became dreadful to read.

To ask other readers questions about Gitalsplease sign up. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Nice pacing, good science to back up what he’s writing – definitely a book that is written well and is completely believable. Discover what to read next. He survives, but when he gets back to the ship, he finds that a member of the crew also went mad and started spouting gibberish, killing four scientists on board the ship. Vitals is not fun to think about.


Jul 26, John Inman rated it really liked it. La vitas es confusa, mal contada y absurda. If all this sounds far-fetched, it is, though the science is sound, and Bear doesn’t make it more believable with flourishes such as a spooky Silk research facility in the middle of Manhattan hiding the immortal bodies of Russian elite including Stalin, and a book-ending assault on the seaborne headquarters of Silk; these and other narrative gambits smack of the Bond ethos at its hokiest.

To all intents and purposes, I am a dead man. Dec 06, Gendou rated it did not like it Shelves: However, midway the story starts to rotate the central character, and although this is a vehicle to accelerate the plot gret offer anther angle, it created a disjointed approach. I love how it ties in 20th century history with sci-fi or is it really fiction? Is Golokhov still alive? As a huge fan of Greg Bear’s various wonders of the universe, but I found this to be very dull and disappointing.

The damned Jews blocked me every step of the way. Bear’s lead character is Hal Cousins, a biologist researching the possibilities of expanding human longevity through the manipulation of the bacteria that inhabit our cells.

The story line is fast-paced, seems credible, and is loaded with action though the climax leaves some threads dangling perhaps for a sequel. Banning, a historian, ran afoul of Silk and was sabotaged by them—but is vital all he is? Even so, the rest is such a fine and admirable work that I’m willing to see past the last thoughts.

Some elements of the book relate to transhumanism and life extension. If mankind truly finds the secrets to living much longer lives Vitals is the latest in a long line of solid science fiction novels from Seattle native Greg Bear. Herrnstein and Murray’s central argument is that human intelligence is substantially influenced by both inherited and environmental factors and is a better predictor of many personal dynamics, including financial income, job performance, birth out of wedlock, and involvement in crime than are an individual’s parental socioeconomic status, or education level.


I like Greg bear, and although this is okay, it is not one I would read twice. His characters were decent too, the tension between brothers, the Vietnam vet, not too stereotypical. Aboard the mothership, too, there’s murder and mayhem; later, when Dave’s body is recovered, Hal comes under suspicion of murder. Hal Cousins is a scientist who seeks the favor of the super wealthy to fund his projects but things go haywire after his twin brother is murdered and his life begins to crumble around him.

Jun 20, Beverly rated it did not like it Shelves: He makes sure there are plenty of twists and turns as he rollicks along Jul 23, Pamelafy rated it did bexr like it. His program, Silk, apparently rejected by post-Stalin leaders, came secretly to America and spread its means of control all around the world.


On the other hand, I’m more than a little disturbed by how much time-flies-when-you’re-becoming-a-decrepit-old-man. They speak to them, and through them.

I almost put it down never to return half way ggreg and the point of view switched to a much more likeable character, so We follow a scientist who is investigating how bacteria might unlock the secret to eternal life. It also inspires more paranoid thoughts than anything found in a best-seller technothriller.

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