View and Download KORG Pandora PX4 easy start online. Personal Effects processor. Pandora PX4 Musical Instrument pdf manual download. KORG Toneworks Pandora PX4 Manual Online: Recording. When you begin recording, the recording time will be indicated as a numerical value and by a value. I’ve had a Korg Pandora PX2 multi-fx unit since they were first launched. Korg only have the manual for the current Pandora unit (the PX4/PX4B), and not for.

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Having had a good look around at ,org was available, this seemed to be the best option price aside. I’ve had it about 18 months and no problems and recently I have used it every day.

It is only after having ‘outgrown’ the PX4 that I can say just how good it is. There are many sounds that my GT6 simply can’t easily emulate and I find myself using the basic PX4 sounds for recording far more than anything else. Its size is a great plus point, very small and portable, but don’t drop it – it will easily break – a nice rubberised or armoured wrap-around guard would be a nice extra to have available and I’d even welcome more durability for a slightly larger footprint.

You must accept that this is not pandorw gigging tool, you simply would not be physically able to switch any settings kkorg the heat of a gig although you can attach it to your guitar strap and if you have cordless headphones, you can do an impression of EVH by playing around the house with no cables as the PX4 has infra-red output.

The built in tuner is excellent as is the phrase trainer – but there should be a timer that allows you to physically start the record mode. This is a real blip in that I might lay down a backing track anything up to the full 32 pandorq available, but having pressed the start button, the time it takes to get my hand up back on the fretboard means there is a second or two delay and if I wanted the sound to loop – it simply wouldn’t.

Back to the sounds available – Melissa and Piezo are truly phenomenal, very atmospheric. I would say that the cabinet modelling is a bit gimmicky though – and all that ‘Wet Air’ and ‘Hall’ stuff is a bit daft. I took it on holiday with me together with my Speedster Traveler guitar and to be able to sit anywhere, on the beach etc, and slap some headphones on and simply play was an experience.

This said – this isn’t really the unit as padnora. Construction could be a trifle chunkier. For the guitarist of any level – the PX4 is a great tool but not being a floor based effects processor, it is strictly a desktop recording device or garage rehearsal tool. I would say that as the presets are so good really they are – you could be pretty stuffed attempting to emulate the identical sounds on stage. So if you hit upon a superb sound that ‘makes’ a song really special – be prepared to not have that available when gigging.


I found this when recording my own version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Green Manalishi’ – I put a much softer down tempo section in the middle with congas with a solo over the top using the PX4.

It took the song to a different place – but I was unable to reproduce the sound outside mqnual my home studio setup. I could have taken the PX4 on-stage, but as I said earlier, this wasn’t practical as things move at such a frenetic pace during a gig. I got close to the sound using my GT6but no cigar.

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Of course it depends on what you want an effects processor to do – it certainly creates a range of interesting, varied and in many cases unique sounds, plus the extras are useful and functional pwndora but it does have its limitations. This review was originally published on http: Did you find this review helpful?

This unit is awesome. I havnt pancora started programming my own sounds yet. No way I was paying more than that. I asked him what type of amp he bought and he said he got the Korg Pandora for Bass. He though it was super cool. After he told me about it I became very intersted and checked out the Korg website. There you will find a streaming video of a live demo.

But I still tested it in the store for about an pandoar before I bought it. I really didn’t look at any other models or do any comparison shopping, I was sure this would do the job.

The PX4 rocks because of the small size. Its about the size of a deck of cards and probably weighs less. You can take it anywhere. I used it last week kodg jam with a friend. I ran it through his Marshall watt head to 2X12 cabinet. A week before that I played a mini concert at a small private party through a set of PC speakers. manuwl

Recording – Korg Toneworks Pandora PX4 Owner’s Manual [Page 20]

It worked out fine. It really saved me from lugging aroung the old amp. The other cool thing is the selection of amp models, cabinets and effects that come with this thing. There are so many possibilities that sometimes when I am teaking a specific tone I get so deep into playing with the various combinations and settings that I forget what I was originally going for and end up with something completely different but still awsome.

No problem I just save the setting and start pnadora. You can save 50 personal settings. I though that was plenty for me but I’m begining to have doubts as everyday I find new tones that I want to save.

Not only that, but walking around the house with the headphones on and jammin on my Tele is a liberating experience.

I used to have to sit in front of my amp to do that. Now I can go anywhere in the house. Oh and the first set of batteries lasted about three weeks – unbelievable!

I have been playing the heck out of this little box for about a month now and I have been very happy with it. The only thing that has been negative is that when I connected an AC adaptor all of a sudden there was a lot of manhal coming through my guitar pups. I blame it on the single coil pups and not the PX4 but its still a negative thing for me. And it would be nice if they threw in the AC adapter. Plus who really uses the “Ring” effect? This is a useless tone for me anyway.


Kork should get rid of it and add some other sick effect like “crybaby surf pedal”. Overall the construction seems decent. But I wouldn’t get manuall with it and I would avoid dropping it on the floor.

I almost always push it a little too hard and start in backlight, which is the second click when Pandorw mean to start it at the first click. This is just a slight nuisance. It’s a great practice tool and lives up to everything Korg advertises pandorx to be.

The price is right too. It will provide endless hours-o-fun in the woodshed. It’s a great buy. I mainly wanted a personal headphone amp for my Steinberger, but once I heard the effects, I had to have this box! The box has a ton of effects for its size. The noise gate is much better than my Korg AX1G effects pedal. The multitude of knobs and switches allow you to change things without scrolling through a menu.

The small size allows packing it, plus extra batteries, cables, adapters and bud headphones in my gigbag storage pocket. I’m still pansora my first set of batteries, probably because I haven’t used the backlight very much. That backlight is a nice touch as my AX1G pedal I use at church is difficult to see.

The PX4 comes with a clip that hangs itself upside down on your guitar strap, so moving through the house under battery power while jammin’ is possible. The clip would also allow you to krog the PX4 on the pxndora edge of a solid music stand. The rythm and bass lines are fun to practice with to get your lead riffs fine tuned.

Thirty seconds of recording built in to loop and jam along. Or plug in your CD player, record, and learn to play along at a slower pace. I’m not sure you could gig with it as easily as a pedal board. When it hangs from the guitar strap, you can’t see the display unless you twist the unit more horizontal. Could be a cool design in the PX5 to provide a swivel display! ALso, gigging possibilities would be improved if a footswitch input was provided to allow hands-off capabilities. It’s a plastic case contining electronics so it’s not meant to be thrown, dropped, stomped on, or have something spilled on it!

But the metallic blue facing looks sharp and works well for my needs. Many people have commented to me on how such a tiny box landora have so many sound variations!

I thought about just a headphone on mini amp when looking to suppliment my Steinberger.

I need a manual for the korg pandora px1 – Music

After trying the PX4, I have found new opportunities for expanding my level of playing. A few design changes px the future could make this a perfect unit.

But if it was stolen or broken, I’d buy another I give it a 4 for size, usability, and design. I picked up this bad oscar after reading a review in Guitar World. I’d checked out previous incarnations of the Pandora, and while I liked the concept, the execution left me pretty unimpressed. Then came the PX This is the sickest little box yet.