Enter Jake Thorn, a Prince of the Underworld disguised as another high-schooler , who wants Beth as his Princess of the Third Circle of Hades. Hades[edit]. Published on 30 August , Hades is the second instalment of the Halo series. Bethany is kidnapped by a demon and. Hades (Halo Trilogy, book 2) by Alexandra Adornetto – book cover, description, publication history.

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But conceiving children isn’t the only purpose of sex, as the contraception industry would tell you.

Alexandra Adornetto

Back to the point. Take Jake, the story’s villain. Sorry, but it really does annoy me when alexxndra are over-described. The fantasy is sweet and enjoyable. He held an ivory-topped cane that he tapped softly on the cement floor If every celestial bone in your body is telling you to get the fuck out of there, what would you do?

I wash my hands of this book.

WTF is up with the Narration? Satan made it his mission to spread evil until everyone was affected the Bible exists to help stop that.

I’ve learned my lesson, world. Is this a healthy relationship? Lucifer gets wind of this rule-breaking, and like the school headmaster, demands Bethany be brought into his office so he can tell her off. The apocalypse means the deaths of billions of people, the total razing of the earth Adornetto is young, but it’s really no excuse.


After traversing through the murky nightclubs in the third circle of Hell playing tunes by LMFAO, I kid you notJake checks Bethany into the penthouse suite of a swanky hotel, with her very own maid.

Because I can and I feel like it. WTF is up with the Protagonists?

: Hades (Halo): Alexandra Adornetto: Books

Goodreads helps you ahdes track of books you want to read. Going by the trailer, it’s going to be just as cheesy and just as full of padding, bad writing, and unlikable, stupid characters as the first two.

Bethany Church, her brother Gabriel and sister Ivy are angels from heaven who have come to the little town of Venus Cove, Georgia to combat the forces of evil that are threatening to take over in this remote setting. I almost forgot to mention We just get around the corner and; well, my brakes on my old bike were pieces of shit, so I looked down to plant my feet alexandda the ground so I’d stop and as soon as I did, I biked my way right into a lady’s ass.

Hades – Paranormal Book Summaries

My one true love. His reaction is what was alexancra surprising to me. Top Causes of Death: Bethany has no powers what so ever. Why is God just starting his mission to improve the Earth? Her females have blonde, brown, or ‘titian’ hair View all 11 comments. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


So you’re the head bitch of hell with your psuedo boyfriend, and then some sniveling preachy brat shows up and snatches your honey’s attention. He’s even worse than Satan, as far as pathetically portrayed aeornetto go. The first book, Halowas released in August She’s an angel, it’s not like she’s going to alexamdra if she lands on the asphalt. View all 8 comments.

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Bethany Church is tricked and kidnapped by the evil Jake Thorn and Disclaimer: Anyways, I went to one in Koon Tong today and I went to the world literature section, where the Chinese translations usually were, and I saw this. I stand behind that; it’s completely true. Still, I think I will pass. Man, we had enough horrible books written in Chinese as it is, we don’t need books like “Satan’s Hostage” and “Blood War” adding to the list, thank you very much.

Love can do many things, but there still are limits. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat These characters are cunning and complex, something to fear.