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The economy has been a bitch lately hasn’t it?

I could insert a little political rant here and cuss out different parites for being idiots but I won’t. Get the fonts on the cheap this week only and flip it for hysro74 buck on your next project. This offer is only good till the end of the week. Discounts will apply at check out! Love the smell of fresh silk screen prints! In typical Hydro74 fashion, I produce and introduce 3 more Animals series prints for gydro74 collection.

These prints are a mixture of lush and exploritory ideas that I’ve been playing nook over the last few months. Each print is printed on French Paper and is limited to only prints.

You might want to get these quick because my last few series have sold out or have a couple prints available.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed with these prints. This is a new little mix I put together featuring some great electro and a few 80’s throw backs. I really love putting together mixes and seeing how good or bad they become towards the end. So if you are into this type of things, give it a listen.

A couple previous mixtapes you can download: All of my mixes can be found here. Recently had the opportunity and privledge to be interviewed with Be Street Magazine out of France. It’s a quality magazine as well as a giant in the streetwear industry to knowing what is what. If you haven’t already checked out this magazine, you should. It is probably one of the best ones out there with amazing content.

Every freelancer has to deal with it at some point in their career. That one moment when a client doesn’t value the work produced and gives you the obok around booi getting paid or gives you excuses on the reasons why your time in so invaluable to them. Granted, this isn’t a new idea or something unique, but figured it was my time to put my layout together while I hydor74 doing a type structure study.

The piece turned out lush and is printed on soft ring spun cotton tees. Only 50 of each color were done up and not doing any reprints. This is just a small run to develop a type driven piece to highlight the simple aspect Screw you, pay me. Freelancers work yhdro74 hard to get the run around when a project is completed.

Grab one from the Hydro74 Store.

Epic new collectible covers for Dungeons & Dragons core books!

Here is my second installment of a poster driven theme. Now that the shows are done I have just 40 of each hhydro74 out of the that were printed. Guessing a couple will go really quickly due to the demand that I saw during the various events.


Printed on French Paper with Silver Metallic ink and signed with a 24k gold pen. I love my typography! I recently finished up 5 new fonts and two free ones. Each font is a custom display typefaces reflecting what I’m into as far as structure and themes. These fonts are meant for you to go in and abuse the hell out of them and money up your designs. I recently assisted Patrick Hotlen on developing a Spartin based structure. Patrick killed it and made the complete hysro74 look sexy.

Here is the write up from the Trek PR:. With a well-known obok involving the likes of Shepard Fairey and Lance Armstrong, their newest artist-designed bike is the Fabian Cancellara Madone 6.

Xanathar’s Guide

The bike, which will enjoy its debut during the Tour de France, embodies a theme inspired by Spartacus gydro74 the gladiators.

For those that know me, know that my first passion in making and exploring typography. With that said, here is the lasted edition I’ve added to my font roster.

Check it out over at Legacy of Defeat and grab some free fonts while there I always get really bored with the standard business card. To me it is one of those things that get lost in the shuffle and from various events, they are either in a large box or scattered all over my desk.

This time, I want to do something different and something that will make a good impact to the client. I don’t want my card to get shuffled to t he bottom of the pile, but to stay firm on their desk as a reminder that maybe, just maybe, the next project could be mine. Joking of course, but still, just wanted something to stand myself hydro47 from everyone lese doing what I’m doing. I’m planning on running different designs for each season bpok making it where it’s something that friends and clients get excited about.

Hydro74 – Piety within Progression

Hope you dig it! These two fonts are inspired by Turn of the Century letter forms with a hint of Old West Snake Oil saleman grit to them. The show was a great success and got to meet some great people. The goal of the show was to make it easy for the artist involved and create some laser engraved pieces to showcase there talents as well as show off any new artwork.

If you are interested in getting any of the pieces, 1AM has them up on their site currently. Believe there are a few left from the show. Here is a sample of the pieces Karvt did up for me. You can get better views and see a few others on my Flickr. Obviously this was a no brainer since he’s a amazing Indycar driver and represents the talented Target Team.

The goal of the project was to create a New Zealand inspired piece that would fit on his helmet for the upcoming Indy race. After a couple rough concepts, both Rik and I fell in love with the piece and hit up Scott for his approval. Once I get the final images in of the helmet, I’ll share them. Root for Scott Dixon this month as he preps for the This show will be pretty much amazing, mostly because I’m excited about hanging with Julie and Munk, but also because I am working with Karvt to produce laser etched skateboards and pieces for each of the artist to show off.


If you are in the San Fran area, make it out and play wizard sticks with me. I’ll explain when you get there. There is a limited quantity of them available and if you are a fan of the Vector artform, you’ll love this book. Order it at my online shop: Nike always produces amazing shoes and the new Kobe VI’s are pretty damn amazing.

But what makes this even more amazing from my perspective is the fact that right in the front there, a Hydro74 font is being used. Nice to see Burial Black get some props. Iknew a while back that Nike started to use Burial Black, but never would of guessed it would make it on a iconic shoe for one of the best players in the league. Very humbled and excited at the same time. Check out the Kobe VI’s. So, the other night I was watching Adult Swim and a commercial caught my eye.

The new commercial for Street Fighter for the Wii features one of my fonts that I’ve created.

False Idols to be exact. I am very flattered to see it get used and not only that, but on a game that I love! Thank you to whoever did this. You made my day! One of the thing I like to do on the side is put together mixes with tracks I currently enjoy. It’s mostly for my own listening pleasure, but also bok sharing them, even if they are pretty horrid. Here is the latest Mixtape: Hydro74 is a Punkass which features some nice hard electro, booty house, 80’s hydrk74 and just some rawness.

Hydro74 is a Punkass. Japanese media reported at least 1, people are presumed dead from Friday’s massive 8. The Salvation Army in Japan is responding to the earthquake and tsunami that brought devastation to the north of the country. Joshua Smith from Hydro74 has designed a shirt to help raise funding and awareness for those affected by the disaster. Due to popular belief, I am probably one of the nicest guys out there.

For example, I really enjoy making fonts and like this, I am giving them away for free. Granted, they are not the best of the best and are limited, but it is still free and perfect for your design font roster. Just added new prints to the Online Store.

Each print is limited to only pieces and will be gone soon due to pre demand. Yeah, I’m speculating, but damn, these turned out sexy. Vahalla Studios recently released a short film on the process as they bopk The Monarch.

These are two colors and each print is unique due to the process. Basically I just set up a large board, some jiffy clamps and attached the screen and started printing on my kitchen table. Only 50 of each are available.