Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic Model KX-TA, . This Installation Manual provides technical information for the Panasonic Advanced Hybrid. Operating instructions, Kx-ta, Kx-ta • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic KX-TA User Manual. Installation Manual MODEL. KX-TA KX-TA This manual was printed with soy based ink. Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid.

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Volume Control Features Volume Control Allows a proprietary telephone user to adjust the following volumes, as necessary, by adjusting the corresponding levers or pressing the corresponding buttons.

Page 17 Section 2 Installation System Speed Dialing Features System Speed Dialing The system supports System Speed Dial numbers up to 32 digits assigned in program [] that are available to all extension users. Features Hookswitch Flash Flashing the hookswitch is used to allow a single line telephone user to hold a call for transferring or holding, if the flash time is within the assigned time in program [].

Panasonic KX-TA616 Telephone User Manual

Alarm Setting timed Reminder Plug the AC power cord into ,x-ta616 system and an AC outlet. Outside co Line Group Kx-ha616 Operator Assignment []-[] System Programming [] Operator Assignment Assigns an extension jack number for the operator. Call Transfer – To Extension Features Call Transfer — to Extension Allows an extension user to transfer a received call, an intercom or an outside call, to another extension. This manual also for: Before Leaving Your Desk External Pager paging Equipment Connection External Pager Paging Equipment Connection One external pager user-supplied can be connected to the system as illustrated below.


This feature is not available for a single line telephone.

Features Language Selection The selected language in program [] is shown on the LCD display of a proprietary telephone during operation and Proprietary Telephone Settings, but not used during System Programming.

Basic System Construction Provides general information on the system including connection diagrams. System Connection Diagram Distinctive Dial Tone Press the DSS button to transfer an outside call. Features Toll Restriction Toll Restriction is a system programmable feature that can prohibit certain extension users from making unauthorized toll calls.

Panasonic KX-TA Manuals

External Music Connection 2. Electronic Station Lockout – Cancel All Data Line Security Automatic Redial Repeat Disable Extension jack no. System Programming []-[] [] Hookswitch Flash Timing Range Selection Sets the hookswitch flash time range sent from an extension to the system.

Kx-at616 not obstruct area around the system for reasons of maintenance and inspection — be especially careful to allow space for cooling above and at the sides of the system. Dss Off-hook Mode Telephone number 32 digits max. Turning Off The Microphone microphone Mute For the sales division, press 1. Timed Reminder, Remote wake-up Call Calling Party Control cpc Signal Ogm Mode Selection For example, if there are multiple telephone service companies available, outside CO lines can be grouped by the company.


The user must always enter an account code. Disa Incoming Dialing Mode Selection Before System Programming Programming example The following programming instructions assume that you have already entered the programming mode.

Personal Speed Dialing All incoming calls are forwarded to another extension. If accessing the parts is required, wear a grounding manhal.

System Programming []-[] []-[] Toll Restriction — Classes manuao through 5 Denied Codes Assigns up to 20 toll call numbers which are restricted to make an outside CO calls on a class of service COS basis for each program. The CO button indicator will flash when an outside call is received.

Resets all data to the default settings except for the data of the following 4 parameters. UCD Outside line no. Specifications Outside CO Lines: Wall Mounting This set is designed for wall mounting only. Expansion Card kx-ta