Adolescents tend to think they can rule their known world from anywhere with a phone signal: Kevin Brooks’s gripping, streetwise and profound. iBoy by Kevin Brooks – book cover, description, publication history. Fantasy Book Review Young-Adult Book of the Month, November iBoy, by Branford Boase Award winning author Kevin Brooks, first published by Puffin on.

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He becomes the vigilante Iboy and discovers his powers can do harm as well as good.

iBoy by Kevin Brooks

Of course, grooks soon as I’d completed it I flipped into Safari to check what other Goodreaders thought. Probabilmente avete sentito parlare del film di Netflix “iBoy”, uscito nel e piuttosto chiacchierato nella rete.

Obviously, we suspend reality to enjoy the book, but I couldn’t manage to get all the way into the iWorld – I’m ultimately left thinking that iBoy went over the iTop – it was all too convenient, and eventually became as iIrritating as me putting ‘i’ in front of everything.

I don’t really know what audience was intended here since the writing style and content are at odds with one another by about four years of maturity.

I looked down at Jayden. boroks

Summaries and Excerpts: iBoy / Kevin Brooks.

A haunting, tense drama builds from the first line. Living in a gang ridden part of London, teenage boy Tom Harvey struggles to get by with the help of his best friend Danny who gets him a new phone and encourages him to go after his longtime friend Lucy who lives nearby.

After a confrontation, Tom’s vengeance grows and he tracks down those who gave the orders to hurt Lucy and raids their leader’s home; damaging their electronics and stealing their hidden cache of cocaine which Tom plants on the attackers and tips the police off.

So, I at least have to give it oboy chance. Whilst it is true that the book is filled with gritty realism, there is also much internal and external debate about morality, the meaning of right and wrong and debating the consequences of violence. Show 25 25 50 All. You had to bash us on the head with the Brokks. Tom’s grandmother, an unlikely writer of romantic fiction, seems to add to brooms responsibilities, but it’s her wisdom that gives him the strength to survive his trials. And they’re having an extraordinary effect on his every thought.


He calls on sources from saints and ancient philosophers to today’s technology commentators via s cult TV. But I hardly think that one is able, all on keevin own, to hack into any computer, any cell phone account, any bank account, any electronic network, anywhere on Earth, instantly, as if firewalls or encryption or any security of any kind simply doesn’t exist.

If you developed powers suddenly and tried to use them against someone else, it wouldn’t go off without a hitch.

Before the attack, Tom Harvey was just an average teen. The angst of year-old protagonist Tom Harvey rings true while wrestling with this conundrum, far more than the usual teen emo self-absorption.

But a street setting meants that iBoy’s powers and scope extended only to attacking the bullies in his neighourhood. Er versucht sich aus den Gangsachen rauszuhalten, was ihm wohl ganz gut gelingt. Victor and Eli, due to a research project gone wrong, become ExtraOrdinaries referred to as EO’s from here on in with supernatural powers.

The only thing we learn about Tom Harvey is that he was an ordinary boy without special oevin and that he kinda liked his childhood friend. Brooks is a phenomenal writer who can make broiks gritty realities of life more vivid than anyone I know.

It also compensates for a few annoyances, such as the frequent swearing and sloppy use of “enervated” as a synonym for “excited”. I mostly leave my phone off now. Zal Tom zich wel kunnen inhouden? I would never, ever read this. All in all, I enjoyed the book thoroughly and would read more Brooks again. However, these combined elements work together to evoke the setting: But if Brooks does test his readers’ tolerance for the ridiculous with his SFnal elements, he comes up aces on brkoks story’s emotional core.


Er ist ein netter Kerl und versucht zu helfen.

iBoy by Kevin Brooks book review

This made me think his powers were pretty “creative” Overall I’ll give this novel a four. Even though this book makes snarky remarks about superheroes, this is essentially a superhero origin story, and a key ingredient is that the alter ego must also be interesting before taking up his mission.

However, Brooks does require readers to suspend their disbelief kevun almost superhuman levels with his premise, which has Tom unwittingly gaining his powers after being brained by an iPhone thrown from the 30th floor of a South London housing project.

Brooks lives in Yorkshire, England. Fragments of a shattered iPhone are embedded in his brain. This is a small criticism though.

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Wer Lust auf dieses Buch bekommen hat, sollte sich danach nicht den Film entgehen lassen, den es auf Netflix zu sehen gibt.

I thought the idea of an iPhone giving Tom special powers was really cool and creative. Soon after iBoy opens, Tom’s kebin Lucy is the victim of a brutal gang rape by her peer ksvin, part of her brother’s punishment for offending the Crows, one of the posses that rule Tom’s estate in the badlands of outer London.

Overall, Brookz liked this. That way we could also meet Lucy before the rape and see how much things had changed, when Tom returned to the land of the living. It’s the yearand the real world has become an ugly place.