Heliodisplay – Engineering Seminar. Heliodisplay. INTRODUCTION. Even though modern technology has invested millions, even billions, into projection screen. Aknowldgement 2 Heliodisplay Seminar Report 13 Dept. of Electronics ELDHOSE GEORGE 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Motivation is a driving. 11/3/ Seminar topic on Heliodisplay 2; 3. Introduction • Hi-Tech projector that displays pictures in the air. • An interactive free space display.

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The result is a thin, stable sheet of fog, sandwiched between two layers of air, on which an image can be projected and even walked through. The Perspecta is an enclosed device with lower resolution but with the capability to display a full 3D image and video with almost no flickering or wavering effects. One drawback is typically image transparency where parts of an image that are normally occluded are seen through the foreground object. The coordinate in space where the intrusion is lit by the illumination source corresponds to an analogous two or semonar location within a computer environment, such as in a graphic user interface GUI where the intrusion input 14 functions as a mouse cursor, analogous to a virtual touch-screen.

The image is display into two-dimensional space i. Viewing any type of display in direct sunlight is almost impossible and also applies to the Heliodisplay. Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect for a total viewing swminar of over degrees- similar to an LCD screen.

These types of transparent displays are single-sided and not penetrable. Images are then projected onto the water vapour via an internal projector and an external mirror, but you can also use a standard external projector of your own and leave out the mirror, which makes the final effect more compelling. Are you interested in this topic. The exact details of its workings are unknown, pending patent applications.

Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on. It does not require any screen or substrate other than air to project its image, but it heliodisplay seminar report eject a water-based vapour curtain for the image to be projected upon.


Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. The only place that would not be taken is the spaces that people walk through. Build one into a door jamb and have a walk through image or virtual privacy screen. The display can create a true 3D hologram effect when the right content is helioeisplay.

Operating the device will not change a room’s environment, air quality or other conditions.

Civil engineering is one of the very old and important branch of engineering and help in building great architecture design and deal in mai These projected images and video are actually heliodispla but appear 3D since there is no physical depth reference. The current version of the Heliodisplay projects a 22″ to 42″ depending on model diagonal image that floats above the device. The Heliodisplay connects to a computer at least: Heliodisplay moves through a dozen metal plates and then comes out again.


Helio Display Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

No special glove or pointing device is required. The heliodisplay is an interactive planar display. They are more suited for computer graphics than video applications due to the difficulty in capturing suitable natural imagery in 3D. The Heliodisplay can be concealed i. This can be used to find how the face will deform after plastic surgery. By passing the surrounding air through a heat pump, air is cooled and drops below its dew point where condensate can be removed and collected for the cloud material.

Imaged information can be displayed in the center of a room, where people or objects can move through the image, for use in teleconferencing, The system of this invention not only frees up space where a conventional display might be placed, but due to its variable opacity and multi-viewing capability, allows the device to be centered around multiple parties, to freely view, discuss and interact collaboratively with the image and each other. Viewing any type of display in direct sunlight is almost impossible and also applies to the Heliodisplay.


Displaying an image using conventional projectors requires a non-transparent medium, typically screens, walls, or even water, but air, which is transparent, cannot be used. All of these technologies suffer convergence and accommodation limitations.

This curtain is sandwiched between curtains of clean air to create an acceptable screen. Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect for a total viewing area of over degrees- similar to an LCD screen.

The Heliodisplay is interactive, like a virtual touch screen. The focus and illumination intensity of the projected image can be controlled by changing some of the cloud’s properties, enabling a sharper and brighter image. Again, we are back with latest project ideas for Mechanical Engineering.

More sophisticated displays present different left and right images for stereo separation effects, but in general focal length remains constant across the entire image. With the lightest of touches, users can grab and shuffle images around, zoom in and out to see the minutest of details, or simply wave their hands over an image to make it come alive on screens as large as inches or centimetres.

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Yet another difficulty that could give an unrealistic appearance to natural images is that of the inability to display surfaces with a non-Lamberrian intensity distribution. By projecting from solely one side, the display can also serve as a one-way privacy display where the image is visible from one side and mostly transparent from the other side, something not possible with conventional displays such as television, plasma or computer CRT’s and LCD monitors.

The machine thus modifies the air above a video projector, creating a screen, which can display any kind of video.