Hypertext Application Language (HAL) is an Internet Draft (a “work in progress”) standard convention for defining hypermedia such as links to external resources within JSON or XML code. The two associated MIME types are media type: application/hal+xml and media type: application/hal+json. HAL was created to be . Ion parsers MUST identify any JSON object as an Ion File either a type member equal to the octet sequence file or the. “Hypermedia Types are MIME media types that contain native hyper-linking semantics that induce application flow. For example, HTML is a hypermedia type; .

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Any future version will be represented with a media type parameter named v with a semantic version value. Dieter Cailliau December 17th The above example shows an Ion Link member named employer. An HTML document can embed more than images.

The description field happens to look like a URL: Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. The min member value MUST conform to the data type defined by the type member value; Ion parsers MUST ignore any min member where the min value does not conform to the type data type.

Terminology These terms are defined by this specification: With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. If the etype member equals null and the eform member exists and is a valid Ion form, an Ion parser MUST assign the etype member a value of object. Thanks for your help. This is what is known as “discoverability”.


The value MAY equal the empty string to indicate a file of zero length. In short, it will make your API easier to work with and therefore more attractive to client developers.

Reference to the document s that specify the parameter, preferably including URI s that can be used to retrieve copies of the document s. For example, a Collection Resource with discoverable pagination:. The missing piece of the puzzle is hypermedia. The registry records the Member Name and a reference to the specification that defines it.

By adding the links to your response you hieprmedia increasing the amount of data that needs to be sent back, and slowly down the responses ever so slightly.

Hypermedia Types

The idea is that a developer can enter into your Typefilee, read through documentation for the available links, and then follow-their-nose through the API. It presents some snapshots and links to other sections of websites. An HTTP user agent may submit an associated representation that conforms to any of these media types. Where in the link statement should go? It’s also simple enough that you can just deal with it as you would any other JSON. A hypermedia control can describe an HTTP request in typefils detail.


HAL – Hypertext Application Language

For this reason, having well written, informative documentation is vital to any API. You can read more and make your cookie choices here. If you see an http: Ion Value Object Types.

The client needs to figure out what values it wants to provide for the variables storeName and nearbyCity. Registration requests must filed as an ion-doc GitHub issue for review and comment, with an appropriate subject e. Nobody knows how to use Hypermedia There is some truth into this.

HTML also defines some more exotic hypermedia controls, and other data formats may define controls that ihpermedia stranger still. Ion parsers MUST ignore any maxsize member that has a negative integer value.

The Ion Hypermedia Type

Hypermedia also does typevile play a solid role in debugging the implementation of the API when things go wrong. The minlength member is a non-negative integer that specifies the minimum number of characters the field value must contain. Having said that, HAL is actually very human-friendly too. Both are open standards produced by the W3C.