The Pandora PX4D from Korg is a multi-effects processor designed specifically for both electric guitar and bass. Its comprehensive range of sounds includes. The Korg Pandora PX4D Multi-Effect Processor brings together an entire world of effect and amp modulations with easy controls in an impossibly compact. Thank you for purchasing the TONEWORKS. PANDORA PX4D personal multi- effect pro- cessor. In order to enjoy your PANDORA PX4D, please read this.

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Editing any program is as simple as just stepping through the modules and choosing a sound for each one from the menu. Resonator, nylon-string guitar and banjo also get the modelling treatment.

The small size and battery power makes them an ideal travelling companion along with a lead and some compact headphones to slot into a lx4d case or gigbag. Show less Show more.

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The resonance and character of acoustic instruments are reproduced here by modelling based on such factors as body size and construction. Can connect to an AMP, Headphone or another powered player You can also tune without being heard i. It is not made for that. So the rest, I do not even speak Rated 5 out of 5 by Aaron pahdora Excellent Fx Processor Great and easy to use Fx Processor with almost no noise and great sound, very easy to use also!

Sound-wise, while no one is likely to claim that the Marshall or Fender simulations contained within could ever compete with the real thing onstage, the PX4D certainly conveys enough of the sonic character for headphone practice or as a practical substitute on home recordings. The playback speed can also be slowed down with- out affecting the pitch of the audio.


On low volume speakers or with headphones, it’s great, the sound is realistic and there is plenty of fun effects in addition to a variety of rhythms. In addition plugged into an amp does well here less tiring to the ears as always work with headphones. Best Selling in Processors See all. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

I found the sounds not that great Some of the preprogramed tones are so cool that I wish I could use them live but that dosn’t seem practical but it would be Possible. The bass patterns let you specify the key and, while some basslines are static, others follow a very short and simple chord sequence. Other Guitar Effects Pedals.

Figuring out what does what can be a bit of a challenge but there is a good instruction manual. Further practice opportunities are presented by the presence of a phrase trainer whereby you can record for up to 30 seconds from an audio source such as a CD, MD or MP3, and play it back repeatedly looped at a slower speed without changing the pitch – a painless and very useful way to learn fast or complex passages.

Korg PX4D Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal

Did you find this review helpful? These two units are great for anyone who wants to do a bit pc4d silent headphone-led practice and are also very useful in providing a variety of useable tones for home recording. So yes, good sound quality in the sense that everyone will find a stamp that he likes. I do wish the stored rythm patterns were longer and more complex even if it ment having fewer of them.


Sampler 30 seconds from a CD player, MP3, MD or instrumentthe playback speed can be slowed down without changing the tone and you can change the key of a song read up an octave higher or lower. Still on the fence? You may also like. Over all this product is a great addition to your gear especially if you are a musician who is on the road all the time.

Do not miss out on panndora is incredible unit! Been Playing with the PX4D for a couple of weeks now and it is making it easier for me to practice longer and more often. I choose a pace that suits me, perhaps the bass tuned to the key of the songI choose a guitar sound ampeffects and off I went for an hour or two to work ranges, wedge a piece etc Whereas the PX4D has an obvious practice function of amplifying an electric guitar, any electro-acoustic will have some acoustic sound of its own, so the idea of just plugging in and using the onboard sounds in the PX4A for practising is not quite as appealing.

The user interface on this Pandora PX4D processor is knob-based for intuitive and easy use.