Caleta de Famara. Lanzarote. Lycium intricatum es una especie nativa en las Islas. Se trata de un arbusto espinoso de hasta unos 2 m, con pequeñas hojas. Lycium is a genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The genus has a Selected species[edit]. Lycium intricatum · Lycium sandwicense. PDF | Lycium intricatum Boiss., a Solanaceous shrubbery is used in Tunisia as a windbreak and medicinal plant. However, it is considered as.

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Lycium species mostly occur in arid and semi-arid climates, and a few are known from coastal zones in somewhat saline habitat types.

Phylogeny and biogeography of the genus Lycium Solanaceae: Background The fatty acid composition of oils from vegetable sources varies depending on plant origin, genetic factors, ripening grade of fruits and specific climatic conditions.

These results bring attention to the possible use of Lycium seed oil as a natural source of PUFA for nutritional, industrial or pharmaceutical purpose. Invasive species include L. The oil content was determined as lcyium difference in weight of dried L.

IMG_5661 Lycium intricatum

The dry residues were dissolved in chloroform for TLC analysis. Recently, it was proven by clinical evidence that PUFAs are able to alleviate symptoms of certain diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and rheumatoid arthritis lyciuk 14 ].


Determination of phytochemicals and antioxidant activity of methanol extracts obtained from the fruit and leaves of Tunisian Lycium intricatum Boiss. There are several scattered across Europe and Asia, and one is native to Australia.

Palimtic acid was present at low percentage 0. The sterolic fraction was composed by stigmasterol Prices reasonable and rated differently according size and resolution.

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In addition the dry powder of its fruit was used to protect from eye diseases. Prediction of serum cholesterol response of man to change in fats in the diet. In fact, squalene administration modulates lesion development in a sex-specific manner and that it could be used as a safe alternative to ibtricatum hepatic steatosis and atherosclerosis, particularly in males [ 29 ].

However, it is considered as underexploited specie despite its high potential to serve as source with economic and nutritional value. Aparicio R, Mcintyre P. Where have you seen this plant on the Maltese Islands?

Lycium intricatum

Molecular Intricattum and Evolution 19 2 Published date of profile: The Jepson eFlora Conclusions This study shows that Lycium intricatum seed oil was found to possess Inferences from chloroplast DNA sequences. The high level of Vitamin D, detected in the oil, may contribute to great stability toward oxidation.


Abstract Background Lycium intricatum Boiss. Gray — desert wolfberry Lycium mascarenense A.

This is probably the consequence of an alteration of the desaturation step from oleic acid to linolenic acid, which is mediated by specific oleate desaturase enzymes. Louis, MO [ 35 ].

Lycium intricatum

Mol Nutr Food Res. The ijtricatum corresponding to 4-desmethylsterols was scraped off separately and was extracted three times with CHCl 3 -Et 2 O 1: The genus includes more than 70 species growing in temperate to subtropical parts of North and South America, Southern Africa, Eurasia, and Australia [ 7 ].

This work provides data on fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamin D composition of L. A monographic study of the genus Lycium of the Western Hemisphere. There are about 70 [3] to 80 [6] [7] species.

It is used as a hedge and as wind break plant. Antioxidant and antiatherogenic activities of pentacyclic triterpenic diols and acids. The main fatty acids of L.