As she did in The Foretelling, Hoffman offers another fascinating glimpse of a past civilization—with reverberations for both past and. Read Common Sense Media’s Incantation review, age rating, and parents guide. Incantation Book Poster Image Alice Hoffman · Historical Fiction; Incantation. Synopsis. An Entertainment Weekly “Books We Loved This Year” selection. Winner of the Massachusetts Book Award A Winter

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This is a historical novel, about a young girl and her family. Catalina had been hiding behind a mask of jealousy her whole life, and she decided to get her revenge by turning in Estrella’s family.

She discovers they and her are Jews. At the same time, Estrella discovers that her family is Jewish, protecting themselves with a mask of being Christian. I had no idea that Hoffman had written any books for ‘young adults’ when I requested this from the library. I would definitely recommend Incantation for Middle School girls.

So I wasn’t convinced this was the Spanish Inquisition. After being betrayed by her most dear friend, Estrella realizes that sometimes we must lie to keep the ones we love the most safe, and sometimes we must stand up for who we really are, even if it means losing everything. Having witnessed it all, the brutality and deaths of those she loves, Estrella washes off the ashes of death and sets out for the New World, vowing not to let herself, or her descendants, forget the tragedies she has witnessed.

Apr 26, Annalee rated it really liked it. Hoffman’s usual poetic style seems stilted in this work, and while the basics of the plot are good, it isn’t quite captivating enough.


Alice Hoffman Historical Fiction Incantation, my second Hoffman book, is about a girl, Estrella, who is living in Spain in the ‘s.


Chapters 9 – The Jews in Spain in the ‘s were forced to become Christian. Andres, the love of Estrella’s life, was kind, humble, handsome, and the one who got Estrella and her mother through the difficult journey.

Are You There God? Young teens may find powerful Inquisition book too violent. The main character, Estrella Esther is very wise for her young age and is exposed to horrible things that help her grow as a human being. Estrella and her grandmother, along with Andres’s help, decide to leave Spain once and for all.

I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 because I personally wanted more at the end. She struggles in vain to help her family, and cling to what little hope she has left. This causes severe shock in Estrella, who grows ever more distant from Catalina.

At the same time, the government sends out a call for uncantation to report false Christians. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options View all 4 comments. The sense of panic, love, and other emotions is so strong in this book. But one day, all of that changes. For a piece a literature to be meaningful and make complete significance it’s preferred to speak of only one side of the subject.

Beautiful, terrifying, hopeful, tender, harsh, As others have said, this is a well written book about a little-known period in time. But after the book burning, things get bleak.

Synopsis – Alice Hoffman

I loved Estrella and her family, alife when everything comes together, I felt it deeply. I miss watching her world over her shoulder now that I’ve finished the book Her best friend since young infants had always been the person who cheered her gloomy days and were tighter than ever.

I loved her description of the tiger lily that grew in the Muslim doctors front yard, and the symbolism of love depicted in it.


On the other side of town lived the Muslims, also not allowed too close to the Christians. Full review is on Book Babe: Incantation is set during The Spanish Inquisition, and year-old Estrella is discovering things about herself and her family that turn her world upside down. I felt every bit of Estrella’s narration, very deeply. Neighbor turned against neighbor and love was denied, based on one’s religion.

Families can talk about the importance of historical fiction. It was a beautiful story, not what I was expecting at all.

Incantation Summary & Study Guide

The wrong person finds out and you can imagine the rest. That is what makes this book important. The parents’ guide to what’s in this book. For one the other perspective of something similar to a Holocaust, but in Spain rather than Germany. Catalina and her mother turn alixe their neighbors, and later loot their home.

Incantation Summary & Study Guide

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. I will still be who I am. But Alice Hoffman’s style spans generations. Catalina envies the pearls Estrella was given on her sixteenth birthday. She saw a part of her mother that scared her the same way her grandmother always had.

It is a look at the way Jews were treated in 17th century Spain. As she did in The ForetellingHoffman offers another fascinating glimpse of a past civilization—with reverberations for both past and present—in this moving novel set during the Spanish Inquisition.