Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. The entire book. Just about everybody who restores DeWalts has read Wally’s book and also a later work by Jon. Eakes on fine tuning a radial arm saw. Both books are excellent. The print edition sold out at LeeValley tools but an electronic edition is still available from Jon Eakes’ web site: saws.

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For the basic numbers look up Crown Moulding in the search tab, or go to http: It’s a fine line on this adjustment, and it took a good hour of screwing around until I got it just right.

Too often instructions say to square the saw up to the table rails or some other reference point that is not the same surface that will be holding the wood.

An Underwater Glue that really works. Why do you think radial arm saws have become so unpopular? Whenever wood and a machine come together they need to be in firm constant contact. Radial Arm Saw Tune-up. This means that within its actual cutting capacities it will be twice as precise as sad possibly be measured with metal squares.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

Somehow that seems saq be a statement against the planned obsolescence so common in tools today. Too much tightening and you can’t raise or lower the saw that easily. Trying to do compound cuts flat on the table require having the actual corner, miter and bevel numbers. You can see it all with photos in a database article: Please note that comments now need to be approved before appearing on the site to combat spam problems.

People tend to tighten the bevel clamp so tightly that the handle eventually breaks and gets replaced by a pair of vice-grips. A Weatherstripped Mail Slot — The most weather resistant and secure mail slot rxdial can buy – it is called the Draft Dodger.


In addition tools, products and services are changing constantly and what might have been the best a while ago may still be valid but not the “best” today. In the early ’80s I presented seminars on the use of the radial-arm saw sad craftsmen and hobbyists across Canada.

Surprisingly enough, even chipping radixl the bottom side of the cut can be eliminated. Radial Arm Saws Videos. I appreciate that most woodworkers recognize the labour that rzdial into the production of something, be it a chair or a book, and that they respect the copyright waw this book. Hi Neil, Most people only used radial arm saws as a cut-off saw and when the sliding miter boxes came out with their extended reach, they filled that need easier and cheaper. This is a “heritage” book converted to electronic pdf format that will help you to keep your “heritage” saw working as good as the day your bought it.

Almost all adjustments on woodworking machines hold their positions by means of friction clamps; two surfaces that bind together relatively solidly by pressure alone.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw – Jon Eakes – Google Books

The core work surface and fence are critical — the rest are just support. Hence the rest of this book is as originally published. Anyone who has worked a few days with a radial-arm saw knows that the manufacturers’ manuals do not show you how to get the machine to work as precisely as needed for good woodworking.

The cut is ragged and your right arm is quickly exhausted not knowing if you should draw the saw forward or hold it back. My radial and I work with six principles of precision. So some of the precise tool adjustments the author discusses don’t apply to my machine. Hello Peter, What comes to mind is the possibility that the stop collar has rotated on the main shaft. You simply need to learn and use Jon Eakes’ methods.


Even lining up the table and then attaching a covering can change the angle of the cut in the wood.

Radial Arm Saws

These are usually welded in place, but it might be worth looking at. Secondly, the end product is really what counts zrm I don’t care if something may look out of line on the machine as long as the results of the blade passing through wood gives me the perfection I demand.

Too much freedom here can cause the arm to pivot up or sideways or both. This has opened the door to cost effective publishing of very limited quantities of a given book, and hence the revival of out-of-print books.

My Craftsman RAS’s model is Actually the table saw is very complicated to use for complicated tasks because you are always moving the wood, not the saw. Now I have two copies to look at Jon’s 70’s style mop haircut which graces jpn cover.! Douglas said something like “The properly configured radial arm saw is one of the finest pieces radiql wood working equipment that you will encounter.

Eakes, Thanks for an excellent download, it’s very helpful. A code effort to require labeling bearing walls.

Radial Arm Saws

Your picture will show up next to your comment, here and elsewhere, if you sign up with Gravatar – jon. Hand planes as well as power planers hold their blades by friction. Please sign your name so we wrm who to give credit to. The prime example is the arm to column clamp the miter clamp. It must be set tightly enough to effectively resist the lateral forces of the cutting action of the saw.

I used to enjoy the hilarious results when I would cut off the end of a 4×6 by rotating and never get a square end.