All Stotras in Sanskrit by All Authors. Complete All of these stotras or prayers have been compiled into Sanskrit PDF format. Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam. Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam (comprises of both Lakshmi and Narayana Hrudayam). Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam (comprises of both. Lakshmi Hrudaya Stotram In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1 Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link stotram Narayana Hridayam to form a pair.

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Vishnu Sthuthi paraam Lakshmim swarna varna Sthuthi priyam, Varadamabhayadhaam devim vande thwam kamalekshane.

Narayana is the divine God and he is the education, Narayana is the real universe and I salute Narayana. This is suitable for meditation.

The mind that is behind the senses will, therefore, be pulled in many directions. Having desire is natural and allowed.

The idea, he says, is that the reflecton will be distinct in a mirror, only when it is spotlessly clear. Our scriptures talk of special prayers and rituals by which one can obtain immense riches and pleasures including life among gods in the heavens and even the highest world – that of the creator Brahma.

Sanskrit Stotras – All Stotras, All Authors – Prapatti Online!

We, normally will not be able to identify a saint, because he will look asnskrit anyone else and will shun publicity and crowds. The scriptures contain hymns that narrate the qualities of God with name and form. Yathraithath pusthakam thishteh, Lakshmi Narayanathmakam, Bhootha paischa Vetala Bhayam naivathu sarvadha. This text is prepared by volunteers and is to be used for narayanna study and research. Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Stotram. An interested reader will be able to find more gems if he digs deep into them.


Sarva mangala sampoorna sarva iswarya samanvitha, Aadhyadhi Sri Maha Lakshmi thwath kala mayi thishtathu.

Jayathu jayathu ramya Rathna garbhantharastha, Jayathu jayathu Shudha shudha Jamboona dhabha, Jayathu jayathu Kanthaa kanthi mad bhasithangi, Jayathu jayathu santhaa Seegram aagascha soumye. This pakshmi to stress the fact that Lord Narayana and Laxmi are indeed one though spoken of as two different deities. Why Shop at SapnaOnline. Thus, a human birth is a rarity in the first place and rarer still is the meeting with a saintly person.

Sridhare Mahalakshmi thwaddhanthastham maha nidhim, Seegra muddhruthya puratha pradarsaya samarpaya. They also contain recondite vedantic truths which may be found in the upanishads, puranas, Bhagavad Gita etc.

Anantha nithya sukhinaa thad bhaktha sthwath paarayana, Ithi Veda pramanadhi devi thwam sranam vruje. Krishna makes this assurance. Oh God who removes all defects and showers good characters on us, I salute Narayana because I do not have any other refuge other than him. The file is lakshmii to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission. Gold has no form but the ornaments are many and have different forms and names.

They sanskrut found the source of happiness.

The poet Kalidasa says this in the invocatory verse to his immortal classic Raghuvamsam as follows. Ithi Atharva rahasye Uthara bhage Sri Narayana hrudayam samaptham. You are my mother, father, teacher and the right path, You are the only cause of my living in this world, And Oh only Goddess of the world, I do not lakhmi any one else, And it is true that you are everything to me.


It is the very soul of all beings and sustains the universe. Mudaastham mathphaale paramapada Lakshmi sphutakalaa, Sadaa Vaikunta srir nivasathu kala may natanayo, Vaseth sathye loke mama vachasi Lakshmir vara kala, Triya shwetha dhwepe nivasathu kala may swakarayo.

Our scriptures say that if, laksmhi being born as a human being, one fails to exploit these gifts properly and achieve the goals, then that person is no different narayaja an animal. You by your grace and mercy make everything shine, As your rays of light give light and beauty to them, Oh Golden one who is pleasant looking, Oh Goddess Lakshmi, Oh Golden one please be present in my eyes.

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam

She shines holding a citrus fruit, mace, and a shield in her hands, She shines on the forehead of the king who respects vaaga linga. Narayana has to be meditated as he is our Supreme Guru, Narayana is the highest wisdom and I salute Narayana. Alakshmim harathu lshipram thamas sooryas prabha yadha, Vithanothu mamasreyas thwath kala mayi samsthithaa.