Hypocrea lixii Pat., Revue Mycologique Toulouse 13 (51): () [MB# ]. Hypocrea lixii. Trichoderma harzianum is one of the most widely studied microorganisms for the production of chitinases. From: Bioprocessing for Value- Added. Synonym, Hypocrea lixii. Other names, ›CBS ›CBS ›CBS ; CPK ›CBS ; DCDSL 83/03 ›CBS More». ›CBS

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Moreover, the most widely reported strain of T. Although there are occasional reports of T. This paper has 94 citations. Trichoderma species associated with the green mold epidemic of commercially grown Agaricus bisporus.

With Hypocre the maximum was between T. However, the strains that we include fall into two highly supported internal clades see F ig.

We isolated Trichoderma cultures from four commercial biocontrol products reported to contain T. Contribution of RPB2 to multilocus phylogenetic studies of the euascomycetes Pezizomycotina, Fungi with special emphasis on lichen-forming Acarosporaceae and evolution of poly-spory. Pairwise identification Polyphasic identification.

Trichoderma harzianum and T. Other fungal links Bibliography links General links Molecular links Specimens and strains links. Myths and dogmas of biocontrol.

Hypocrea lixii, the teleomorph of Trichoderma harzianum

The harzianum-type conidiophore has a more or less pyramidal aspect because of the long or, at least, distinct main axis, and the regularly and closely spaced, frequently paired primary and secondary fertile branches sometimes unpaired or in whorls that arise at right angles from the main axis and that increase in length with distance from the tip of the conidiophore.


Bayesian inference of character evolution. We adopted the name T. Matches exactly Value is undefined. European species of Hypocrea I. Trichoderma rifaii hjpocrea to have the fastest growth in the T.

Primers for elongation factor 1-alpha EF1-alpha Available from www. This same phenomenon applies to T. One subclade within T. Conidiophores pyramidal, with closely spaced, opposing branches, each branch terminating in a cruciate whorl of up to five phialides. In general the phialides of T.

Hypocrea lixii, the teleomorph of Trichoderma harzianum – Semantic Scholar

In the descriptions below colony characters were recorded after growth in 9 cm diam Petri dishes for 72 h under a 12 h photoperiod at 25 C on SNA and PDA unless otherwise noted. The phylogenetic analyses show that the T. In the same manner TEF1 sequences produced in Druzhinina et al. SamuelsSarah L.

Possibly fungicolous Chaverri and Samuels This suggests the endophytic niche as a promising souce of novel beneficial species and strains of Lixio. Trichoderma and Gliocladium Vol.

The green-spored species Walter Michael Jaklitsch Studies in mycology Known only as endophytes of Hevea spp. The Trichoderma manual Their identification and application in agriculture.

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Trichoderma lentiforme is possibly the most commonly hpocrea member of the T. Duyun City, Niujiaotang, isolated from soil, DecQ.

Two new species of Trichoderma associated with green mold epidemic of oyster mushroom cultivation in Korea. Rangel isolated by W. Comments on certain aspects of the manuscript by Christian P. Click on the language titles to launch them. They are most commonly isolated from soil or found on decomposing plant material where they cryptically or obviously parasitize other fungi Chaverri and Samuels; Hoyos-Carvajal et al.

Biological control of soilborne pathogens. For practical reasons we have decided not to translate all pages in several languages anymore because it was too heavy to maintain but some of the labels of the basic and advanced query pages are still available.

This species is known only from two collections. Factors influencing the competitive saprophytic ability of Trichoderma harzianum Th2 in mushroom Agaricus bisporus compost. Soberanis 47 holotype BPI