Eight patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who were inclinical remission but showed residual masses after . (A) A large retroperitoneal mass. (arrows) in a patient with . Tratamiento de linfomas no Hodgkin de celula grande con protocolo. NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA: No longer indicated for the routine staging of HL and most DLBCL . Include mediastinal and retroperitoneal disease. Extranodal disease is more common with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma Axial contrast-enhanced abdominal CT shows retroperitoneal lymph.

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A grossly enlarged psoas muscle may represent a primary manifestation of ARL [ 16 ]. Splenomegaly is quite common in AIDS and is not predictive of involvement with lymphoma [ 17 ].

Although bile duct obstruction may occur, moderate-to-severe dilatation of the main pancreatic duct is uncommon [ 12 ]. CT is preferred for evaluating hepatic lymphoma and diagnosing gastric lymphoma and renal or perirenal masses [ 5 ]. Lymph node biopsy [1] [2]. Lymphoma involving pancreas and adrenals. Kaplan, Karl Musshoff, David W. HD of the liver is almost invariably associated with disease of the spleen Figure The patterns of involvement include a rounded circumscribed homogeneous mass and an enlarged adrenal gland that maintains its normal shape [ retroperltoneal ].

The patterns of large bowel involvement include bulky polypoidal mass, infiltrative tumor, and aneurysmal dilatation Figures 2223and 24 [ 2 ].

Abeloff’s clinical oncology Fifth ed. Primary HD of the GI tract usually involves a single site. Basic science research studies the disease process at a distance, such as seeing whether a suspected carcinogen can cause healthy cells to turn into lymphoma cells in the laboratory or how the DNA changes inside lymphoma cells as the disease progresses.


HD rarely involves the gastrointestinal GI tract. A year-old-man with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma at the time of diagnosis. Axial contrast-enhanced CT images A—C show homogeneous soft tissue in the greater omentum curved arrows, A—C and along the leaves of the mesentery curved arrow, B associated with marked peritoneal thickening arrowheads, C and mild ascites.

Marked splenomegaly almost always linfomz infiltration. HD is usually almost entirely confined to the lymph nodes [ 45 ]. Notice the nodular architecture and the areas of “mottling”. retroperitoneeal

A prospective evaluation of a large group of patients with soft tissue sarcoma found a prevalence of 2. OncologySpineGastrointestinal. The kidney is the most hocgkin involved part of the GU tract [ 213 ].

Lymphoma Anatomical pathology Hematology Pediatric cancers. The lesion has intraspinal canal extension through the L neural foramina bilaterally.

International Scholarly Research Notices

Johns Hopkins Patients’ Guide to Lymphoma. FDG avidity after 2—4 cycles of chemotherapy has been related to poor clinical outcome. Axial contrast-enhanced CT image shows multiple low-attenuation splenic nodules.

O envolvimento dos ureteres pode causar uropatia obstrutiva. Appendiceal lymphoma may present clinically as acute appendicitis [ 11 ].

Inflammatory bowel disease Sarcoidosis Cystic fibrosis Autoimmune hepatitis. CT of the abdomen demonstrates lymph nodes involving mesenteric vessels sandwich sign anterior to aorta and inferior to vena cava in a patient with lymphoma arrows. Retrieved 19 May Pictorial Review of Computed Tomography Findings”.

In decreasing order of frequency, the spleen, liver, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, abdominal wall, genitourinary tract, adrenal, peritoneal cavity, and biliary tract are involved. Hepatomegaly is common in patients with AIDS, and occasionally a large liver may harbor lymphoma without focal lesions evident on CT [ 1617 ]. Extranodal involvement except in the spleen and thymus indicates stage IV HD. The new World Health Organization classification of lymphomas: Advanced Hodgkin disease requires systemic chemotherapy, sometimes combined with radiotherapy.


Biopsy of the mass confirmed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was subsequently treated with chemotherapy with good response. Hypodense lesions are also seen in spleen. Because the pancreas has no definable capsule, it may be difficult to distinguish adjacent LN disease from intrinsic pancreatic infiltration [ 5 ]. Renal cell carcinomas can often be differentiated from lymphoma by their hypervascular enhancement pattern [ 2 ].

Renal lymphoma: spectrum of computed tomography findings

Multiple-nodular type of lymphoma, the most frequently seen, can be characterized by enlarged LN with regional distribution Figures reroperitoneal and 3.

Aggressive lymphomas include diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, many natural killer cell lymphomas and most peripheral T-cell lymphomas. Exudative ascites from peritoneal lymphomatosis shows high attenuation because of the increased proteinaceous content.

Diffuse lymphomatous infiltration of the mesentery produces a stellate appearance of the mesentery and causes fixation of the small bowel loops [ 2 ].